TRIP REPORT | Aeroflot - 777 300 - New York (JFK) to Moscow (SVO) | Business Class
Aeroflot has a promotional video asking their passengers to not be drunk on board

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Welcome to another trip report! On October 7, I flew Aeroflot to Moscow, Russia. This was my first time flying them, so I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised when I realized this was the best commercial flight I've ever flown! The service was amazing, as their extensive business class menu was full of great choices. The staff were very friendly and didn't seem to mind my filming (besides boarding). The seat was pretty good too, but identical to United Polaris. Since I implemented a rating system at the end of every trip report, this has been the first flight to receive 10/10! I hope you enjoy the trip report, along with some footage of our stay in Moscow! ————— Добро пожаловать в другой отчет о поездке! 7 октября я прилетел Аэрофлот в Москву, Россию. Это был мой первый раз, когда я летал с ними, поэтому я не знал, чего ожидать. Я был удивлен, когда понял, что это лучший коммерческий рейс, который я когда-либо летал! Сервис был потрясающим, поскольку их обширное меню бизнес-класса было полон отличных решений. Сотрудники были очень дружелюбны и, похоже, не возражали против моей съемок (помимо посадки). Сиденье было очень хорошо, но идентично «United Polaris». Поскольку в конце каждого отчета о поездке я внедрял систему рейтингов, это был первый полет, который получил 10/10! Надеюсь, вам понравится отчет о поездке, а также некоторые кадры нашего пребывания в Москве! Airline: Aeroflot / Russian Airlines Aircraft: Boeing 777-3M0(ER) (VP-BGB) Seat: 4K (Business Class) Flight Number: SU101 Route: JFK to SVO Flight Time: 8 hours, 14 minutes ————— Авиакомпания: Аэрофлот / Российские авиалинии Самолет: Boeing 777-3M0 (ER) (VP-BGB) Сиденье: 4K (бизнес-класс) Номер рейса: SU101 Маршрут: JFK к SVO Время полета: 8 часов, 14 минут —————————— Tip jar: Check out my plane spotting photos: Up to 80% off of flights on FlightHub! Subscribe to my other channel: Equipment: Canon G7X II, Sony AX-53 Music: YouTube Audio Library Instagram: @qfsaviation, @quintinsoloviev Snapchat: quintin913 Any ideas for future videos? Please comment! —————————— © 2018 QFS Aviation


Artem Petrov : В церкви запрещено снимать(

Евгений Кирсанов : Very nice report. Like. But please... do not touch the window. It was clean before you.

PoletMe Aviation Videos : Fantastic report + nice footage in the end!

Jonnie Bangkok : Nice video..."Economiski Class" 😄😄😄 You're always flying private planes and First/Business Class...and here you are flying to Moscow; is your father a Russian oligarch? Was that drunk guy sent to the gulag?

Nick : In Soviet Russia, Plane fly you

Nickolay Av : Go around in a 777, doesn't get better than that. Unfortunately, few people review Aeroflot. It's an underappreciated airline IMO. Thanks for the review.

Денис Воротников : Добро пожаловать в Россию! Прилетай к нам в августе, самая хорошая погода! У нас много мест, которые стоит посетить. Спасибо за хорошее видео!

Bezimenko STOTEBRIGOVIC : windows are large! this kind of remarks make me vomit

RedcoMusic : I've always been curious about Aeroflot; they've had incredible r/t economy tickets for example USA to Spain via Moscow-SVO for under $600. Now I want to fly them even more! - Red

jamani1086 : i remember following this flight on flight radar, you had the go around in moscow.

Daniel Hoops : It’s descent bruh. Descent* 😂

DL Brittain : that one dude was kinda strange, looking at you....

M Moen : Can you land at Oslo, Gardermoen ?

Incredible Crusty : Спасибо за это изумительно тёплое видео!!! :)

Adam Fowler : Wow, finally found this amazing channel, great video, great content, seems like Aeroflot has a fantastic sense of service! Really great content, liked and subscribed!

Stu : Thanks mr s, what a beast the 777-300 is, that engine roar ❤️ the wingflex. Interesting go-around, almost touch down. Some flight attendants ask that because certain companies are quite funny about filming. The airline I was crew on was the same, not supposed to film crew or take pictures. Normally filming out the windows is ok. But is dependant on airline I think, I find some more relaxed than others.

brad toomer : I love flying international. I get to sleep the whole way there & back 😂

Ross Schultz : Excellent video. Really enjoyed the finishing touch, the Moscow tour!!

Irina Evans : I used this flight 100 and 101 . Very nice. I flew from Atlanta to NY to Moscow. We used Delta during many years, but last 2 years I flew to Moscow and used Aeroflot.

ecoRfan : I know you don't like United much, but I'm really excited for their 787-10 to start service in Newark next year. We over on the Jersey side have been waiting quite awhile for United to give us a Dreamliner.

todd : What are those yellow advertising spots called on your timeline? Because the 8 that you have aren't enough.

Alphawolf57 : Thanks for posting this awesome video 👍🏼🛫😎

Lik 1001 : Welcome to Russia!) I'm from Russia

Arkadiusz AGDAN : I do think that Aeroflot Russian airlines and Lot Polish Arline is the best Central and eastern and north Europe Arline.Must say I love Lot and Aeroflot staff uniforms look elegant classic and classy I can fly with them anytime

andresa1963 : Obviously, an old configuration seating. New business class do not look like that.

Britt Unculus : Suggestion for new class names: 1) Cushy, 2) Cosy, 3) Cuddly.

Александр Сорокин : Всем привет с Урала город Нижний Тагил

TheByclik : Парень ведет себя как дикарь везде стучит смотрит как выходец с гор.не приятно смотреть.ОСОБЕННО КОГДА СТУЧИТ ПО СМЕЖНОЙ ЧАСТИ КОКОНА,МЕША СОСЕДКЕ.ДИЧ ....ТО ЛИ ЛЕТИТ ВООБЩЕ ПЕРВЫЙ РАЗ.ТОЛИ ПЕРВЫЙ РАЗ НА 777

Logan Donnelly : Do you speak Russian?

Glenn Chambers : Nice video and cool with the go-around :) Also liked the video of Moscow at the end. Would like to visit there one day.

brad toomer : QFS vlogs coming soon

reet pizza : I love Aeroflot and it’s great to finally see a review I haven’t even watched this video yet but thanks so much qfs!!

WizenedVariations1 : The tail end was very well done. You could have added the great Subway Way stations. Again from 38:39 on, simply amazing.

Rocky Mountain Aviation : 1:54 hahahahah I love it

DL Brittain : Hayden did well to, leader of the pack at JFK


Nobody : QFS Aviation - Are u going to be flying the inaugural flight from HPN-ACK on JetBlue on 6/13/19??? It’s on an E190

ClydeJBAviation : Loved it! Personally, I have no business in Russia but I'd fly to Russia just to get a chance to experience business class on Aeroflot. Try not to record peoples faces next time without their consent because you could end up having some legal issues. Keep up the good work, Quintin!!

Coke Cans And Winglets : Great report as usual, by the way what uncultured swine in business class is clapping for landing lmao

Mario Imori : Great images of this amazing city! Thanks for sharing!

Matthew Martinez : This is all skyteams fault

Roman : Best seats in economy class next to window?

michael sharp : i know theplanesguy has been to the luftansa lounge and got a discount and used a friends pass to get it

Oswaldo Öberg : Finally Aeroflot! What an amazing vid!

Airplane Mode : Do you ever get sick of flying around?? I LOVE planes and flying, but I feel like even I would get sick of it after about a month. Totally love your videos tho. Keep it up!!

Юрий Сигачев : Взлёт - 14:50, посадка - 32:50

jamani1086 : indeed what is a QFS flight without TJ lol

Alvin Alacorn : Lol nice music !! Good video man

Aero X : Also at 12:12, that's just the fan blades spinning in the wind. Of course you would DEFINITELY know when a 777 starts up if it's equipped with GE90-115b engines!