Russian electrical. Epic fail.

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Lalolauri : 8:49 for everyone who doesnt want to watch the whole video

Kevin Loughin : In case you're wondering about the little thing he did with the gloves around 4:30. He's checking to make sure they hold air without any leaks. If there's a pinhole in the glove, it's a spot where an arc could pass through. They check their gloves every time they use them.

Johnny Nimble : Is there anything russians won't stick a dashcam on?

yoksel99 : According to the conversations they've had, this was a planned routine work to bring some unit out of service for a maintenance. In the beginning of the video, the guy with camera was officially confirming and reconfirming the work order over the phone. They've had a checklist and were doing everything according to that checklist on hand. The guy with camera was very surprised, as this everything was done correctly and likely some circuit outside their control was in the conditions that was not expected.

Dad & Son Adventures : First time in my life, I did not hear a Russian person using filthy language during an extreme situation.

Lake Nipissing : Do consider the people all over the world who put their lives at risk every day, with the potential for defective switchgear to maintain the equipment to keep everyone's lights and heat on...

Andrew Tornadoboy : "Hey Yuri, where did you work before taking this job?" [As Yuri reaches for the switch] "The reactor control room at Chernobyl..."

Robert Netherton : that's why my torrent stopped

theaweary : 12:28 "Why? After all, there was not charge, Why it has overlapped? Ah?" "I don't know" "There, there it is flaming again" 12:45 "Seems too much" "We were doing all by the order" "Yes, by the reglament" "So, in that one I turned off right away" "You switched off?" "Aha" 12:58 "So, we didn't have charge on this section, right?" "Right" "Well, now we are going to sort it out. Let's go, let's look" "Did we turn off the packet switch correctly?" "Yes" "Ah?" "Yes" 13:10 "This one should be turned off too (reading the brief) "... turn off the packet switch..." V10-1 have we set it disconnected to the right position?" "Yes" "Nerves"

Tony Fleetwood : only on youtube do i find myself wishing i spoke russian...

Дима Серов : Looks like they act strictly according to procedure. But perhaps it is equipment corrosion. If so, this is chif engeneer fault. He had to change bad equipment.

Evi1M4chine : The difference between Americans and Russians: Russians are not careful, but they sure as hell know how to deal with it, making them stupid but cool. Americans are very careful, but completely unable to handle situations that they haven’t been pre-programmed for, making them stupid _and_ total pussies.

Lake Nipissing : To all who comment about snow being thrown onto "live" electrical equipment... Listen carefully to the video - From 4:00 when they approach the switches until 10:04, after the arc fire, 50 Hz hum is heard in the background. After 10:04 until the end of the video, there is no more 50 Hz hum... the power to the site was shut off. There was no hazard using snow.

Peter Piper : 9:43 the sky turns black as a wormhole start's to form.

Andy : How russians were able to stay alive through out evolution is beyond me.

Дмитрий Авдеев : so the lesson is... if a door says внимание! don't open it

TheSuperCommentGuy : They accidentally caused a resonance cascade

Legend Cox : When you read the sheet and it says nothing about when it arcs all over the place.

Mark EM : The fun starts @ 8:50. Merry Christmas.

Dorian Payne : damn I'm glad of these guys are okay.

Zo Mi : its many months since this video is uploaded and by reading the comment section i cannot skip my answer to all of those who spits on soviet era and russian technology. on the end, those two workers are live and without injuries. equipment fail all the time EVERYWHERE in the world. do favor to your self and research how many electricians/technicians died in your country last year alone due to faulty electrical equipment. make sure you return home after work on your feet is all about what is important. one burnt electrical cabinet is replaceable...

FynnFTW : so thats why Chernobyl happend. They didnt had snow to throw into the Generator !

Milano Walter : I am terrorized by the power's electricity. I don't succeed in imagining a profession more distant from me. Big respect for high power workers.

ImUpsideDown : In Mother Russia, Anything can be a heater.

bonusnudges : The important thing is everyone is ok

silverss onyoutube : this reminds me of the simpsons when they built flanders a new house . " this is a room with electricity but it has too much electricity " 😂😂😂😂

SPARE BRAINS GAMING : Just to save people the bother, 8:50 is when the shit hits the fan lol

Dead Freight West : They missed the part of the checklist that asked, "Do you want fries with that?"

Arturas1244 : first not idiots its just equipment is too old, they where turining off power for repairs, whey take it serious shit here, he reads what has to be done even from paper like commands to a soldier do this and he does after it was turned off they inspect what it is turned off when go to next operation and snow is just after power was cut off doesnt matter he even called firefighters but fire stopped . This is high voltage this job is dangerous cause shit like this happens. Hardware is old usually and rusty :/ Whats why he wear face mask and safety gloves

sbpartyscene : What actually happened?

pauljs75 : The fun really begins at 8:50 If the language barrier doesn't help, and you're easily bored, there ya go guys!

phatrides222000 : This is why you remove the load first.

SteverRob : Thank god for PPE. That guy could've been seriously injured.

dieselmupke : It seems that they follow strictly a procedure from a sheet, I'm a plant operator and we do exactly the same with safety critical procedures (I work in The Netherlands where safety standards are amongst the highest in the world), they followed the safety rules as well, checking validity to switch, proper PPE, checking the gloves for pinholes and having a budy (who should only have a bit more distance at some of the switching operations). The PPE saved the operator from worse, and the budy was quickly calling to get the power switched off completely. So I didn't really notice differences with the procedure our electric technicians follow when switching the 10KV inlet at our factory.

flydream2 : 8:53 Soviet power in action

Frostielicious : Glad these guys made it out alive

Krissie : 8:50 You're Welcome😊

DrInduction : I don't understand why there's so much shit talking here in the comments.. Shit happens and they dealt with it about as good as anyone could have. And the people criticizing them for throwing snow on it, wtf do you want them to do, blow on it?

Mar Cin : are the russians now waering dashcams themself or why did he wear a camera? :D

Иван Краснояров : 3:36 Google-Translate: - So, first paragraph we have - control circuit and signalling translate from TSN-1 on TSN-2. - So, I take the gloves, yes?.. - So, control circuit and signaling translate from TSN-1 on TSN-2. - [illegibly] Cupboard freezes... - So, can shoot less... - What's that say? - control circuit and signaling translate from TSN-1... - 1-st? - ...on TSN-2. - Perform... - alarm circuit translated from TSN-1 on TSN-2. - Okay, alarm circuit from TSN-1 on TSN-2 translated. - So, switch on SV10, so... - switch on SV10, so, perform... - SV10 enabled... - Okay, SV10 enabled. - So, check included SV10 position... - Checked. - V10-T1 switch off. - Perform... - V10-T1 disabled, springs loosened. - Okay, V10-T1 disabled. - So, check disconnected.Contains position V10-T1. - devices come on we will see... Devices, springs... - So, switch on V10-T1 position. - So, switch off rotary switch from low parties TSN-1. - A, well come on then this. - TSN-1 cell. - Switch off rotary switch from low parties TSN-1. - So... - Perform... - rotary switch from low parties TSN-1 disabled. - [illegibly] please wait, do not close... - Switch off bus disconnector TSN-1. - BD10 TSN1... - So... Perform... - Hello! Hello!!! Hello, fire on TSN-1. Fire on TSN-1! Separator... Switch off separator! ... - What To Fuck? ... In arc got. - ...all right, TSN... Section. - What happened? - Bring the fire extinguisher. At a run. - Yes. What? All yes, snuff out have extinguished, cell burnt out TSN-1... - I'am sectional cupboard repaid. ... - ... All, do not firefighters, do not! Do not, all. - At a run here...! - Did not have of load, why blocked? - I do not know. - ...again burn... - All seriatim did. - SVT switch off at once... - Disabled, yes? - Yes. - of load was not? - Did not have. - Rotary switch we correctly disabled? Is necessary to also disconnect... ----------------------------------------------------------- PS: From errors no one not insured. Is necessary to it was fast fire extinguisher to bring. PPS: jokes about the vodka - not funny. Electricity errors not forgives. There really into the arc one can get. PPS: On video - Ural. Imho.

Charkel : The power of electricity. Pure power.

jmlkinc : Wow comerades. Am humble American piesmith. What is with all this hate to glorious Russia? They are great nation with great electricians! Who are we to criticize this routine maintenance where nothing bad happened? The real problem here is Hillary Clinton and her emails, fellow American citizens.

DjVirusPL : Professional fire extinguishers

Mikitan Fox : Probably one of the more expensive ways to melt snow into drinking water guys.... but +10 points anyway i like the creativity!

Ed : Good job they had snow to throw gently at it, this could have been catastrophic

Андрей Рогов : A possible cause is a break in the insulator SHR-10kV. when disconnected due to the freezing of the knife in the sponges and the aging of porcelain. They exerted an extra effort and it collapsed. Or the effect of force majeure circumstances. I mean electricians are innocent!

Robert Pirlot : Someone just found a reason to buy new equipment. And Someone might of been fired.

Dave dablave : jeezlus those are some angry pixies. This is an accident but those guys are no dummies. did you see the guy rolling the cuff of his glove to make sure that it held air before putting it on? I've seen several electricians skip that step.

Jesse Sargent : 10:23 Guy makes sound from Wolfenstein.

china22s : the sweet sound of 10kV, 50Hz :-)) at least