Higher Brothers - 7-11 (Official Music Video)

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Amin Business : wish they credited the producer , i wanna know who made this

88rising : Black Cab album out now! http://smarturl.it/88blackcab

Carissa Walker : Who is watching on July 11th? or November 7th.

Adrestia Eagerton : 7 Eleven shut down their business in Indonesia so i'm here for some good memories

SASS QUEEN : Hey do Indians work at 7-11s in China?

D H : Bruhhhhhh homies got versatility and humor too, I'm done

Txaj Khai Vang : rumor has it, that cat can feed over 50 families 0:20

crazymnky99 : i know it sounds cringy in english but someone please tell if it sounds equally cringe in chinese?

Austin Bickers : When you high af and you stumble into a 7-11 for the first time in your life. LOL

tabblr yu : i love u knowknow

Ray The Pizza Guy : This is one of the most genuine peices of art I have ever seen.

yue ren : Love song to food

Lillian : im crying they did this romantic ass sounding song for 7-11 this is everything

KalieIsLovely : Do one on Circle K next.

Coco Tayo : I can't help but enjoy this

SM1 HD : I'm hungry

Kim Jong-Un : The fat one try to look like me. Fat ass

Ethan Schoof : I kinda hate how everyones just like "OMG fat guy! Only reason I clicked" All these guys have their unique and great flows that fit well together, appreciate them as a group.

Mylo : Seve eleve

Michael Ni : I want the asian biggy smalls

sad bts stan : this song is a meme

karwin chau : Is there any more chill song like this? From the higher brothers

Liam Lee : 1:55 onwards litty

Gabriel Popp : 7 11 88 rising

Enih Holmes : Such devotion, 7-11 had better sponsored this lmaoo

keeradit tangjittrong : High Bro!

Dennis Ku : I wonder if 7-11 payed them for this xD

钟怡雅 : 耳朵要怀孕!!!!❤️“❤️❤️❤️

Sendo : @2.48 my guy was bout to take a bite but then realised he was shooting a music video

DRUNK MAN : Fat Boi too good

CooCooForCloroxx : My niggas wrote a love song for 7-11 😂

Benny Pratsch : This song is really underrated

Hanru Liu : good ad promotion,711 should pay them for the advertising. 😂

ReasonableRadio : Damn how is DZknow the best rapper in China and also a great singer. What a guy, 500lbs of talent.


Jessie Hu : 想和psyp睡觉

ahmed omer : " 500 pounds of swag " - Chinese biggie.

Jimmy CuBex : good thing they didnt tittle it 9/11

Kuei Yang Chen : China FAT JOE Is Slaying every Video

iq cheu : ya lit

Sean Farrell : 好听

Loading Error : Dz be seranading ya how while getting 64oz slurpee

Zhiyi Yi : 711 in Chinese: "Chee yaw yaw"

perry the swagapus : this song has got be a bit confused, but in a good way.

易迅 Chan : 7-11给了你们多少钱?我喔喔出双倍!(笑

Elxtrify : I've never been to a 7/11 in my life

Fish ball : 这首歌是非常好的!😉

yue ren : Psy.p so handsome😭

superman kris : good shit !! love it !

DioV Deathstroke : Man I'm Hungry!