Madtv - 24 hours with Bobby Lee, starring John Cho

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SatanSupimpa : I've watched enough TigerBelly to know that this is not a sketch, this is real life.

Hector Trejo : bobby kept mad TV fresh

Static105 : 5:20 Holy shit its the creepy uncle from always sunny!


PietroFlorian : This is SO hysterical, the flossing bit is priceless.

Seymour Butts : Watching Bobby Lee do the robot dance in his underwear made me laugh harder than everything SNL has ever done put together.

Creature Feet : There is no one like Bobby Lee.

john fonseca : freeza!

Manny Sakuraba : Slept king doing what he does best

Kunt Destroyer : I REALLY want to see Bobby do the robot dance on his podcast one of these days.


Kanon Kulpa : How does MAD TV get pulled but POS SNL stay on the air as long as it did? Scripts were leagues ahead of SNL.

valar : John Cho eventually did play a cop in the show Sleepy Hollow lol

AlaskanEagle1990 : I can't believe Louie Anderson made a cameo in this after MadTV shit all over him in the "Family Feud" parodies.

1OrdnryGuy : Top 10 Anime Betrayals ....

beto lopez : 2:40 is so funny

essie finch : flzeeze!

essie finch : Bobby is so funny

Dogged Black : Who's the guy with the small hands ??

netmatrix75 : Freeeezer!!! L Ath Peedeee!!!!

kevdogYT08 : Dude! Flzeeze!!! My two fav Asian actors on one vid! Bobby Lee & John Cho!

cp3d18 : Slept King

communistjesus : Not ONLY BOBBY did NOT GET THE ROLE..He also got an ASS WHOOPIN by tiny fists of fury.. WHat a 5hitastic day for poor BOB... BOBBIE..... Where are the MOVIE ROLES FOR THIS HILARIOUS COMEDIAN... BOBBY ROCKS..

Podcast Primate : Wow... it almost loosks like Aziz Ripped you off for Season 1 episode 1 of his netflix show huh?

something to say!!! : still funny never gets old

Andrew Nguyen : it's funny that were in a movie together years later Harold & Kumar Christmas

James Peach : thats harold from harold and kumar lol

vsgfilmgroup : 6:16 Just another Tuesday for Bobby Lee.

Connor McJesus : That’s what happens when I floss too

Robert Howell : that was to sad for me to be funny


ComeliaO7 : John so petty! 😆😆😆

Axhiro Madlander : I remember watching this like 15 years ago and being shocked that Louie Anderson was still alive.

Taha Nasser : Slept Kingdom where ya'll at?!

Rafael Trivino : Frieza L A P D!!!!!

Hung Lam : Lmfao!! Brilliant Freeze lapd accent!

Jae Yong Park : where's he now?

VcCancerKill ! : Les play the field

Ram Gudur : The person that reads the time sounds like Will from RHPC

ZiMRA : norwegian tv

Alfred Christanto : The video quality is so 90's.

Queen Elizabeth II : European > American humour

Insane Request : How come this guy isnt  a bigger star ! he's hilarious

Like Kane : Sad thing is, this rings kinda true for Bobby in real life, when pitted up against John Cho and Ken Jeong for movie roles. Bobby was passed over for the Harold role in Harold and Kumar, settling for bit parts, and I think he even went for the Hang-Over role, too. I find Bobby vastly funnier than the two aforementioned. He would've made a great Kim Jong Un for The Interview, too. Hollywood casting is sugar- coated if you ask me. Bobby's the real deal. He deserves chunkier roles.  

Kiiyon Kimura : Bobby was the Michael Jordan of Mad TV

Blueprints For Headaches : Officer steebee did anyone else catch that ?😂👋

Andromeda Lasso : Thanks Tigerbelly for helping me appreciate Bobby Lee more than I ever did. F-ing hilarious!🤣

Marquis M : Bobby lee is a national treasure.

KAMEX : He's just as short as the midgets lol

VindreKane : Wow this is gold.