I interviewed someone who got blacklisted from animation and they told me some stuff

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Corrections thus far: 1. The part about MeMow being based on Killer Queen is probably wrong. I didn't get that from my source, it was just a rumor floating around online that tied into my point. It's possible, but the part 4 anime wasn't out yet so the kid would have had to have been reading the manga, which is less likely. 2. I contacted my source again to ask them to provide me with any corrections or clarifications they thought are worth pointing out and was told the following: "You said Alex handed ducktales off to terrace, but really what is a bit more accurate is that he took over ducktales from already established showrunner Matt youngberg (who is also a pushover) so that he could place terrace as director there and then he fucked off to go work at fox, terrace only had to be a director there for six months so she could get handed her own show. and also Robertryan corey wasn't Alex's friend when he first hired him for gravity falls, he mainly hired him because he had seen some drawings of his of some zombies and wanted him on board for the scary-oke episode. Phil Rynda tried to warn him not to hire Corey, who already had a reputation of being completely unemployable, but he's such a kissass that Alex ended up keeping him on permanently."


Creepy Old Man : Look, you can throw as many “accusations” as you want, but until I see a semblance of proof or evidence, then I’m gonna have to treat this as gossip.

jiidee : You know these allegations would hold a bit more weight if they weren't peppered in with a bunch of personal attacks, general vitriol and insults. Kinda hard to take your points seriously when you clearly have an axe to grind and this supposed source is evidently feeding your biases.

Ozzy Cat : You realize connections has always been a big part of animation right? Tv animation at least. A lot of the older show runners will tell you you don't really 'need' college you just have to have skills and know the right people, or have the right people find you.

Nicksonn Conn : I want to be honest I don't believe many of the accusations you made in this video are credible. I understand that this industry is extremely shady, but the constant use of rumors really discourages me. It is obvious you wanted to make a breaking piece and present it as factual using the insider source; however, the numerous uncredible rumors broke me from the video. I enjoyed this piece and I trust you did have a source. I just have a bad feeling from how this was written. I could recommend leaving the sourced parts and rumor parts at different ends of the video, instead of all together, making it feel uncomfortable and breaking the flow of the video.

sorry im lame : Rebecca Sugar is so brave for breaking the stereotypes and being a female sexual predator

Holly l : Just a quick list of storyboarders/directors who stayed on past the first season despite this supposed purge of all the artists: Elizabeth Ito Adam Muto Bert Youn Patrick McHale Niki Yang Larry Leichliter (left soon after the second season, has had an animation career since the 70s, worked on nearly all of the charlie brown cartoons, nearly all classic nicktoons, and several don bluth films) Kent Osborne Cole Sanchez Ako Castuera People who left because they were, according to this video, not fit to work on a cartoon: Armen Mirzaian (He died.) Luther McLaurin (In the animation industry for over a decade and has worked on several classic nicktoons, including Rugrats and Rocket Power) J. G. Quintel (Left to work on his own shows, including Regular Show) Sean Jimenez (worked on movies like the Iron Giant/Pocahontas/The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Pete Browngardt (Left to work on his own shows, including Uncle Grandpa) Where is this mass purge? When did this happen? Can you give some actual names or a real source? You are aware the majority of shows, both live action and animated, will change staff between seasons? This isn't some sort of failing on anyone's part, it just means they left to do other things and new people were hired.

Ollie Smallwood : "concerning as it is that anonymous accusers can slander people with no evidence"

Isabelle : Prove it give us evidence

Patrick Blanchette : Being an aspiring creator myself. I find it hard to believe that a creator would sleep in their office while working on their passion project. This sound like nothing more than slander.

Serious Taco : This sounds more like shit talking rather than insider knowledge.

Kendall Geary : haha, I had a good chuckle at the sarcasm of the end joke. but the rest of the video was pretty hard to sit through because you forgot the #1 rule of writing an argument: never offend the audience you're trying to pull over to your side while I know this is just a report (albeit with minimal supporting evidence), it still seems like you're trying to make a case here. sprinkling in jokes about how women shouldn't be in the industry or sugar's gender won't help your case at all, even if it's just your video style. the instant you offend someone they won't be joining your side. sometimes a fact is rough and hard to swallow, yes, but joking about these things will just rub people the wrong way and certainly won't help. edit: oop, should'a realized he's likely troll and probably looking to trigger people instead of making an argument r/woooosh

Pokesie : >stole a kid's character and put it in the show yeah that's totally stealing not,,, yknow,,, putting a kid's fan character in the show and even using their original drawing as the title card,,

Volatile Carbon : Hollywood in general is quite incestuous and based on sexual favors so I can sort of believe that some of this might have some truth but honestly it all sounds like shit talking to me.

Elan' : I've worked on and off in animation and I would've heard at least some of this shit by now. Although I agree, animators often date each other. Some positions, you have to work overtime. When it's crunch time it's crunch time. And that doesn't give you time to meet people outside of work. Most people I know who work in the industry who are married, are married to someone who works in the industry. And they probably worked with each other at some point. Similar interests plus, similar love for the work, and similar problems with the work. (But what job doesn't have problems) And the reason why your friends hire you is because they know they get along with you, and they do good work. That's how it is. You make connections, you don't act like a dick and your friends will recommend you. It's a small industry. If you act like a dick, word can get around and you might not get any work. I know I can't work at some places because of how my attitude was when I was younger and some of the people who saw that are now in higher positions. But most likely, your source acted like a dick. You make it all sound like it's some kind of weird orgy.

OKJ : Funny how the creators of Teen Titans Go!, possibly the most generally hated western cartoon, are seemingly completely innocent, while the creators of such "beloved" cartoons are outed as sexual predators and the like.

Dan Deh : I find it hard to believe that Mighty Magiswords got canceled because Kyle Carrozza is white. He's an entirely different can of worms, and it doesn't surprise me to see his show get the plug pulled.

Heather ryder : I was an intern for Penwald before adventure time got big, 2007 or 08. He's a nice (very laid back) guy and yes his art style is very similar to others but that's just par for the course in this industry. unfortunately, nepotism (friends hiring friends, family hiring family etc...) is horribly common in the animation industry and it makes it hard for an outsider to break in.

William Rooks : Not to shit on the legitimacy of your totally rad and entirely credible video and all, but wasn't the character of Memow submitted by, and voiced by a literal child simply to make that little kids day? What's that? You didn't even bother to look at the Wikia page on the character before using it as an argument against an animator you dislike for nearly two minutes of your video? This is the quality that we love from our boi EzPz. Truly the critic of a generation.

Aydan Draws : Aren't you talking about Luke Weber? Luke Weber was (allegedly) "blacklisted" from the animation industry, because he's a pain in the ass to work with plus threatened to assault a woman. Plus he was creepy af to Alex Hirsch girl friend. Which is probs why this whole thing sounds like a revenge fantasy against Alex

TheAutistWhisperer : Let me guess, was he blacklisted for having the "wrong opinion"?

Andrea Oded : the more i watch this video the more it becomes apparent that you have a lot of negative energy that you are projecting on these animators you don't even know personally. it really seems like you are attacking these people personally over their personal sexual business instead of critiquing the direction of the animation. and it sounds like you have a lot of sexual frustration.

Rainos62 : 1. your source is blacklisted and is not willing to reveal themselves is sketchy because if your blacklisted, it means you can NEVER work in that industry again and it makes it harder to believe by itself 2. that person may have been blacklisted for a reason and may be making stuff up for revenge. 3. If it was as chaotic as you make it sound the show would not even be able to function let alone produce an episode in a timely manner and adventure time had a very timely schedule. 4. This feels more like gossip from 4chan than real truths

Sam Mecham : This is all made up from the background of EZ PZ having rant and gossip videos especially twords the animation industry but most importantly why would you go to EZ PZ first if you wanted your story of being blacklisted to be public and why wouldn’t EZ PZ make this up to stir up controversy to grow from a tiny Chanel

jayjay89568956 : It is very well known in the animation community that a big part of the production staff was not just friends pendleton hired, but a big part of production was previous people who worked on The Misadventures of Flapjack; not just friends pen hired just for the sake of getting them on board. I didn't watch the rest of the video yet because it's really fucking long, but I just wanted to say that this claim that the storyboard writers/staff for AT are inexperienced and new is just *absolutely wrong*

wales doesnt suck : Rebecca Sugars face actually pisses me off

ViolentSmoker : Aw. Did some Ivy league piece of garbage not get along with actual artists? Shocker. What politically motivated tripe. Good lord could you be more butthurt about the "gay kiss" you mention half a dozen times for no apparent reason? Come out of the closet already.

Nicolás Stegmayer : Ok, the steven bomb bit. Yes, its a cheap gimmick but you are CLEARLY putting your opinion on this one. Like it or not, steven universe's fandom its pretty big and people do like it. CN wouldn't let the show run for so long if it was that bad. They wouldn't made games, merchandise, tv spots or A MOVIE if noone actually liked the show. Also about the adventure time creator stealing shit... The horse is... not enough to consider it theft. And memow, i can just imagine him doing it because it was a sweet gesture but not thinking about legal ramifications and all that. What? thats only my assumption? well a lot of the video's points are made only by assumptions. so yeah. PS: also, the fact that you say that your source fabricates rumors to discourage people from working with this companies.... yeah, that doesnt sound like a trust worthy source

Madison Taylor : Assuming any of this is true, its no wonder this kind of attitude from your "source" got them blacklisted. Team dynamic is arguably more important than any one individuals raw talent in animation studios, theres a reason its a pipeline, so yes, people will hire their buddies, because they know they get along. Second, your homophobia and sexism doesnt really.. lend any credentials to an unbiased information leak here. Third, theres nothing really wrong with being scouted from your social media, I was brought onto a startup game studio because of my social media, I have no formal art training, and in this day and age you dont really need a college education to be good at art, theres enough resources online to learn from. And of course, last but not least, theres not a single artist that has worked across all those shows. So your source is bs or lying to you. Take like 15 minutes to fact check.

roodley poodley doodley : Pretty half baked high school tier gossip. Even if there's some truth in here you come off as incoherent and unlikeable and your arguments degrade in quality really quickly over the runtime of the video

Ditzy Blonde : But they say *WHEN IN DOUBT, WHIP IT OUT*

Silver77cyn : There is no way any of this could be true....can anyone list a source that confirms or denies any of this?

Rotsuoy : I genuinely believed a lot of this video until it slowly boiled into 90% defamation. You can criticize someone without defaming them. I've seen tons of youtube channels that do just that all the time, including Fredrik Knudsen's Down the Rabbit Hole series. Most of this video consisted of defamation and claiming to have an inside source without valid proof. Even without outing the person it's entirely possible to give the evidence needed. Honestly, you could even fake evidence in the form of email but even that wasn't done for this video.

Pixeleighted : Look, if you have all these lofty claims, please have at least a minuscule piece of evidence to support them, or an actual interviewee willing to stand behind their experiences. I have no choice other than to be extremely skeptic of these claims. You didn't even try and back them up.

eduardo beltran : I mean, does anyone else feel this video reeks of hypocrisy to his Mr. Enter video.

Oof Moof : I’d like sources of these occurrences, please. I’d wholeheartedly believe you, but without any form of citing I find it hard to. I’m aware that this is from an insider who was blacklisted, but even something to help shed some truth on these statements would be useful.

Unicorn Tsuki NC : This video is so bias I can feel it with my hands.

TorridPrime217 : Ok, so obviously there's some backlash to this video, which prompted me to do some digging of my own, and what I found [my primary source being a desuarchive discussion board, so you can imagine the headache] is that the man interviewed is named Luke Weber, creator of the 'Bikini Cowgirl' graphic novel, and he apparently hasn't been blacklisted from the industry, but presumably said he did in an attempt to sway suspicion towards him to keep him from getting blacklisted [good luck with that] From what I saw he's apparently something of a creep who can be hard to work with sometimes and did some self-shipping artwork of him and Pearl from SU, as well as pursuing a romantic interest with one of his coworkers and apparently projecting that onto Pearl. Alright, fair enough; so he's a creep and is probably saying all of this because he's bitter towards everyone else. *_HOWEVER_*, throughout the discussion board I couldn't find any sources that could debunk the claims of the other people; literally all I could find were linked sources confirming some stuff about Weber, NOTHING debunking any claims about everyone getting a job because they've all dated each other or Alex Hirsch's alleged STD or whatever. So at best all that's confirmed is Weber's identity and that he's not too clean himself. But that doesn't mean that he's lying; he may be a slimy sewer rat with tons of his own $#@%, but everyone's $#@% ends up in the sewer eventually, so its only inevitable that he'd bring some of it with him, I'm just saying. I don't know how much of this is exaggerated [although I highly suspect Hirsch's pooping in a bucket is fabricated, at best just a running joke coworkers had that was never actually true] but in regards to not hiring people who are better qualified, given the 'quality' of Steven Universe I am inclined to believe that there is an amount of unprofessionalism going on and people who work there are having fun more than actually making cartoons of better quality [Illumination Pictures apparently treats it's staff incredibly well, but on the other hand its still Illumination Pictures we're talking about, so at least take that into consideration] From what I'm seeing in the comments section, this video confirms what a lot of people have been saying for the last few years. Its most likely not a horror story, but i doubt the industry at present is anything to be all that proud of. Oh, and as for the LGBT stuff which a lot of people have problem with EZ addressing? While he does seem to go a little too far with being edgy in criticizing the inclusion of the social politics, most of it in modern cartoons aren't even handled well; its just put there for brownie points and then usually handled rather badly [again I point to SU as an example] Is it a step in the right direction? Absolutely, or at least I think so; but I won't delude myself into thinking that its anything more than it actually is; a step. And that's all they've taken thus far. I final note I'd like to leave you all with; https://youtu.be/qXyBldEJCds. Don't give up on better cartoons; don't rely on other people to make better cartoons. If we want better cartoons out there; then WE have to MAKE better cartoons. #LetsMakeANewGoldenAge

Marbles471 : Yeah. I guarantee that all of this is, at minimum, 75% nonsense. And the remaining 25% is probably presented in a laughably misleading and disingenuously salacious light.

aR Ja : I'll save you 30 minutes and sum up the video. A 30yo slavic virgin goes fights through pronouncing a bunch of hard s's to drone on about work place politics in an industry he doesn't work in.

Bongo Bongo : I don't know man.... Most of this video's information doesn't quite sound legit.

Cody Jinn : So there's two sides to the person being black listed if this story is indeed true. For the people arguing why not just reveal who it is because it won't matter? Well for starters if the person asked to not be revealed, there's a breach of privacy, plus you're telling me salty little fans wouldn't witch hunt them for daring to slander the creators of their favorite shows. This day and age asking people to act like grown ups isn't going to work all that well if at all. We're already seeing that with other cases. As for the other argument, well...Yeah, they're blacklisted. Who cares if people know who it is, what are they going to do, not hire them again? Though in this day and age...And with all the stupidity going around and the straight up self destruction some people are striving for...It wouldn't surprise me if all these allegations are true.

Silver Bubble : Why are SU fans reeing everywhere? ezpz vids dont usually get that much salt

FORTNITE IS TRASH : rebecca sugar looks like someone you easily want to fight.

Robert Cantu : Everything is taken with a grain of salt, but this doesn't seem far-fetched. Consider the type of people that work on these projects.

Slimer 69 : My dad works at Nintendo the video

Owl Face : This whole video was a load of bollocks.

Dillon Herrero : There are some interesting tidbits about the industry that I didn't know about in this video, but damn dude, you clearly hate every show that has come out in the last decade and you mix in strong opinions into facts in such an asinine way. You clearly have some issues against women and LGBTQ in general and it prevents you from speaking on the topics at hand in any sort of objective manner. You seem quite passionate on these topics, but your hate for others gets in the way of you making any good points along the way.

Anarchy : Even if all these things are true, which all sound very possible except maybe the STD chain, not being able and/or willing to disclose any sources or even the location where one of your sources has posted "publically" elsewhere, goes far to invalidate all of it.

Los : Wow you actually know nothing about animation, thinking Memow is a killer queen reference and referring to bean mouth as Cal arts style