Cigarettes, Slots, and Other Things that Aren't Addictive

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Coffee Break : I wanted to point something out that I cut from the script for brevity but should’ve left in. There are a few different models of addiction. One is the disease model, sort of the genetic predisposition argument which looks at the individual susceptiblility to addiction. The second is the public health model, which looks at substance availability and what it does to humans to examine addiction. Both are needed to form a complete picture of addiction. So when I disagree with the NCRG’s “findings” it’s not because genetics don’t matter, it’s because they present it as the only cause of the problem. They completely dismiss the public health aspect (see their claim that “proximity to casinos doesn’t increase gambling addiction” which is totally against the modern scientific understanding, which is that proximity DOES increase addiction). This is the problem. They aren’t entirely inaccurate, but they are being misleading, by design. Finally I wanted to address the prohibition comment. I share many of your reservations and agree that it would create problems. This is why I put opinion alert, because I’m not sure it would solve more than it would hurt. That being said, the other model of peer review shares its own set of major problems which I discussed in this video. we’ve been trying that method for decades “just need better peer review man”. I wanted to suggest that at some point you have to ask, at what level of conflict of interest;, do you fundamentally taint the results? At what point does the damage done by bad research that slips by, outweigh the bads a of prohibition. And You’re free to say, never, we should never stop anyone from funding any research, but i hope You share my belief that isn’t a black and white issue. Both methods of managing COIs have intractable problems and how we handle them matters a great deal. Thanks for indulging this qualification and thanks for watching!

king oli : lol when your defense of gambling is that coke is also not that bad

abeismain : I better have a smoke before watching this

Nordey McKier : Great video, but feel obligated to point out that some of the graphics(especially the Simpsons TV) are not fair use unless the content of the video addresses it in a relevant way. Cheers!

EnderDragon Bro : On a coffee break drinking coffee while watching coffee break

Wes Tolson : One of the worst parts about these studies paid for by corporate entities is that because thier misinformation get released and makes it through the peer review process, people develop a distrust of science and scientists. They think that because a company can buy a study that concludes gambling addiction isn't real, or at least isn't caused by...uh... gambling, people start thinking that ANY study could have been bought and that scientists only conclude what they are paid to find. This is why so many people deny climate change, the evidence is there, the research is there, but people don't listen to actually data because greedy people who manipulate data elsewhere.

nonameisopen : I enjoyed the informative section of your video but I disagree with your opinion on the subject. The video overall was well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

theawesome1rjc : You completely ignored the point made about how the vast majority of people that try cocaine do not get addicted. The same is still true with crack cocaine though it's a hell of a lot stronger. See Carl Hart's research. There is very little we truly know about addiction so the fact you're speaking about it with such confidence is bizarre. In my experience with drugs the addiction part of it is not at all what I've been taught and through my experiences I would have to put myself somewhere in between this video and the casinos. I do believe that a substance isn't inherently addictive on its own, the user seriously needs to take a liking to it and begin using it near daily before they stand a chance of addiction to almost anything (idk about meth though, whole other beast). But casinos are certainly exploiting people who may be more prone to addictions. Just my opinion though, don't treat as anything more and form your own!

Mycelial Ajna : 100 people go in and play slots: how many of them come out as "addicts?"

Margaret Hannah 1234567 : They are adictive

HeyItsRitzy : I didn’t know I was watching Vsauce

insidetrip101 : My god. How on Earth are we going to enforce people with "conflicting interests" from funding research? Its almost entirely impossible to enforce such legislation in political campaign funding, its going to be infinitely more hopeless to do so with subjects that the average person pays *even less* attention to.

CatOnChronic : It's not Nicotine the causes cancer, it's the excessive shit they put into some.

Zac Christianson : "This man could disprove gravity"

Maximilian B. : I have to watch casino royale again

Adit Seth : The content quality grows with every video! Congrats on the sponsorship!

Crittek : Addiction is an excuse for the inability to control yourself. "But I'm an addict, I can't quit" lol what a sham. Just stop you idiot. I stopped smoking for a while to prove my point but I don't WANT to quit.

Toxin : Everyone in the comment section is a smartphone addict.

Arseny Makarov : Why is this still legal? Shouldn’t there be some kind of customer safety entity or whatever? Or this is the product of too much freedom and a matter of free market and free speech so there is nothing left to do except slowly and painfully spread the word?

Yoshidis Yo : Are you seriously suggesting prohibition of certain types of research? The consecquences of that are far greater than just bad research papers.

Nick Bloom : Just poured a cup of coffee before seeing this notification on my phone. Perfect timing on this lovely Sunday morning here in Idaho, cheers everyone.

Aggressive Tubesock : Capitalism DOES NOT WORK!!!

mariokarter13 : You know what they say, the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. Ban everything because one guy might hurt himself. Freedom of choice is freedom to choose incorrectly and we can't have that.

James 8hg : Even if cigarettes aren’t addictive (I think they are) they are still bad for your health while reasonable gambling is not

IMightBeJesus69 : The next addictive and cancerous things on the market are cellphones...

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen : I really love this Channel and love to support it so much that even though I can't tune in mentally to the video I'm going to let it play in the background right now because it just uploaded and I want to give it the numbers and then I'm going to watch it again later, actually watch it

Foliorum Viridium : Great video... I do find it ironic though that you use the example of "How the Sugar Industry shifted the blame to Fat", as in this day and age you could easily make the case that the meat, dairy and oil industries are shifting the blame to sugar. That is not to say that refined sugar is any good for you, but the blame is hardly one-sided.

Zach AnthonyK : love the Thanos disappear transition

Antoine Obeid : Prohibition cant and will never fix anything, it is only throught education, and smart education not this bullsit that they teach in school, people finish school with no skill to live life (ofc not everyone). i am with everything to be legal, and with people make their own choices, you give the warnings, you show them a proof, and thats only ur job, what they do is only up to them, to be more precise i do beleive that we all need from time to time psychiatric evaluation and if this can be accesed to everyone and cheeply, and no more stigmas on mental issues, then i think we can create a better world, but i also beleive that in our life time nothing can be totally fixed, but maybe after 100 years stuff can be better, and life can be better, today money talks, tomorow who knows, but as i see it, the world runs by money, and this is the fact that we live in, and money will talk for a long long time

Ben Sama : If people burn all their money at a casino, that’s there fault. Just like people who smoke they do these self-destructive behaviors ON THEIR OWN, and they should reap those punishments. People always target the company but in fact it’s the people’s fault themselves.

Plains of Dura : I can't help but feel that the motivation for videos/content like this is to make things illegal.

Dylan Childs : Hi I just turned this video on. Like many people I know I'm an addict. I've had the upper hand that at a young age my Mother told me about addiction and how it has affected members of our own family mostly through alcohol. Through a lot of self learning I've found there is a specific group of drugs I'm more addicted to than any others and that's stimulants. Alcohol makes me vomit and I don't like feeling drunk. However, growing up, there was a cool cartoon camel on the T.V. and cigarettes were kept on the end of the bread aisle in the supermarkets where you will find coffee, toys or snacks today. Being the lucky person I am, I've been able to carefully control the one thing I can in this weird world, my own mind. I'm making my best effort to ween off of Tobacco by vaporizing nicotine PV/PG. I've been stepping down my nicotine levels gradually with some bumps in the road. Addiction is a real and misunderstood disease of the human mind. Some are afflicted deeply by it where others toy with its entrapments for jollies. I prefer to educate my self and carefully enjoy the many fruits and wonders life has to offer. There are ways to enjoy substances responsibly that otherwise would be harmful and there are substances which should be avoided altogether. It's up to each person to educate themselves and make responsible, healthy choices.

Refa Whak : What about LGBT research? I often use some journals about it to convice my friends that lgbt is not a mentalndisorderx but they keep telling me that those journal is biased... How can i prove that the journals thay i picked to legitimate my arguments aren't based on biased research?

barrington hebert : he is right. many people who have tried cocaine are not addicted. look up studies conducted by Dr. Carl Hart

Diogo Vinagre : I don't agree with the notion that: because someone believes something or follows an intention they shouldn't be allowed to make articles. Many scientists are on the race for the cure for cancer, and they shouldn't be stopped. And nobility has nothing to do with it. People see what they want to see either way. They should, as the core of scientific progress dictates, be disproven by proving its falsehood. That's how science progresses: you take something that looks great and point out its flaws, offering in the way something that has less flaws. This is science. All this looks is you have a notion that corporations shouldn't defend their product. But, truth be told, the tobbaco company eventually got disproven: scientific progress made its way for better proof and better arguments resulting of that proof. Eliminating peer-review and discussion in any subject whatsoever is borderline authoritarian, which is pretty damn concerning.

Bolt Vanderhuge : Be careful listening to this guy folks. He's sponsored by Audible, crack cocaine of audiobooks.

Umut Piynar : I am going to light a cigarette.

Jackson Mills : The ads I saw on this video were both gambling ads...

SethTheNext : what's the background music?

Chris Iver : yeah this video is trash

TastyBeenis : Did you really just imply that prohibition is the way to solve the problem of an addictive substance or activity? Have you taken into consideration prostitution and drugs? t]Things that are, prohibited and ,fantastically addictive and problematic will not go away from prohibition. Living in las vegas has taught me that all of those things are bad not from the fact that i cant get them. (news flash they're readily available to anyone who looks for more than an hour, especially tourists) But from the fact that the people i know who do indulge ,in those things that are problematic, are in turmoil. Ask anyone from the ghetto why they don't do crack, not because its prohibited, its because crackheads are gross and/or scary.

Tai Lopez : Anything is addictive, anything that gives pleasure triggers an immense dopamine release in your brain, your brain can become desensitized to that dopamine and then you have to do more. I'd like to see the researches and the experiments done on the things mentioned in the video.

Jose Cervantes : Correlation not causation.

Lukas K : how are slots addictive lol? i mean i agree that gambling in general is addictive if your playing craps or roulette, but how is tapping a screen and just losing your money addictive?

Kooshe : I mean at the end of the day we all have the power of choice, With that said its partially our own fault. We can always say "no"; Some chose not to.

Pat Cassar : When that PSA said "1 percent of Americans have a gambling disorder" This sounded like a desperate attempt to undermine the stats. So I did some rough research and math. For starters google says it's between 2-3 percent of Americans have a "gambling problem", this adds up to between 6 to 9 Million people. Only 15 percent of Americans gamble regularly (once a week). Using my quick math, that is roughly 14 percent of people who gamble are "problem gamblers", that's a pretty big minority.

joseaca : ill have to disagree with you there, theres plenty of evidence suggesting addiction is more complex than that, i dont know if genetics are involved, but there are strong links between addictive behavior and a persons inability to cope with their problems in a healthy manner there are people addicted to social media, to food, to pornography, to video games, etc. but it obviously makes no sense to ban these things, what these people often have in common, is a very troubled and/or isolated personal life hell lets look at one of the classic addictive drugs, heroine, during the vietnam way, up to 20% of US troops were regular users of heroine, however upon returning home only 5% of these kept using the drug, this of course makes no sense under our classical understanding of addiction, however if we consider these people were stuck in a hot, humid, foreign country, in which they were forced to kill or be killed at any moment, it makes perfect sense they would rely on heroine in order to take their minds off that awful existence the soldiers could not deal with their current situation in a healthy manner

Nick K : But he’s right, partially. The vast majority of people that use not just cocaine but all sorts of recreational drugs, even heroin, do NOT become addicts. Just like the vast majority of people who use slots and gamble do not become addicted. This doesn’t mean that aforementioned things and activities are “not addictive” though. That’s where he is wrong. The *potential* is there. But ultimately it depends on the person. What makes one person become an addict and another person not? That’s the real question. Most likely part environmental and part genetics.

Zarathustra : Truth can't be hidden no mater how much money they put into it. Science shall prevail.

FramePerfect : Honestly, I can't blame casinos. At the end of the day, gambling addictions are a personality issue. No one is forcing these people. They've been told many times that you lose more than you win, and yet they still return. How is that anyone's fault but their own? Sure, the slots are meant to be as tantalizing as possible, but what company DOESN'T do that with their products? Food is "engineered" (as you would say) to be delicious. Video games are "engineered" to be fun to play. Does that mean we should stop these companies from making attractive products just because a small minority of people can't control themselves? Plus, are you really comparing physical substance addictiveness to psychological addictions? That's absurd. However, I don't agree at all with corporations using their power to influence the narrative in their favor, that's an obvious conflict of interest.