AMD Flaws - The Full Story & Analysis

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Hakaru : So we now need a site at ....oh wait there is already one and its pretty savage.

Deathscythes RVE : That intro is Sexy!

Black Gekikara : I would sit through 5 hour videos of tech talk if they were by you! Thank you very much for your hard work Jim. And I don't know about anyone else but all this attack on AMD makes me love them even more. Almost 100% Red Team. Just waiting for that next Radeon!

QuantumTV : This was just a poor assassination attempt on AMD, right before second-gen Ryzen launch.

Blazs120gl : As a quick workaround, until AMD comes out with the patches, they should send out some stickers with "Never tell your admin password to anyone!" printed on them. :D

Shingara : I honestly think this is a major hit piece by intel, after seeing everything thats come out over the weekend about cambridge analytica and how amd were given what, 24 hours todo something. And lets be brutal, if someone is able to physically get to your pc, put there own bios on it then it dont matter what pc you have because unless you have a massive rotweiler sat at your desk 24/7 then everyone is screwed.

Naked Hardware : At first I was dismissive of Intel being behind this, it seemed so unprofessional and bizarre that I thought it beneath even Intel, but it's really hard to argue with this as an analysis. What's more, it actually works as great cover for Intel if most of the tech world are scratching their heads and accusing them of pulling a stock shorting scam, in fact I am beginning to wonder if they intentionally left a misleading breadcrumb trail to put people off Intel's scent. Regardless, this episode is one of the most bizarre to unfold in recent history. Good for AMD if Intel are that desperate to attack their products.

Fishmonger ! : Absolute great video, THANK YOU for taking the time to do the research and editing to make this. I can't say thank you enough. I had this on while I was cooking dinner, and.... well let's just say the video took precedence and we are now ordering take out instead of eating my overcooked meat. :)

Andrew Crews : Jim the longer your videos get, the closer I get to signing up for your patreon. Just saying

Andrew Crews : This hitpeice seems rather "glued together" if you know what I mean

Kenmanhl : I know of a vulnerability of all existing PCs that can destroy any data on the PC. I call it Hammerfall. I do require physical access to the machine and my trusty sledgehammer.

Valik Toma : Probably intel funded scammers, or Nvidia. AMD iS doing well, you dont take flack untill you are over the target. Adored massive respect for the research, keep up the good work.

DannyzPlay : I have been following since this surfaced, it's blatantly obvious this was a poor assassination attempt on AMD and stock market manipulation was happening here. This was clearly fabricated by a competitor, their fingerprints seem to be all over this and I'm sure we all know who that is ;). CTS labs putting out a very opinionated white paper with viceroy claiming they're worth $0.00? Come on, who the hell writes crap like this and then talks about fundamentals along with professionalism. It's up to AMD to respond back, launch their own investigation to shut these clowns down.

LanStrikeGaming : When I first heard AMD only had a 24 hour notice, that was all that I needed to know that this ordeal was full of holes. Everything that has been revealed since then has only reinforced how much of a bad joke this has been. I have such admiration for how well AMD has reacted to this whole mess. Adored You done a great service digging for more info on this topic, Some of your best work.

Conor Masterson : "So I'm going to end this video" 40% of the video left

catonpillow : Keep it up Jim!

Harry Potter : "CTS" - COME TO SHINTEL

z : I'm not saying it's Intel but.. never mind it's Intel

Victor Franqui : I can smell a rat from miles away and I I'm smelling one or two right now

dotMCL : Oh man.. *grabs popcorn* ... This is going to be great!

Fluffy Hedgehog : where are the other 1.940.000 people who need to be subscribed to this channel?

Richard : Intel have really lowered themselves this time.

RedMonkey : This whole thing has been a very poorly executed hatchet job and it didn't take long for the BS detector needle to hit maximum. Great video bud

potentialforanything : >Israeli Every. Single. Time.

92Cope : Cant belive this is going on in 2018. I mean ok in 1999 or something. but if they think ppl are this stupid they need to learn much more about as ( talking to elite ). As for 13 security LOL

Brolivia Wilde : conspiracy theory: What if the whole ViceRoy shorting AMD stock was a ruse (by Intel) to help throw people off so Intel wouldn't be the #1 suspect? that is, IF Intel is really behind all of this, then it makes sense to throw doubt on everyone looking at all of this.

Manos T : I paid little attention to mainstream press and news channels, and waited patiently for your video. Great content once again! Cheers!

Dobermanator : It appears that the Tech Industry is using 3rd party entities to legally circumnavigate the legal protections in place to prevent this behavior. This is also despite the fact an almost exact same scenario's were happening years ago in the Music Industry. It was called Payola or started out as such. Many older people know about it, but not many know that it actually continued well, well afterwards using 3rd party's to supposedly by-pass the legal walls in place. Those too (3rd party) were stopped. I am uncertain what level of Government needs to be taking action / on top of it like happened in the Music Industry but clearly people like Ryan S. at PCP (no doubt others) are using the model of Payola to get away with a Tech version of it. Since vulnerabilities are given names, and in a way there clearly is a market liability to what we are witnessing and transpiring in Tech, it's time we gave a name to it.

Bob Marston : Ah yes the old question "Who has something to gain by this ?" Indeed Nvidia and Intel are the obvious names that pop-up. And Intel is the obvious choice. But without proof an accusation is only an accusation. But those of us that have been around know the treachery Intel is capable of committing, We need look only as far as MOAP. If Intel is perpetrator in this affair you can bet your bottom they did their best to make sure their fingerprints have been wiped clean from the scene.

BileMonkey : Not sure I'll have time to watch all this now, so ignore this if you already covered it off, but I just WHOISd and the address is registered through DomainsByProxy LLC, a subdivision of GoDaddy that exists solely to actively hide the owner/progenitor of a website. Smells fishier than a trawlerman's wife IMO.

Derek Y : Boycott Intel just cause, even a small boycott will cause their stock to slip, 1% could cost them billions

Rusty : This was confirmed by Wall Street as an attempt at stock Manipulation. Wall Street has its own tech pros who look at all of it, and report true findings on all of it. If it had been true AMD stock would have moved sharply downward. It didnt. Therefore it was a poor attempt at best. And im quite sure they will move to find the actual base. cant wait to hear who was involved. Great vid as always Jim, plase keep it up.

Keybraker : *FAKE* , _I guess they are pretty mad that the stock did not fall_

Sam McArthur : Must be corporate espionage week this week, CTS labs, Cambridge analytical, facebook. Well at least all my data is secure on Google, 😅!

Hobo Misanthropus : I found it highly suspect that so called "Security" experts with over 20 years experience between them, would pull the alarm on a level 2 threat. The thing about security flaws is, given enough time, every architecture is going to have holes poked in it, as attack tools and techniques advance. I'm no expert, though I do have family who deal with this kind of stuff, and what made Meltdown/Spectre so unique was that Intel had largely unchanged core architecture for so long, when it was finally exploited it became a massive shitstorm with a broad range of affected products.

YeCannyDaeThat : Wow, so we now have to probably pay more, for slower CPUs because of money grabbing, fake news peddling, hype driving scum. Some business practices now make me sick.

Almir Preldzic : (((CTS Labs))) (((Intel))) Checks out.

Salad Gaming Tech : AMD should sue these guys to run them to the ground.

T K : 100% nonsense... a vulnerability that requires local admin access is not a vulnerability by definition. In other news... compromised systems are open to being compromised.

Joe Higgitt : This was a great summary, I prefer your investigative journalism pieces though!

taab84 : Cts Labs said there are 13 critical security issues with zen cores, if you don't agree with them, you are antisemite

Çelik Köseoğlu : Adored TV stands for Technology Vision? Cool

Stephen Ho : Admin access required?!! Then you might just unlock your home, open your bank accounts! This is ridiculous!

Spencer Reynolds : Loved the video, as always, keeping the tech world informed is our creed, Tinfoil hats ON!

Ultrakillerism : Smells like (((Intel))) from a galaxy away that they are up to this

Parsa Strife : Yes I have definitely fallen for Ryzen! Hail RYZENFALL

Foodpr0n : For christ sake, he even wears jarmaluke..

Phonze M. : "Tin hatery"😂😂😂 omg bro love this channel

Jon Son : Finally Jim is talking about this whole CTS-mess haha. Jim you are the best when it comes to tinfoilhattery haha, you are the only one who brought up enough arguments to make me believe that Intel could actually have had a hand in this

jawad kazmi : I was waiting for this video. Best analysis on the story. Made me a cup of tea, sat down and thoroughly enjoyed the video. cheers