Higher Brothers - 7-11 (Official Music Video)

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Bung Hole : I work at a 7-Eleven and I feel so damn appreciated

HpGintoki : Fat dude is straight fire.

Daphnee Nazon : I was literally like if the big dude aint there i aint clicking and sure nuff he is there and slaying edges! love it! Edit: Everyone brought the heat yes!

Devils In The Details Toronto : Big boy came with the sauce

Nigo Slimane : Sound like a love song but they talking about food lmao

Anthony Sengsouvanh : I can't wait to bump this while I drive tbh

Kar Yen : I can only comprehend snorlax's chinese

CA : *WELCOME TO MANILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* <3

thiefrules : lmfao a love song about 7/11?

finesse da booty : fat guy is the best rapper of all time

Rordon Gamsay : Something bout hip-hop/rap music made by non-Americans always so damn lit n mellow.

Chien Phan-Nguyen : The singing part of this song is definitely a different vibe.

Mantis Toboggan : 'if eating at night makes you fat, then here's a confident whistle, 500 pounds of swag" - Snorlax

Salmon bRO : Snorlax is lit lmao

Michael w : not gona lie, this is fire

Devon Saunders : Pressed play expecting to hate this, but it's dope lmao

Nabeel Isidro : Y'all sleepin on Melo you only like the big dude cause he T H I C C

MTO Smash : that fat guy stole my heart and soul

meanddrew : I've never laughed so hard in my life. Thank you #711

Cristhian Caviedes B : FCKING LYRICS PLEASE

宗號然 : 这首简直棒到不行!

DariusSenpai : he look the fat goku

Tristan Donxayasith : Snorlax is a multi talented genius damn

Rezkyro Poltak Samuel Pasaribu : i wish i could speak chinese man, i want to sing along with these dudes

Bg Quan : this Litt even kno I don't know what they saying

SeatStreet : bout to take a final exam and this is just motivating me to grab a snack after

Super Z-Fresh : Part of me says wtf then another part of me is diggin' this

Rachel Queen : YES my boys gettin it. my favorite group ~~

Goku from the 6ix : This is the most chill song I've heard in a while

TIGERFPM : The Higher Brothers also have a more aggressive version of this song, which sounds wayyy better IMO

顏瑋廷 : 兩三點鐘 想填飽肚子我會去7-11 在我眼中 最美味可口的全裝進包包 我胃口太大 全都能裝下 自己都感到害怕 不擔心敲詐 還非常便宜 全靠實惠的賣價 把便當給我加熱 用準確時間加熱 你看到我開的凱迪拉克 就曉得了不用給我打折 我一般喝礦泉水 穿的是undefeated 張張嘴 美食你相當美 味道就像香水 有日本的飯糰和泰國的泡麵讓我神魂顛倒 都擺在了面前不會讓你抱歉美味可以擔保 買蛋糕還是買漢堡 被選擇恐懼症干擾 毛了我都買 反正老子有錢再加一份煎餃 我關上門把後樸鼻而來神秘的味道 琳瑯滿目的靈感像收銀記塞滿鈔票 飯菜和沙拉都選擇最純天然的配料 愛如潮水的我心如商品般把你圍繞 Yeah my honey嫌我苗條成電線桿錄成歌餓的我睡不著覺 披上了羽絨服下身穿沙灘褲洛杉磯穿法在店裡聊聊 監控視頻裡的knowknow中指對向監控的動作 I love you forever 黑夜里便利店散發的光芒蔓延到了街道逛多久whatever Huh yeah 我猜不到 送貨的司機今天晚上到底幾點來 Huh yeah 吃宵夜會長胖 自信的吹口哨 500斤很拿樣 時間 不夠用 我的每天安排都很飽滿 街邊邊 混到studio 目標成為唱片公司老闆 我們產量高 寫歌染上癮 海爾兄弟工作不分早晚 沒空出去耍 沒空看電影我的女朋友都對我相當反感 但7-11我每天都切 補充了精力好繼續熬夜 加熱個盒飯再配一杯熱飲花分鐘把它們帶回巢穴 除了吃飯睡覺寫歌making beats 其他的事都是多餘 收銀員的嘴巴笑來捂到起 原來他是我們歌迷 24/7 還就是我們最大的區別 24/7 我手上的敗將們前途是漆黑 7-11補充我能量又打了針雞血 7-11 Higher Brothers

Mostaneza : Yeah fat guy is back!

Ethan Schoof : I kinda hate how everyones just like "OMG fat guy! Only reason I clicked" All these guys have their unique and great flows that fit well together, appreciate them as a group.


Kevin Rodriguez : we have to thank 7-11 for having the best food

matty543210098 : my bae is back... god bless the big boi

J.MAG : Higherrrrr!

Aegyo Goddess : I always look forward to high brothers because of Snorlax 💤🔥

Anthony Nguyen : Ft. Rick Ross 3:00

TIGERFPM : My favorites are MaSiWei(dreads) and DZ(fat guy). If you guys listen to their song "Without You" you'll notice that DZ is actually really good at singing too. I was pleasantly surprised.

garyson : Higher brothers the Asian bone thugs n harmony

psputranoveka : is it just me or the skinny guy looks like Black Nut (korean rapper) lol

Son of Snipes : I already got this on repeat and I'm bobbin my head lmao

Andika Wima Pratama : Yasss my man snorlax has back at it again!

Kurisuchan : damn this new vibe, diggin it

Strix : Where can I cop that sweater? 7 figures in the 7/11 style is sick

Jay : they need to get big

何皮皮 : yellow beatles?😂

Lucas : 2:35 500 pounds of swag lmao

santashelpa : This song is alot better than your previous, great improvement guys, keep it up