NYYC 2017 1A Finals 1st Place - Evan Nagao

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LorenzYo Cubing : Hope you guys enjoyed the videos

Throws N' Brews : I love that every routine Evan does is better than the last one. He's always entertaining, but somehow becomes more entertaining every time. Well deserved win.

Hunter Feuerstein : I’m calling it. This will hit 1 million views by tomorrow night! Congrats Evan!

Mustafa Muhalab : Who's here because Ozzy Man ?

EmberFlaze : these non yoyo comments lmao

Tyler Kelly : Graeme headbopping!!

amateur yoyoer : Amazing performance and only respect, but at 2:07 should've been disqualified

Chris V. : Yes! Bringing the trophy back to the 808! For all the non-yoyo viewers, keep in mind that freestyles are all about the performance. Syncing with the music, stage presence, along with all the technical manipulations. Most players design their routine to score high within the rules of the competition. Due to how the rules are designed, you may not see the most visually impressive or creative manipulations. It's all about creating something that scores high and is still exciting to watch. Freestyles are a single instance where a player performs something they may have practiced dozens of times. If Evan planned every single move, I bet he had almost perfect execution of his routine during a practice session at some point. The ability to execute a completely clean routine during a competition is rare. All that matters is that he was having a blast sharing his passion and showing us something amazing!

Yugan Dali : In the 60s, we all had yoyos. If you could walk the dog and go around the world, you were fine. There was nothing light years close to this! Same with skateboarding (although you had to make your own in those days), I was a good skateboarder, but I couldn't even dream of the skills skateboarders have nowadays. For that matter, climbing 5.9 was very respectable, and some people even did 5.10. Now they climb 5.14? So what is it? Better equipment? More inspiration? Of course I'm not talking about somebody like Evan who practices for seven years, but overall the standard is much higher. Any comments?

NOMADdaf : Why must everything be ruined by rap??? I made it just long enough to comment.

Kris Toledo : Cant wait for all the non yoyoers comments

SkyeKingdoM : KnuckleDu?

Dom Siddall : Evans making a statement

the polar bear : graeme in the background at 3:14 lol

DeathWish808 : This is the worst piano playing I've ever seen. wow

Dick Powers : I heard Trump just made this guy head of NASA

AC/DC.4.LIFE ! : ✌🏽Goes to bed with his YOYO under his pillow ...

Firas : shout out to chris brown yo

Derek A : Rip off. This act was stolen from me. I did this with nunchucks.

Madi Y : This is crazy. I can’t even do a basic yo-yo move... even with the automatic-return yo-yo that does it for you.

Manu Shapopi : And y'all thought playing with yourself would never get you laid

David Williams : That was really impressive. Well done.

Robert Bryan aka Farmer : When a song meets its purpose..

Fists of Fury : That man could use that thing as a weapon.

jr : Anybody else cream there pants when Busta Rhymes came on ?

Alex Denninger : forgot how much of a banger this song is

John Doe : Nice one Evan. Also, We're on trending, nice.

Justinyo - Yoyo tricks, tutorials, and reviews : When u have no friends but u want someone to tangle with

justin dauer : still can't believe it, but he deserved it!

SantosGoleador : I can see this guys fighting crime and saving us all from this evil world we live In. Fear all here comes YO-YO BOY!!!!

T Borisenko : Yeah I’d prob have knots in that string within the first 30 seconds! But this looks fun! Where’s my old yo-yo from decades ago???

Chandler Bohannon : I showed this to my goldfish

sdf fds : What is a rappers favorite toy? ...A Yo Yo

That Weird Kid That Yoyos : This is his first nationals win, right?

Matt mandli : Had he not gone for the 2.5 at the end, gentry would have the title this year. Crazy.

jonathon marks : Slow-mo of some of the tricks would be great

Irvin Ong : 2:39 my favorite part

H S : Now win in asia

Leland Williams : The guy at the table going ham

Chill Bill : As an ancient ex-yoyo-er all I can say is wow!!!

Luke Farmer : You're awesome Evan, always amazing to watch

Pelnied : Had my heart pumping just watching. Fantastic performance Evan, I knew you'd be creeping up soon with that stage presence and unique trick style. You are one of the throwers who truly looks like they are enjoying what they are doing on stage. It's obvious in your excitement and it makes the audience feel the joy!

James Timperley : I really appreciate the musical aspect of this. The bicth'n moves are ridiculous enough but to do them in time with the rapping and beat blows my mind.

Forty and Life To Go : My charger gets tangled w/o me doing a THING with it.

Vosun Terrance : This routine was so clean

Ralph Außerbauer : SIIIIICK. Also, hi reddit. +National Yo-Yo Contest Why don't you post these videos in 60fps. Would make it a lot easier to see all the details in movement. Skaters do it, too.

Seahorse : But can he do the walking dog? Just kidding, extremely impressive!

Trtl boi : this is what women line up for

joshua anderson : This blew my mind oh my God this guy has Got Talent with a yo-yo

Christian Martinez : Had to mute the whole video hahaha