Cigarettes, Slots, and Other Things that Aren't Addictive

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Coffee Break : I wanted to point something out that I cut from the script for brevity but should’ve left in. There are a few different models of addiction. One is the disease model, sort of the genetic predisposition argument which looks at the individual susceptiblility to addiction. The second is the public health model, which looks at substance availability and what it does to humans to examine addiction. Both are needed to form a complete picture of addiction. So when I disagree with the NCRG’s “findings” it’s not because genetics don’t matter, it’s because they present it as the only cause of the problem. They completely dismiss the public health aspect (see their claim that “proximity to casinos doesn’t increase gambling addiction” which is totally against the modern scientific understanding, which is that proximity DOES increase addiction). This is the problem. They aren’t entirely inaccurate, but they are being misleading, by design. Finally I wanted to address the prohibition comment. I share many of your reservations and agree that it would create problems. This is why I put opinion alert, because I’m not sure it would solve more than it would hurt. That being said, the other model of peer review shares its own set of major problems which I discussed in this video. we’ve been trying that method for decades “just need better peer review man”. I wanted to suggest that at some point you have to ask, at what level of conflict of interest;, do you fundamentally taint the results? At what point does the damage done by bad research that slips by, outweigh the bads a of prohibition. And You’re free to say, never, we should never stop anyone from funding any research, but i hope You share my belief that isn’t a black and white issue. Both methods of managing COIs have intractable problems and how we handle them matters a great deal. Thanks for indulging this qualification and thanks for watching!

Bolt Vanderhuge : Be careful listening to this guy folks. He's sponsored by Audible, crack cocaine of audiobooks.

Eli Fuller : Youtube is addictive.

Mr Poopie Butthole : Meanwhile the state sponsored lottery jackpot has risen to 1.6 billion dollars.

king oli : lol when your defense of gambling is that coke is also not that bad

Ernest Jay : "Gun never kill people, people kills other people" (sponsored by Smith And Wesson)

tehf00n : I have been an addicted slot gambler since I was 4 years old when I first played a slot machine with my older brother. When I started to earn money, I realised my problem. I would spend everything, including rent and food money. Then borrow money to keep myself afloat. Eventually it came to a head and I broke down in front of my friend's father. Unbeknownst to me, he ran the local Gambler's Anonymous meetings. So he invited me. Whilst I sat in that room, I listened to all the stories of people who had broken marriages, lost their home, children, and inevitably hit rock bottom (the common denominator with someone who visits GA meetings). This made me realise something. My problem wasn't as bad as theirs. I was simply affecting myself. The real test came when I was responsible for others. It was in this sense that I first gained control over my addiction. I would never spend more than I could afford to lose. I treated it like a hobby, but all the time I was open and honest about my gambling addiction. When I feel the urge to gamble, I get restless, bored, I focus on where I can get some money to gamble, I try get free spins from casinos so I can just "have a hit". When I know im getting money to gamble, I get anxiety because of the adrenaline. I start planning which slots im going to try hit a win on. Organising my stakes. When I lose, I feel unsatisfied. When I win, I take 25% of my winnings for future gambling, then give the rest to my wife. I have a managed approach to gambling and overall I am one of the few people who is actually in the positive for wins from online casinos. This is because I use free spins and only deposit a maximum of £50 in a month. Usually less. My profit over the past 5 years is around £8000. I play only low stakes (0.10-0.50p) and I use deposit bonuses when I can. I am the best case scenario for an addicted slot gambler. Yet it is a shameful addiction. Anyone who tells you it is not an addiction, is either ignorant, lying or works for the casinos.

Sielose : i don't see what the "prohibition"-route offers. let it stay legal and regulate it as far as you can is the way to go imho. making stuff illegal won't change jack sh*t, just look at prohibition-laws in the 20th century. i feel let down by watching such a wellmade video, just to have it tell me "simply prohibit the dangerous thing, it will solve the situation". no it won't. and i have a feeling the makers of this video know this too. therefore thumbs down, even though some good points are made.


Slava Lachkov : Sponsored by Audible? No wonder you don't talk about the addictive nature of audiobooks!

Benzodiazepine : ꦸ >is named coffee break >video on addiction hmmmmmmmmmm

Tim van Helsdingen : I have to disagree with you here, for the same reason that I am pro drug legalization. Gamling isn't inherently addictive, but some people get addicted because of mental conditions or because they are in a bad place in their life. Some people start drinking a lot, some use drugs, some play videogames all day, some gamble. It's the same with drugs, like the researcher said. Prohibition doesn't work, you just drive stuff into illegality. Which is why I am pro legalization of drugs as well. It's better to focus on harm reduction instead. I do however think that there should be strict limits in how you would advertise gambling and you shouldn't act like the problem doesn't exist, just like it is with tobacco in a lot of places. Gamling isn't inherently addictive, just like videogames aren't. Stil there are plenty of videogame addicts.

Star Fox : Not the government's job to regulate "addictions", period.

Ethan Plague : So is caffeine addictive? Hmm??

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : Are you developing film? is your white balance wrong or did you colour grade your room a red/orange hue?

carpo719 : I hate to say it, but much of that science is true regarding the addiction being in the person. Like with the flawed rat studies with cocaine in the 60's, when they did the tests again with companionship, the rats did not choose the cocaine. We are finding that addictions are an overcompensation for being lonely and depressed. That said, it is not that it is genetic but environmental. Now, things like drugs and gambling CAN make it worse, but generally there are people who have addictive tendencies. I know because I am slightly guilty myself :) But having a good life does not mean we will *not* be addicted to things, just that we are less likely to be self destructive. Even if a person gambles a lot it is only an addiction if it causes problems in their lives. But we are hard wired to seek novelty, and it is shown that more intelligent people suffer from addiction as well as the ignorant, it is all walks of life. We are always looking for the next best thing, it is up to us to use free will to pace ourselves!

BonesTheRabbit : This was incredibly painful to watch. Talk about authoritarian kafkatrapping.

Pat Cassar : When that PSA said "1 percent of Americans have a gambling disorder" This sounded like a desperate attempt to undermine the stats. So I did some rough research and math. For starters google says it's between 2-3 percent of Americans have a "gambling problem", this adds up to between 6 to 9 Million people. Only 15 percent of Americans gamble regularly (once a week). Using my quick math, that is roughly 14 percent of people who gamble are "problem gamblers", that's a pretty big minority.

TastyBeenis : Did you really just imply that prohibition is the way to solve the problem of an addictive substance or activity? Have you taken into consideration prostitution and drugs? t]Things that are, prohibited and ,fantastically addictive and problematic will not go away from prohibition. Living in las vegas has taught me that all of those things are bad not from the fact that i cant get them. (news flash they're readily available to anyone who looks for more than an hour, especially tourists) But from the fact that the people i know who do indulge ,in those things that are problematic, are in turmoil. Ask anyone from the ghetto why they don't do crack, not because its prohibited, its because crackheads are gross and/or scary.

Deedeedee137 : I agree with you about the problem with research with conflicts of interest in it's funding, but as a working scientist I think you've actually hit on a much larger problem with scientific publishing in general with the end of your video. Peer review is supposed to catch bad research that wasn't conducted with proper methodology or rigorous analysis. When it doesn't do that it objectively fails. And that failure isn't just in the fact that bunk studies funded by relevant parties of interest still get published; its in the fact that today there are scientific journals that you can just pay to have anything published in, and in the biases towards "impact factor" that many journals have in their selection process, and in the fact that peer reviewers aren't usually paid and often aren't given enough time to properly review the work in front of them. Scientific research and dissemination of scientific knowledge are both fantastic, and so are many journals, but there is too much of a profit motive for the people running a lot of scientific journals, and that can often lead to bunk studies getting published

Sir Awesome : >science is a beacon of objectivity >lets ban research with conflict of interest

MRJellyBaby2516 : AUDIBLE BOOKS ARE ADICTIVE -------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGE MY MIND

Plains of Dura : I can't help but feel that the motivation for videos/content like this is to make things illegal.

NicknameGOD : Oh yeah, baby, let's destroy freedom of scientific speech, sure it is the thing we need

D Gill : Thank you so much for putting the music titles in the description because some youtubers don’t

Flippyxtrne : 6:37 is probably the best joke in this whole video. At least... I hope it's a joke?

kisame_ : 1:22 check out her eyebrows lmao

sekite2 : To be honest i defend the view that its not the product what causes addiction but youself. To elaborate my statement, i nearly did every drug on this world including H and Cocain and only got addicted to marihuana. The trick of addiction is, not to get addicted in the first place. And for that you have to use the thing you use responsible, doesnt matter what it is. And for using something responsible is to be well informed. So i blame all the bad propaganda for casion, drugs, whatever, because they dont inform well. They are just as biased, pro or contra, doesnt matter. If you get addicted u are fucked. But its a long process until then. It takes some time. If you know the boundries and know when too much is too much (really clearly to notice at drugs), really not much can happen. Because if you know when you take H everyday you get addicted, there is no room for coincidence, or higher power, or blaming the drug. Then its a counciouss desicion to get addicted. And if you already know what addiction is, no sane person would choose to get addicted on something on purpose.

My logic is a force to be reckoned with. : Nicotine isn't very addictive and it doesn't cause cancer, however the 3999 chemicals that is added to tobacco used for pre rolled cigarettes do cause illness and combined are very addictive, that's why smokers who want to stop should get a vapourizer and high nicotine e-liquid, it's a life saver trust me.

Erim Emre Baran : Censorsip never ever is a good thing.

Mattuiop : Is masturbation classed as an addiction?

Trill0gy : “Crack cocaine is not that addictive” LMFAO what

DinoThatPlaysHalo Q : Cigarettes,cocaine, and gambling are extremely addictive

erik placke : To me addiction seems to be a way that certain people rationalize the decisions of others that they think are illogical. They may think that nobody would ever spend a majority of their income on gamboling for example. They seem to believe in an objective set of standards that all people must follow. If you diverge from the behaviors these people want you to take you will be labeled as a diseased addict. The science supposedly proving addiction is very much lacking. It is universally known that certain drugs change your brain. They would say this is proof of addiction. One should point out that learning the piano and other repetitive behaviors like this changes the brain. Also, if you quit doing drugs your brain will change back. It is not permanent. Another person may say that drugs increase dopamine to the brain and this proves addiction. This is silly because, like the brain change example, dopamine is released by doing other seemingly non-addictive activities. Some examples of other actions that increase dopamine in the brain are going on vacation, listening to your favorite song and being with friends. Would anyone say that these actions are addictive? Another thing the dopamine believers get wrong is their idea of addicts being powerless because of the dopamine in the brain. They would say the so-called addict cannot delay gratification. This is all nonsense. We know that eating sugar increase dopamine just like all those other pleasurable experiences. Are people always eating sugar because of this? If you thought the existence of dopamine in the brain made people slaves to the substance then everyone would have to be eating sugar all day every day. Life doesn’t work like this. People don’t always do pleasurable things all the time. The dopamine idea also runs into some problems when you take an experiment done by Degrandpre with rats. People often mistake dopamine with pleasure. Degrandpre gave rats a constant flow of dopamine. The rats did not like this and they worked hard to turn the dopamine off. Dopamine is not a perfect measure of human value like some think. At the end of the day it seems that the very concept of addiction doesn’t hold water. These addictive behaviors are just things people really like to do. I hope in the future more researchers will be able to take an honest look at addiction. If this happens there is no doubt in my mind that addiction will be seen for what it is, a social construct that is not backed by reality.

Rupert Murdock - Griffen : --- "Certain people just can't take it" --- Just like drugs or alcohol. You don't keep serving the customer if they've had too much. Some people do get addicted and will spend all their money on booze. Should we not help these people instead of making more money off them knowing its a problem? But how can Casino's police how much money patrons can spend?

theawesome1rjc : You completely ignored the point made about how the vast majority of people that try cocaine do not get addicted. The same is still true with crack cocaine though it's a hell of a lot stronger. See Carl Hart's research. There is very little we truly know about addiction so the fact you're speaking about it with such confidence is bizarre. In my experience with drugs the addiction part of it is not at all what I've been taught and through my experiences I would have to put myself somewhere in between this video and the casinos. I do believe that a substance isn't inherently addictive on its own, the user seriously needs to take a liking to it and begin using it near daily before they stand a chance of addiction to almost anything (idk about meth though, whole other beast). But casinos are certainly exploiting people who may be more prone to addictions. Just my opinion though, don't treat it as anything more and form your own!

Wes Tolson : One of the worst parts about these studies paid for by corporate entities is that because thier misinformation get released and makes it through the peer review process, people develop a distrust of science and scientists. They think that because a company can buy a study that concludes gambling addiction isn't real, or at least isn't caused by...uh... gambling, people start thinking that ANY study could have been bought and that scientists only conclude what they are paid to find. This is why so many people deny climate change, the evidence is there, the research is there, but people don't listen to actually data because greedy people who manipulate data elsewhere.

Suck my ass : Wait no, if everything is a business, And so its the HRT thing also a business, Who's to say they're not doing the same god damn thing here?. At the end of the day, they won, no matter how much you warn someone, they'll go with it.

Go Blair84 : I think the bots are strong in the comments section..

Victor Popov : If a corporation walks to you tomorrow and offers you 1billion dollars to "not completely reveal the truth" behind their schemes, would you do it ? If you say no you will get broken bones and who cares about yet another "journalist like" person who tells the truth. But you know what is funny ? The impact of your videos is not enough to damage the industries, even the people who watch this arent gonna change anything or revolt against corporations, we ( people who know the truth ) are nobody to them. Still this educational content is very well done, amazing job

Mike Hunt : "Not everyone who uses crack cocaine becomes addicted". Wow and he's payed for saying stupid things like that?

bdbgh : If anything, the NCRG logo is genius

Alex Ace : Yeah. We have this monopoly gambling company which organises lotto , internet gambling and has different slot machines everywhere in the country. You often see their ads in the television and their slogan is ``Play with patience``. Its so annoying to see them advertise their new slot machines and lottery and the big jakpots on tv, because one small slogan in the end of the ad justifies the cause.

Joe Smith : Not defending the gambling industry, however, it is true that external things are not addictive in and of themselves. Addiction is a psychological state, not the simple result of exposure to something.

ubundu shriki : You look like the son of nerdwriter

AsianGlow : Can't believe this video has so many Likes. The analysis presented is a complete and utter farce.

Mike Spinelli : Always remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! *this study was paid for by Kellogg’s and general mills

Decriminalize Darwinism : Most modern science is a sham. Example psychology and sociology only have a 0.02% peer review rate. you can't even call them science anymore but that's what social justice Warriors and leftist base most of their arguments on. meanwhile biology with an over 90% pure review rate is what I argue with and left is tend too ignore it. This is why big S. Science is a lie. And people need to learn how to learn again... and realize that most of science contradicts itself yes it is a valuable tool but nowadays it's almost a religion the same way communism is a godless religion that worships the state. I had 98% averages for a decade in the three sciences that my school taught later university I took more but it was all for naught. These liberal fake pseudo-intellectuals scientist are the biggest burden on modern society other than like Muslims and s*** ( Zionists )

Kittzy : You have far better changes winning any card game than a slot machine.

INERT : Good ol' victim blaming. It's okay, they're filthy degenerates anyways. Vice corporations always frame things in a moral instead of a scientific way.