Kermit The Frog Awakens His True Potential

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Kermit the Frog : I've done it. I've unlocked the power of the legendary Super Frog warrior! The ultimate power in the universe!

1cedSprite : Kermit takes the anger of his break up out to DBZ characters.

Direct Rex : Only a God could make this mod

Shrek Cena : 0/10 no earrape

JosemaDL : What is the anime name?

Are U Super Cereal : Damn I guess I owe Kermit $100... I didn't believe him when he said he could beat Gokus ass 😩

deiondre0 : super saiyan god < super saiyan frog

Cheers : Only Elmo can stand up to such amazing power!

Santiago Giraldo : I should be doing my homework ...

Dahrandomvids : Sure. You can have Kermit beat up many Dragon Ball characters. But *should* you?

CaptainSauce : Plot twist: The real Kermit was in Captain Ginyu's body before it was destroyed.


wallakfir90 : I see that Ginyu didn't give up on his training even after turning into a frog.

Firth Quake : *Kermit* : You see I have finally realized the legend! *Frieza* : Oh my God! This is happening again! *Kermit* : That's right! You're not dealing with the average Muppet warrior anymore, Frieza! I, Kermit the Frog, have finally become...The Legendary Super Muppet! *Frieza* : OK, seriously. First off, Super Muppet, what is that? What even is that? I'll tell you what it is. It's just some stupid legend passed by your filthy frog ancestors around a camp fire like it was their own dung! Let me tell you Kermit, I don't deal in legends, I deal in facts. And here's a fact: by the end of this, you are going to be crying like a little...bitch!

Icarus - : I feel like he is holding back

sebastian Catalano : Why'd you share your video with IGN they don't deserve your quality content.

Average Otaku : Is this one of the DLC characters?

bob jinkins : Now do Pepe.

Ren San : I'm holding back tears...This video is so powerful

gamelordabd : "It's not easy being green, so I became gold instead." -Kermit, the Frog of Destruction.

Cody King : The legends were true!?

Avalon : That is one hell of a rare pepe.

Cesse D : "The perfect wedding music doesnt exi..."

The Not-So-Epic Hundred Knight : Is... is that Captain Ginyu?

Theamazingdemo : 1:39 Kermit the Frog just penetrated Broly's anus with a Special Beam Cannon while Running in the 90s was playing. I can die in peace now.

meme kun : They dont make anime fights like they used to

dagdamor1 : Checkmate, Outskirts Battledome.

SqwidsCity : kermit unloading a kamehameha at vegeta might be one of the best things i've ever seen

Sidekick Sam : That was ribbiting.

KingOfWaterGamez : Whoever made this is a beast

sUbRa : When you're so bored that you end up here

The Ultimate Hybrid : The song sync is amazing

Fresh Prince of Evil : Full awakened Kermit can take down SpongeBob limit breaker form

Kotaku : This rules. Could we feature this on our show Highlight Reel? We link/credit to every clip we feature.

winged wolf : Super grover vs kermit the frog

Oof : I suddenly want to get back to playing xenoverse2, thx

Alvis Gaming : This is beautiful

Scottie Tabler jr : And behold, the mortal that even a god of destruction cant defeat. Kermit will soon overthrow zeno

KelleraSW : Just seeing all these views, all the likes, and all these comments on how a lot of people are enjoying my video... just makes me so happy.. I'm really glad that this is happening right now, this is such a shock to me to see all the traction come out of the blue after 2 months of uploading. Literally.. thank you everyone. Seeing you guys enjoy my video really made me so happy. Thank you all for all the views and all the likes. I really appreciate all of it.

Yeesals : Is it normal i watched this over 5 times Edit: Now 500 times

El Farto Supremo : this is the best character design in all Dragon ball super.

Fake Grapefruit : Professor Jordan B. Peterson just retweeted this..

Mike-Daddy : Can we start a petition for this to be official? EDIT:Whoa! Didn’t expect for this to be highlighted, thanks!

DrClay999 : Shit, someone alert Joel!

Generic Username : And he said it's not easy being green.

DickPoundXperince : That's some dank anime.

Tiki : Yeeeeeeeessss this has fufiled my purpose in life and todays fap!!!!!!!

GeneralOlde : He awakened the power of his stand 「Rainbow Connection」.

Generally Trash : isn't the Kermit vs Broly thing canon?

I really wish I was dead : This is the definition of the male fantasy.