Funny Lookin United - Chi City Back! Youtube Gift Box (GoFundBro)

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Daym Drops : *The return of a REAL YOUTUBE LEGEND has just happened. I remember watching the homie back then when YouTube was still trying to find its way. Good to see you back Fam!*

Hyun Choi : i would go to church every Sunday if you were a pastor at my local church

FuNiOnZ : Get money, get paid.

feedyourspeakers : This dude was definitely a building block for YouTube.

MikeDeezy100 : Damn we all getting old af. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago!

qube sauce : WTF was watching your "keep your refrigerator stocked" and clicked your channel and BAM 23 minutes ago new video. Last video posted 6 years ago :O

King Quon The God : 10 YEARS AGO DAMN IM 19 and that video still keep me dying 🤣🤣😂

Nick Peraino : I am so glad you're back. Words can't describe! Notifications have been on forever, and seeing that notification made my day. Keep pushing on, Chi!

Neog2 : You changed the game. You spoke the real, and never sugarcoated it. Kept Us Entertained but always had that positive message.. I remember speaking to you on the phone when you did the whole phone call thing a while back. I Explained how me living vicariously through you changed my way of thinking for the better. I have Been in pretty much all of your live stream Instagram Vids. It is kinda funny in a way though. Everything is beginning to come full circle. You called it when you did the vid on the youtube contracts man. You stopped right before all the crap commercialization started. Now after youtube has been bleeding viewers to other platforms. You are back to take the reins. Stay Up Bro, Ill be supporting and watching.

Mari W : omg.... i remember watching that fridge video when it was new, and I remember being awake that first night not so long ago when you came back and started live-streaming outta the blue and met the guy in the jeep... the memories, dang. And man, 100% on the Motivation Monday. I never expected the kid making that fridge video to turn out to be as amazing a human as you are - all the cool shiz you do for people, and your killer positive attitude... you are everything! I love being a subscriber of your channel. <3

Idxearo : Please monetize your videos this time :P

BrzydkiBurak : donated. my invitation to poland is always open ;)

atomicbrain9401 : 10 years later and my refrigerator is still stocked and now I just stocked that gofundme for the CHI CITY MAYNE

Philippe Augusto Miranda : "when I go to work I don't get mad, I get paid" I still remember. Welcome back chicity!

BONifiedx : Omg! Never clicked notifications this quick. It's been years. Welcome back Mr. Chi City!!

Funk Fox : bro wtf make a patreon how you're not gonna let me throw you five every month

edge mcfledge : You sound so different bro

Edward Cui : An ant doesn't rebuild it's hill alone, we got your back Chi

Padded Rooms : Big bro lives inside his own heart, and it's a big place.

nineteenct : I still keep Kool-Aid twists in the fridge cuz of this man

Jordan W : Does this dude have a blunt in his hand? I definitely didn't think chi city smoked or drank but hey shit changes in 10 years I guess

Zai : I love the ant hill analogy; a great perspective on life. Better get a settlement from that idiot at least 15k lol. Good news is you were not severely injured during the accident.

4 Kidz Entertainment : Bro just share your life on video, that's what everyone always wanted.

I love y'all : It’s been a long time coming my bro. The legend is back baby!


The GEMNATOR : Chi city maaan!!! I’m so excited to see you’re back. Good luck with your journey and thank you for sharing your hardship with such humor and grace. You’re a real example. The refrigerator video led me to your giving away money videos. That was such an inspiration to me! Good luck and we are there with you! Happy anniversary!! (I'm actually happy you're alive)

W!tley : That message was for me. I haven't seen your videos in forever but 30 minutes ago your 'Suburban Bug' video randomly popped in my head so I watched it because I forgot how ODEEEE funny it is.. so after I check to see if you're still active on Youtube ONLY to see that this is your first and most recent upload in years. I wasn't subscribed so i'm not even here by notification..just elite timing lol

Lord Lunacy : very interesting analogy and a wonderful sentiment, however, when is the last time anyone seen an ant hill in the streets of Chicago? come on now.

tskitz : AHHH im so glad I did my biyearly check up on whether this account was still active!! NEW VIDEO! I'ma bout 10 years older since I started wathcing you and I still love your videos

hh155 : Hope you changed your mind on monetizing your videos. You're not selling out by monetizing.. Please make more videos. And show your face its 2018!! Lol

Early 90s : I thought I was tripping then realized I wasn’t tripping welcome back Brodie!! Thank you for time traveling to deliver this message 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️

Bryce P : Bring the caprice back with the heavy duty spring and shock package

zip2kx : U seemed to have gone backwards in life. Sad but hope u do well. Get money get paid.

Add air water : Youtube is killing TV and movie studios. Watch what you want when you want. Thats youtube.

Chloe : I’m listening like ‘please...’. I’m so low that I’m not ready for this message. But I love how hopeful you are, makes me happy for the moment.

Zeth : OMG I was binge watching all your old videos just the other day thinking to myself I wish this brother would come back to Youtube... Hands down the realist and funniest Youtuber in history. But this shit spoke to me, I'm in the process of rebuilding my ant hill at the moment, it's not easy...glad to see you back brother, I shall keep you in my pray. Salue!

anthony cheesman : Lol ive literally been watching his videos since day one 2008 was a hell of a year

John Tom : 213 likes, no dislikes, that's love !

Jason Gorospe : You delete this video imma come for you bro

Dwight Howard : Damn what are the odds. My friend and I were on discord talking about your old videos, and I come here to watch them over again and see you posted again just a week ago!

Alex Rose : Mr Chi City Mayne! The best part of the video was giving popsicles to the little kids while you slept with their mum lol. "they never had the choice between 2 consoles" THE XBOX. OR THE PS3.

Jude D : Shit that was 10 years?! I just had the biggest nostalgia moment. I gotta say you still got heart and you’re still on that same positive vibe, keep em coming man

ta13oo clout cobain : You can probably sell that bag for a new car or truck

LoFiLime : Hell YEAH he's back! I missed you bro, still subbed all these years later, and wait what we driving the same exact car too goddamn! I'mma help the cause in just two days when the dough is in because I feel you mate, the realest of real

bobby j : bro you have the best fanbase.. no matter how long of a break you take, we are all still here. i love it. dont stop making videos, even if you take years off. we'll be here

Mike F : You should create a Paypal and post it in the comment. It would allow individuals to support you directly without having to pay a portion of the donations to GoFundMe.


Mikael : Damn new video. Cant believe its been so long. Was looking through your old videos and I remember them so clearly.

Edwins Generation : a natural speaker! so glad to hear you coming back! wishing you the best, man. that positivity radiates off camera so good - it nearly made love to me! damn

chris jones : Hit dat lil ninja wit a freeze pop