I interviewed someone who got blacklisted from animation and they told me some stuff

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DigbyTheGoat : As someone who wants to get into the industry, this is deeply deeply troubling. At least I can make my independent shit online.

Creepy Old Man : Look, you can throw as many “accusations” as you want, but until I see a semblance of proof or evidence, then I’m gonna have to treat this as gossip.

Soupman Stevens : There are legitimate criticisms to be had with the animation industry but you keep going off on random tirades about SjWs ArE aDdInG iN LiBeRaL pRoPagAnDa and shit like that which just give away your preconceived biases. I want to know who you interviewed because it sounds like they were blacklisted for a reason lmao

The Man With Nothing To Offer : Well most of this sounds like fake news....

Yee Yaw : I feel bad for the people who believe this is fact

Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid : EVERYTHING mentioned in this video is shit that I have said for years and one of the big reasons I tell people not to apply for CN jobs. I wasn't trying to discourage them but given the history and patterns that CN has with it's staff, I knew it would be a waste of time since they don't actually *HIRE* people but rather just recycle people they know from show to show. I called this shit out LAST YEAR when I saw the line up of the 2017-2018 line up, and it was just people who had worked on new shows. The only new show that CN has that sort of breaks this, even though they could be considered alum at this point given how many shows they've worked on, is Megaman which is headed by Man of Action (MoA). HOWEVER, of all the new shows THIS is possibly one of the best and is given the shit treatment of being only aired at 6 am on SUNDAYS while CN clogs up their airways with the usual shit we are known for them to do. I also knew about the Tumblr shit as well. I knew they were hiring Tumblr artist based on their FOLLOWINGS and POPULARITY, mostly connected to what they said that was flavor-of-the-day on the site, and NOT for their skill. I actually contacted someone who worked on a CN show about 3-4 years ago and gave them a link to what was at the time my art Tumblr which only had a few things on it. The 'suggestion' he gave me was that the lines were too thick and things were too detailed. That's all he said, no other pointers or suggestions. Now...'the lines were too thick and things were too detailed' Take that in.....look at everything that airs on CN right now. And yeah, it's only about the style THEY want, not about actual TALENT. But yeah, been there done that. Saw this shit coming on Tumblr all the way back in 2010. And like I said; I knew kids don't like Steven Universe. The show has nothing for them and is just 15 minuets of a boy crying along with this dumb-ass shit rocks. Compare this to a show like Ladybug, Avatar, or something as simple as Ben 10 (the original) Boy and girls flocked to these shows because they had action, story, cool looking characters, but most of all ACTION. Steven Universe looks ugly, avoids actions, tries to put off its one-lines as comedy and has absolutely NO STORY thanks in part to the crew not knowing how to construct anything given the only thing they care about is showing off how gay these fucking rocks are. The biggest defenders of SU are older teens and adults all the while kids either hate it or don't even know it exist. Sugar can hide behind the whole 'IT'S FOR KIDS' thing all she wants but she knows. She fucking knows. But Jesus. I still want to be a storyboard artist. I still want to be a story writer but....WHY? Why are they letting people like this in? They obviously don't care about animation as a means of art or telling a story, they just pile in a massive circle jerk of shit and with the exception of one or two shows, make ABSOLUTE SHIT. Just...god fucking damn it. And as a final note, the WiA hole is growing larger. My experience with them was shit but holy fuck I had no idea it was going that far. Auuuuuurgh, I don't know whether to be numb, angry but we need to do something. We need something to change the tide to get this shit together.

Rainos62 : 1. your source is blacklisted and is not willing to reveal themselves is sketchy because if your blacklisted, it means you can NEVER work in that industry again and it makes it harder to believe by itself 2. that person may have been blacklisted for a reason and may be making stuff up for revenge. 3. If it was as chaotic as you make it sound the show would not even be able to function let alone produce an episode in a timely manner and adventure time had a very timely schedule. 4. This feels more like gossip from 4chan than real truths

Sofie Petersen : I really don't like the homophobic vibes from this video. I don't see anything wrong with there being a gay kiss if there can be a straight one. It's the same thing

Patrick Blanchette : Being an aspiring creator myself. I find it hard to believe that a creator would sleep in their office while working on their passion project. This sound like nothing more than slander.

roodley poodley doodley : Pretty half baked high school tier gossip. Even if there's some truth in here you come off as incoherent and unlikeable and your arguments degrade in quality really quickly over the runtime of the video

Aki F : I think mainstream western animation is dead now...

RecklessFire29 : "Guys totally believe me that my source is credible and not someone I made up. Also Bubbline, the thing they've been hinting at for years now? Yeah that was just something some SJW animator tacked on at the very end. BUT I'M TOTALLY NOT LYING IT'S ALL THE SJWS BELIEVE ME.".

Holly l : Why do you think going to a 4 year university and getting a BFA in animation counts as unqualified? What makes someone qualified to work on a cartoon if not a strong portfolio and a degree in that subject?

SagooBoy : I honestly don't know what to think of this. How can one judge someone on what goes on behind the scenes if there is little to no evidence of what the accusations are? What if the accusers are just jealous of these artists successes and feel validated to accuse them of wrong doing? There is always two sides to every story, and whatever I achieved so far in this industry had nothing to do with nepotism or a big social media following(I don't have that many =P), it's because having a good outlook and woking your ass off in the end will bring you what you want. Some people might achieve things alot earlier than you, but that doesn't mean it's the end. It's game over when you give up all together. I'll ignore the drama and blaze my own path. And FYI, Ian Jones Quartly has worked in animation since 2006 in NY. His relationship with Rebecca Sugar has nothing to do with what success has brought him thus far.

Swoonpoon : This video summed up: bitter man spreads false rumours and accusations about studios that he burned his own bridges to

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : If you're an aspiring animator, don't let this discourage you! Knowing the right people is important in many industries. Not having those connections however, will never mean a dead end. Don't let anything stop you; your goal is never out of reach. Edit: Y'all, I just said nothing is completely impossible, I never said it wouldn't be difficult. It's just this video was so exaggeratedly negative and discouraging that I felt something should be said.

Aydan Draws : Aren't you talking about Luke Weber? Luke Weber was (allegedly) "blacklisted" from the animation industry, because he's a pain in the ass to work with plus threatened to assault a woman. Plus he was creepy af to Alex Hirsch girl friend. Which is probs why this whole thing sounds like a revenge fantasy against Alex

Pillows Are Cool : LGBT Propaganda? God forbid a group of people be represented in cartoons so that kids can see they are regular people. Everything you described is so unrealistic.

Marbles471 : Yeah. I guarantee that all of this is, at minimum, 75% nonsense. And the remaining 25% is probably presented in a laughably misleading and disingenuously salacious light.

Katie Frank : After watching the entire video it seems to me that this dude has serious issues against women (and gays), and a major grudge about being fired (and not getting laid while everyone else was); just another bitter, petty incel who invents high school-ish drama to make up for their obvious lack of talent.

Takedrugskillabear : You raise some good points, but the fact you refuse to mention your source makes it hard to accept all of it, even if some points collaborate with what's going on. The source has already been blacklisted from the industry, what have they got to lose from being mentioned?

Pokesie : >stole a kid's character and put it in the show yeah that's totally stealing not,,, yknow,,, putting a kid's fan character in the show and even using their original drawing as the title card,,

cat soup : this reeks of "my dad who works at Nintendo told me-..." also lol at all of the homophobia and sexism in the comments, it's a really good look. you're so lazy you couldn't even get a friend to pretend to be the supposed source and just edit their voice.

KingArthur13th : I can't believe people are actually taking this seriously.

jiidee : You know these allegations would hold a bit more weight if they weren't peppered in with a bunch of personal attacks, general vitriol and insults. Kinda hard to take your points seriously when you clearly have an axe to grind and this supposed source is evidently feeding your biases.

Dante : Plot twist: the person who contacted EZ is Rebecca Sugar.

JOE SANCHEZ : this video is uber biased and narrow minded. pure clickbait crap. i only have one question....WHY THIS GUY WAS BLACKLISTED? seriously, why. i ask because, knowing that, we would know his real intentions when he decided to share info with the author of this video. what if the guy is simply bittered and hates the industry, and does this in search for revenge? who is this guy? where he worked? why should we believe him. if he was a real victim, and is blacklisted, which means he cant work on any animation company anymore....WHY REMAIN ANNONYMOUS? it's not like he will ever be unlisted, so...yeah....why give a damn about his identity anymore? sorry, but, if DON BLUTH has nothing but good things to say about animation industry, even after all his mishpas on said industry....i don't think your anomynous "deep throat" character must be believed. sorry, it is basic journalism, HAVE RELIABLE SOURCES, AND CHECK YOUR SOURCES. to me, this is a guy who got fired, and now he is playing the victim and searching revenge by giving the industry a bad name, and yes, it's as stupid as it sounds.

Elan' : I've worked on and off in animation and I would've heard at least some of this shit by now. Although I agree, animators often date each other. Some positions, you have to work overtime. When it's crunch time it's crunch time. And that doesn't give you time to meet people outside of work. Most people I know who work in the industry who are married, are married to someone who works in the industry. And they probably worked with each other at some point. Similar interests plus, similar love for the work, and similar problems with the work. (But what job doesn't have problems) And the reason why your friends hire you is because they know they get along with you, and they do good work. That's how it is. You make connections, you don't act like a dick and your friends will recommend you. It's a small industry. If you act like a dick, word can get around and you might not get any work. I know I can't work at some places because of how my attitude was when I was younger and some of the people who saw that are now in higher positions. But most likely, your source acted like a dick. You make it all sound like it's some kind of weird orgy.

Alex Meneses : 1. ofc you need to know people thats how it is anywhere 2. Ofc i will hire a friend who went to the same legit school as me, know very well to draw and put the work in, and has experience and years of drawing. I will hire them over looking for someone else like why would i find anyone else when my friend has the qualifications and more 3. A simple google search is all one needs to counter about almost everything you’ve said 4. Why are you believing all this from one person? The whole schpiel is cray cray and funny but jeez 5. This anonymous person must be either pretty imaginative or full of shit

Bobby S : Wow, this video went from exposing some people's personal problems to shitting on shows he doesn't like with no legitimate basis for his criticisms, I feel like I should be shocked but I'm not. There's absolutely 0 proof for any of his remarks and he keeps acting like his statements about things like Steven's viewership and "using tumblr like a help wanted add" are facts, when really they're absolute shit with no substance. Maybe consider making videos not filled with a toxic amount of bias and give people a legitimate reason to believe ANYTHING you say?

Pajamapants Jack : Wow they even called it Steven Bomb like yeah your show should have bombed

Yasmina El : I mean no offense to anyone im not an animator but I like both AT and SU. They're really cool. Also I don't understand when he said "they don't want to admit that hiring women-i mean hiring sugar, is a mistake." Uuuhhh Okay man just cause you can't get the job isn't because women have stole it from you. Pathetic

Ozzy Cat : You realize connections has always been a big part of animation right? Tv animation at least. A lot of the older show runners will tell you you don't really 'need' college you just have to have skills and know the right people, or have the right people find you.

Mason Rossiter : How did I know this EZ PZ video would have no credibility before I even clicked on it? Crazy...

William Rooks : Not to shit on the legitimacy of your totally rad and entirely credible video and all, but wasn't the character of Memow submitted by, and voiced by a literal child simply to make that little kids day? What's that? You didn't even bother to look at the Wikia page on the character before using it as an argument against an animator you dislike for nearly two minutes of your video? This is the quality that we love from our boi EzPz. Truly the critic of a generation.

sorry im lame : Rebecca Sugar is so brave for breaking the stereotypes and being a female sexual predator

DreamDragonDream : seems like your "source" is just butthurt.

Kela : Honestly, his disrespectful language and biases just stop me from considering his point. I can't take somone's reasoning seriously if they are just disrespectfully atacking everything they dislike every 2 minutes instead of making their point. I find it deeply disturbing the way he uses this "facts" as an excuse to let his homophobia, misogyny and general biases run wild. Honestly, people sleeping around or wanting to include something they care about in the show they work is okay and kinda normal. Hiring just the people you sleep with or just your friends isn't okay, but hiring someone you know because they would be good at the job and they are qualified isn't bad.

ViolentSmoker : Aw. Did some Ivy league piece of garbage not get along with actual artists? Shocker. What politically motivated tripe. Good lord could you be more butthurt about the "gay kiss" you mention half a dozen times for no apparent reason? Come out of the closet already.

Nom du Clavier : Having same-sex relationships isn't an agenda. Or any more sexual than any other relationship. Also: women are rumoured to have 'slept their way to the top' all the time, and white men are not likely to feel persecuted than others, so they're not exactly objective.

Bob MiLaplace : SO that is why American animation seemed to be have lost overarching plots. I felt that anime tended to be more by the numbers but told a story. I thought after the 90's they stopped hiring authors and just randomly created episodes without an plot behind it. Like Iyashikei written by nihilists and misantropes. Ive heard most anime began as manga/doujin so most of the characters, plotlines where already there. Its like American animation has become Anime's retarded austistic brother.

47Cartoonguy : a storyboard artist who worked on one of these shows just confirmed that everything in this video is a lie

Holly l : Just a quick list of storyboarders/directors who stayed on past the first season despite this supposed purge of all the artists: Elizabeth Ito Adam Muto Bert Youn Patrick McHale Niki Yang Larry Leichliter (left soon after the second season, has had an animation career since the 70s, worked on nearly all of the charlie brown cartoons, nearly all classic nicktoons, and several don bluth films) Kent Osborne Cole Sanchez Ako Castuera People who left because they were, according to this video, not fit to work on a cartoon: Armen Mirzaian (He died.) Luther McLaurin (In the animation industry for over a decade and has worked on several classic nicktoons, including Rugrats and Rocket Power) J. G. Quintel (Left to work on his own shows, including Regular Show) Sean Jimenez (worked on movies like the Iron Giant/Pocahontas/The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Pete Browngardt (Left to work on his own shows, including Uncle Grandpa) Where is this mass purge? When did this happen? Can you give some actual names or a real source? You are aware the majority of shows, both live action and animated, will change staff between seasons? This isn't some sort of failing on anyone's part, it just means they left to do other things and new people were hired.

waywardchicle : this would been a good video if you just admitted this is your opinion instead of hiding behind a supposed source. even if agree in general in many of the point you made I can't help but dislike how you choose to present all the points. if this source is true, you ruined your delivery completely, you sounded really off and it just makes this video seems like you want to validate your opinions with a false source, it just makes you look cowardly and afraid of the backlash this video might bring...

Quixotic_Dragon : haha, I had a good chuckle at the sarcasm of the end joke. but the rest of the video was pretty hard to sit through because you forgot the #1 rule of writing an argument: never offend the audience you're trying to pull over to your side while I know this is just a report (albeit with minimal supporting evidence), it still seems like you're trying to make a case here. sprinkling in jokes about how women shouldn't be in the industry or sugar's gender won't help your case at all, even if it's just your video style. the instant you offend someone they won't be joining your side. sometimes a fact is rough and hard to swallow, yes, but joking about these things will just rub people the wrong way and certainly won't help. edit: oop, should'a realized he's likely troll and probably looking to trigger people instead of making an argument r/woooosh

TheAutistWhisperer : Let me guess, was he blacklisted for having the "wrong opinion"?

Tucker Monticelli : This is all obviously bullshit. Like, someone is mad they either didn't get a job or were fired. Both adventure Time and Steven universe are well selling series with very hard working animators. If they were both "bad" there wouldn't be massive fan bases and merchandise. This video also comes off as very homophobic and rude ( retarded isn't acceptable in this decade dude) also this is all slanderous and I hope you get sued. Good luck. I'm flagging it.

Madison Taylor : Assuming any of this is true, its no wonder this kind of attitude from your "source" got them blacklisted. Team dynamic is arguably more important than any one individuals raw talent in animation studios, theres a reason its a pipeline, so yes, people will hire their buddies, because they know they get along. Second, your homophobia and sexism doesnt really.. lend any credentials to an unbiased information leak here. Third, theres nothing really wrong with being scouted from your social media, I was brought onto a startup game studio because of my social media, I have no formal art training, and in this day and age you dont really need a college education to be good at art, theres enough resources online to learn from. And of course, last but not least, theres not a single artist that has worked across all those shows. So your source is bs or lying to you. Take like 15 minutes to fact check.

D. Sub. : I fail to see how gay kisses are a problem? May I ask why you consider it "propaganda"? Are you one of those idiots that think seeing gay kisses on t.v. makes children gay? Got some repressed emotions bud?

Jared Berlin : Your argument against the disorder and nepotistic tendencies of the artists and network are completely undermined by your blatant discomfort and personal rhetoric against anything homosexual or "agenda/representation based creativity." To hire off of social media outlets is perfectly fine, many companies do this as this is how you add new talent in an ever-changing industry..... although some screening/supervising procedures for the sake of the continuity of the story would be preferable I personally have no qualms in terms of what representation comes out at the end. representation happens. Artists will be artists. People want to fill the world with what they feel relatable with. If u don't feel the same you don't have to watch. What you value does exist and is out there, maybe not on cartoon network, but I'm sure it does. And! if doesn't, i suggest you begin to work on that, although be warned. some youtuber may make a video about your values and use their rhetoric to claim how awful you are just as you have done now. The whole Lets point at (blank) group that feels marginalized action your propagating is a cycle. The artist responds to this pointing out this action then further creates the content u already are pointing fingers at in the first place. Why pursue a dialogue based on the need to disavow/speak discontent with people desiring to identify by gender/sexual affiliation factors, which btw I'm not a fan of, but it's their choice to find themselves in their own way. Having a problem with it like this and creating basically "hate art" to create some weird sense of balance of values or whatever your trying to accomplish.... is actually hurting your cause. Your only going to make more people feel marginalized and double down with the need for representation. This results in further seeking a community and forms of expression within only their designated forms of artistic representation. hence...how this discussion/video probably began. ...Entitlement, representation, what are "real values are." seeing in colors and genders... You're the problem mate. Acceptance of others and a refocus of offense to the actual problems in the hiring procedures, business models, manipulation of assets and an unfocused continuity based on unclear values is the discussion it seems your trying to have....but instead you just have hate speech. Learn to have the honest discussion. If values persist then there are people out there who identify with it and buy it. that's how capitalism works.