TRIP REPORT | Aeroflot - 777 300 - New York (JFK) to Moscow (SVO) | Business Class

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QFS Aviation : Follow @quintinsoloviev on Instagram to keep up with my travels!

spe edy : HI. I'm from Russia and my english very bad.But thanks for Aeroflot. WELCOME TO RUSSIA Moscow good but St.Petersburg better.

Moscow 112/911 : Great report! Aeroflot business and comfort class are amazing! In 2019 Aeroflot is going to receive A-350s and interior design there is going to be even better!

ClydeJBAviation : Loved it! Personally, I have no business in Russia but I'd fly to Russia just to get a chance to experience business class on Aeroflot. Try not to record peoples faces next time without their consent because you could end up having some legal issues. Keep up the good work, Quintin!!

PoletMe Aviation Videos : Fantastic report + nice footage in the end!

Bad Hombre : I'm from Moscow. Hope you'll enjoy Moscow!

Christopher 0 : 9:20 Not so clean now eh?

Britt Unculus : Suggestion for new class names: 1) Cushy, 2) Cosy, 3) Cuddly.

Mike Weaver : Learn the art of filming with consideration for others by keeping their faces off camera, you could end up in legal trouble

Nickolay Av : Go around in a 777, doesn't get better than that. Unfortunately, few people review Aeroflot. It's an underappreciated airline IMO. Thanks for the review.

Love Japan : Please come to Japan someday !

michael sharp : fly on the worlds longest flight from newark to singapore sometime on singapore airways first class

Ian Hamilton : Aeroflot - not your Daddy's Aeroflot anymore. Maybe one the most improved airlines of the past 10 years. And one of the nicest things they did was send all the old surly babushkas to the garden !!!!!!! Nice video dude.

Alex : Nice video. The two nice footage at the beginning and end are cool. Moscow seems a wonderful City, let's hope I'll have the possibilities to visit it soon!

Sweta Singh : Finally a Trip Report I've been waiting for!!! Thanks very much QFS Aviation!! I love Aeroflot


INF3CTION : Ryanairrrrrr Sucks alot I rather fly aeroflot People fly Ryanair Because they just dont caaare

Stu : Thanks mr s, what a beast the 777-300 is, that engine roar ❤️ the wingflex. Interesting go-around, almost touch down. Some flight attendants ask that because certain companies are quite funny about filming. The airline I was crew on was the same, not supposed to film crew or take pictures. Normally filming out the windows is ok. But is dependant on airline I think, I find some more relaxed than others.

brad toomer : I love flying international. I get to sleep the whole way there & back 😂

William Vega : Enjoy the videos, just when you show the windows you always mention, the side and if the window is clean or dirty, well if you keep putting your hand on it, guess what now the window is dirty.

Arkadiusz AGDAN : I do think that Aeroflot Russian airlines and Lot Polish Arline is the best Central and eastern and north Europe Arline.Must say I love Lot and Aeroflot staff uniforms look elegant classic and classy I can fly with them anytime

JJ Skippy : Nice! LOL at that PewDiePie T-Series disstrack!

todd : What are those yellow advertising spots called on your timeline? Because the 8 that you have aren't enough.

Logan Donnelly : 23:19 Could someone translate the narration, because this looks weird as hell.

Ярослав Храпов : Hello! I am from Russia, live in Ryazan, it is about 300 km from Moscow! That’s great trip report! Welcome to Russia, my friend! I hope you’re enjoying Moscow! Greetings from Russia!)

Jurassic Aviator : I like those savage dance moves in the beginning and I think Putin really wants aeroflot to stop flying to the USA because America is the main enemy and it seems pointless to fly people there and also cargo airlines as well

brad toomer : QFS vlogs coming soon

Daniel Hoops : It’s descent bruh. Descent* 😂

Ross Schultz : Excellent video. Really enjoyed the finishing touch, the Moscow tour!!

jessica swanson : Nice video and nice pictures that you posted from Russia on Instagram and I thought they were strict on filming in Russia like China no and the food looked and I hope it did taste delicious not to scare you or anything like that

xavier lacorne : good reporting...i like GE 90's sound ! ....nice ....and Aeroflot is one of the best company !:)...did you know why a go around arrival in Moscow?

Nick S : Nice video broski. I like the Aeroflot livery, theyve always had a classic and elegant design. Btw, that was quite a late go-around!

Andrey Dmitriev : Эй, Квентин, а ты по-русски понимаешь? 😏

jamani1086 : i remember following this flight on flight radar, you had the go around in moscow.

michael sharp : who did u travel with

Memeboi 46 : I knew it u were russian because ur lastname is soloviev

Феруз Рахматуллаев : 5:42 what airline is it?

Coke Cans And Winglets : Great report as usual, by the way what uncultured swine in business class is clapping for landing lmao

Andrew Evans : Nice language at the beginning you used, (sarcasm) other than that great video as always!

DL Brittain : that one dude was kinda strange, looking at you....

Max van den Berg : What airline is that 13:50

Jeffrey Oppenheim : Do u have a job or just live off of mommy n daddy

The Rolling Bear : Amazing trip report

Tom Jardine : Is Aeroflot safe?

Rocky Mountain Aviation : 1:54 hahahahah I love it

Adam Fowler : Wow, finally found this amazing channel, great video, great content, seems like Aeroflot has a fantastic sense of service! Really great content, liked and subscribed!

Plastic Utensil : Cool! Have you ever been to Wilmington nc before?

Neil Morris : No mood lighting in economy then.

Timotheus : That lasagna part..LOL😂😂

Jon Brown : Did you get much snow at your house? Thank you for the sightseeing.