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Asian Boss : This video was filmed back in May but took us a while to put it together because we needed to get approval by the interviewees before releasing it. Here at Asian Boss, we strive to bring you the most authentic insight into the latest news and cultural trends from Asia. While doing so, we will not shy away from dealing with sensitive or controversial topics like this one. Our goal for this video is to inform the public of the fact that there are people with extreme views, not just in Japan, but all over the world. For the record, Asian Boss is all about creating a movement to connect cultures and bridge differences of opinions and as such we do not share the values or views of the Alt-Right movement. Thank you for the continued support and belief in our vision.

Darci : Guy in in the video: Don't call us alt-right Title of the video: Japanese Alt-Right Group I think it'd be better if you titled it Japanese Ultra-Nationalist Group Edit: Good on you guys for changing it 👍😃

kopxpert : Person 1: *"If talking doesn't work then we may have to get physical. This means I have to resort to violence than talking"* Person 2 (leader): *"We're a non-violent group"*

Mr.HawkEye : This just shows how bad Japan is at teaching history.

jake : 1:16 "We don't want other countires to invade Japan" That comment is totally nonsense. Nobody wants to invade Japan. Japan was always assailant not a victim WTF?

XCrystiellaX : Having pride in your country is one thing ... but believing your country has done no wrong and its government is perfect and people should follow what they consider right is another thing... Also, he said everyone should be able to have their own opinions of what's right and wrong but he wants to rid of what he thinks is filth in people?? wot

ビクターVictor A : as a german, such statements are utterly disturbing

Andrew Liang : Really appreciate these controversial topics, Asian Boss. Sometimes there're too many myths or simply people commenting who have no idea about the subject. I suppose it's nice to hear from them themselves, regardless on whether you agree or not.

hoherspatz : These people are saying that the nanjing massacre was a fabrication and deny any war crimes committed by the Japanese. It’s like when I’m saying as a German the holocaust never happened. Crazy

Ekmal Sukarno : Bear in mind, Japanese alt-right politics is different from Western alt-right politics, because they have different goals and agendas. Western alt-right politics is targeted against immigrants, mostly Middle Easterners, whereas Japanese alt-right politics is targeted against China, the two Koreas, and other countries that have suffered greatly under Japanese imperial rule. Japanese alt-right politics is somewhat based on resurrecting imperial Japan and its ideology and philosophy, all of which were eradicated after the Second World War.

Fan Syo Yu : 3:50 Lol , playing ppls emotions and making them into killing machine wasn't evil for humanity . SUUURE !

banjiu10 : Based on what he said, he seems to believe in national socialism, aka Nazism.

Gary K : Somebody remind these guys the last time they got all ultra-nationalist, they got nuked.

MB HK : Isn't this people are the ones who fire guns at North Korea-linked HQ in February this year? They should rather worried about their declining birth rate if they really care for the future and welfare of their Country. Just being hateful against outsiders only create troublesome, chaos, reverse hatred and negative impression about the Country. When the real war happen, these people would be the first to run for their lives....They are only brave among innocent civilians....

Maggy Frog : 0:55 i don't mean this as bashing, it's just that, when a person tells you they are drawn to a political leader because of charisma and personality and not because of ideology / rationale / policies, you know you are probably talking to a fanatic.

natha99 : This is why anti-japanese sentiment remains in especially Asian countries that were previously invaded or occupied, because the views of these nutjobs can still be found amongst a significant part of the japanese population and politicians. Still, thank you Asian Boss for bringing this topic up and bring some awareness about a different part of the Japanese political climate.

Maddy Corrasa : They are a hate group

飛鳥昭羽 : I'm embarrassed by the fact that he almost forgot his agenda in the interview.

Lim S.K : This type of Japanese must be those kind of japanese peoples that committed genocide war crime during WW2

sweetplum : and they say they may have to use violence to convey their messages... and then the leader says we don’t use violence... make up your mind...

Hui Yang : And they called us Chinese communists? "Equal distribution of wealth" They would make the CCP very proud.

: They seem to have contradicted themselves more than once during these 7 minutes.

ShibaPatrol : These guys are the epitome of vocal minority. You hear these guys (or similar far-right groups) blasting their speakers in cities sometimes in their vans and they're a nuisance for sure. I take solace inn the fact that you rarely ever see young people involved with these groups, they mostly seem to be comprised of 40+ men so hopefully it dies out in the near future. Also the translation of 右翼(Uyoku) as "alt-right" is wrong, the literal translation is 右(right)翼(wing) = right wing. Right-wing =/= Alt-right. They didn't want to be called right-wing because they are ultra-nationalists, not because you called them the "alternative-right".

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : The alt right group seems to extreme.

Richard K : This was an irresponsible video - particularly geared toward Western viewers who might not be familiar with Japanese politics and social issues. When you provide a platform to give voice to someone like to this, you need to also provide a counter-narrative by interviewing someone else who can enlighten Western viewers about the problems associated with ultra-nationalist groups. This interview by itself doesn't show us at many problems associated with such groups. People watching this will walk away thinking that ultra-nationalists are harmless and that they are all about simply making Japan better.

Christian Lui : People should know that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been affiliated with such alt-right groups that want to reform Japan's constitution to allow for a military (current constitution post WWII does not allow for a military) and erase history from textbooks regarding War Crimes Japan has committed.

brian' : Nationalist Guy: "Don't call us Alt-Right, we're ultra Nationalists" Asian Boss: "Interview With A Japanese Alt-Right Group". Edit: The title has changed now. It's good to see that Asian Boss is above click-bait titles and remains objective with its message.

LastWeeb Living : "have the choice to say what's right whats wrong" At the same time "Purge them of their filth"

Tan Zi Jian : Fix your fertility rate problem before anything else, Japan...

JtheKproduction : To the western viewers, if you translate this to western context, it's a bit like if Germany had a neo nazi party now. The difference is that neo nazism in Germany would be more defensive while this is offensive. Germany has a very open border and inclusive immigration laws while Japan has the opposite. If Germany had a nazi party, it would be to undo the open borders and prosecute the immigrants. But the fact that Japan is doing this means it's offensive rather than defensive. They want the imperial Japan to expend once again. It's a bit, no, very disturbing

yasashii89 : There was a member of staff of the dorm I lived in at Kyoto University who sat me down for an hour in his office and spoke about how japan needs to get nuclear weapons so they can defeat China and that the top universities of the world are all run by communists are are evil. He was one of these guys and worked in a dorm full of Chinese students. These guys are totally messed up. Oh yea and he told me to stay away from Japanese girls because "the races shouldn't mix" (not realizing that I'm already mixed myself lol)

大Jang : These Japanese nationalists use Chinese characters and their Imperial roots are from Korea, they have nothing to show for other than plundering civilized nations since their conception as a nation. The Wa pirates and the barbaric Japanese samurai were always such a hassle for civilized states like Korea and China who fought to death to defend civilization. Such a pity these savage Samurais are romanticized in the west instead of such a mighty man like Yi Sun Shin, hero to Koreans and the bane of Japanese.

Ray S : another alt right group based on Emotion instead of logic thinking woah how original

er asdef : 琉球独立free Ryukyu.

Binnie TV : haha, it's funny. they say they are against war but never regret and admit Japan's war crimes. is that how Japaneses apologize for wrongdoings? seems like they don't even know Japan is a war-crime nation

Guru White : Wow Japanese Nazism amazing

Azphix Xaxa : People like this is the reason why japan can’t move forward, this guy and his organization are so deluded, I really hope young people there start to grow a spine and go out and vote more

SJ kim : Rising sun flag=hakenkreuz

Mill Burray : Every country, ethnic group, religious group has their own alt-rights. But the important thing is that if they once were war criminals like the Nazi or not. In this case, they were one of them not even a long time ago, and the victims are still living with their broken hearts. How dare you deny the existence of comfort women of Korea and China? That's just disgusting and not even worthy to have a discussion regarding this matter.

sweetplum : Wait wut lol They want to take away people’s freedom, brainwash them and control them. Who is he to tell people what to do? Doesn’t it contradict what he is preaching?

Klep Trep : All these pixelated Japanese faces makes it feel like a porno lol

Kryštof JP : I'm just rolling on floor laughing so hard, it feels like those guys slept for 200 years and just woke up. Complete nonsense in every sentence. Though I'm afraid, some people can really find this 'sweet talk' amusing and interesting and join them...

상 상 : The Japanese, with two faces If they have a formal army, start war again and kill again. South Korea or China protests about apologizing, but The Japanese are Protesting to kill them. I saw a girl demonstrating to kill a Korean. It's 2018, but it hasn't changed a bit. No shame in war, without history education.

ILoveCoffee : Most Japanese people think the same way, but they are afraid to express it.

Lucas Ethan : This Ultra Nationalist has only Chinese on his jacket, what a joke ! 青年政治結社 民族 意志同盟

ucuz12 : Japan lose the war, deal with it!

remoteconsole : Really nice interview ! Thanks a lot ! I don't agree on a lot of things said, but for people not being able to speak fluent "political" japanese, it's a unique chance of accessing rare content. Thanks again, really great work !

steel smasher Johnson : Nazis with the wrong skin colour.

한국어로변역하는인간 : current pm of japan do agree with those things. I think this is the silent majority. Not that i agree with this ideology.

周子瑜 : 日本の政治が良くなるための第一歩は国民が日本を愛し、政治に関心を持つことです。今日の日本人は政治に関心がなさ過ぎる! The first step to make a great Japan, people have to take interest about politics. Today's Japanese people don't have interests about politics.