Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

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Liz Dragon : It is so weird to see Andy rap after watching Brooklyin Nine Nine😂😂

Michael Sawyer : Is it just me, or is this an accurate representation of every group project?

Boondock : I listen to this a lot lol....i commented on this 6 years ago, 3 years ago, and today. See you guys in 3 years again if im not dead.

Barokai Rein : I kinda wish the entire song was just Michael Bolton going on about jack sparrow

David Roulston : All I want now is a Michael Bolton cameo in Brooklyn nine nine that somehow references this!

rynzler117 : Many years later, I still think Michael Bolton looks exactly how I imagine Linus's dad from Linus Tech Tips would look like...

MAXwellchikenrice : We need a kickstarter for a Scarface remake starring Michael Bolton.

277imperator : Why did they keep interrupting Michael Bolton? His captain jack rap is epic!!

Xander Lowe : I've (obviously) never met him, but Michael Bolton seems like a legitimately nice guy to be around. The amount of parodies of his own persona he has taken part of really says something about someone of his standing.

Malo Fit : Anyone else watching this in November 2018? #LoveOldSongs

Ulandos : *Jack Sparrow (feat. thelonelyisland) XD

Laura 101 : 2019 anyone ??

Wayne Filkins : When he says "back to the good part" he totally read my mind :D

David Magann : “Infinity War is the greatest crossover of all time.”

Antonio Farina : Me in kingdom hearts 3 in the Pirates of the Caribbean world

JudyRChung : I'm a Jack Sparrow cosplayer and i just really need this song when i enter a convention.

Calebmufcthompson : It makes me sad that The Lonely Island songs aren’t on Brooklyn Nine Nine

Sofi j : anybody watching this in 2019?

blacc beard : I never in my life thought i would hear anyone let alone Michael Bolton sing so passionately the famous Scarface movie line talking about his wife when he said "her womb is polluted". Like i could have lived and died a thousand lifetimes and never thought i'd hear that. My life is now complete.

wolfjedisamuel : Michael Bolton and Lonely Island really _went the distance_ with this track. Honestly, why they didn't use this as the theme song for the _Pirates of the Caribbean_ movie is beyond me? XD

Awsamazing Eden : Still better than the 4th and 5th movies.

Alpha Shadow : Who else is still listening to this in 2019? Also, I watched Scarface for the first time because of this song. It was pretty good.

Jerry Toulouse Pascal : This is one of those songs that you loved when it came out but then you forget about for a while. Then one day you randomly rediscover it and it's epic all over again.

One Lyfe Music : Michael Bolton dressed as Erin Brokovich is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen


AirwaveMusicTV : Michael Bolton is a legend 😂

Não Sei : "Yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the club" LMAO

Tom H. : I have never had more respect for Michael Bolton than after watching this video. Fist bump Mr. Bolton, I never knew you could be this awesome.

Nick G : The makeup on Bolton is something else.

Samuel Koukku : Still gets me laugh! 2019?

Virgin Weezer Fan : Is it weird that this made wanna rewatch all the PotC movies?

laskieg : Heyo! Who's still watching this in 2018, September the 13th 00:35:42 UTC+2?!?!

Joshua Ford : Even though he's an older guy Micheal Bolton is a very handsome man. Edit: Also his parts in the song are my favourites, I watched this over and over again just to hear him sing lol

Karabo Masibi : I only noticed now when he says " you can call me Scareface, snorting mountains of cocaine " someone un the background says "close enough" 😂😂😂

Frazer TGB : when MB says.."Now back to the good part.." ROLF!!

Gaming Neko : my fav parts is bolton. 0:58, 1:38, 2:37

Nathan Drake : Micheal Bolton can sing about anything and make it platinum worthy lol

brb_translations : It's weird how much I dig hearing Andy say "what" in his disappointed and irritated way 😆

Hay Zay : The best thing about is how much you can tell Michael Bolton is having a really good time.

Jeremy Boateng : Who else watched YT Rewind 2018 and rewatched all the old rewind and ended up here from the 2011 rewind?

John Notmylastname : Her womb is polluted....perfect line to put in from that movie.

Ryan Hodros : Scarface the Musical starring Michael Bolton as Tony Montana.

Ian Rogers : Bolton is rocking that eyeliner!

kalisperis : 2:57 That's some nightmare material right there.

Alan Crafton : Michael Bolton owns it!!

Forest Speyer : We just gonna ignore how amazing Michael Boltons voice is?


Drew Freed : aNyOnE wAtChInG iN 2019?!?!

Cappuccino8537 : So here's the good part xD This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate so brave on the seven seas A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga Raven locks sway on the ocean's breeze (Keira Knightley!) (Jack Sparrow!) From the day he was born He yearned for adventure Old Captain Jack Giving them what for He's the pauper of the surf The jester of Tortuga But is Davy Jones' locker What lies in store? Captain Jack Johnny Depp Davy Jones Giant squid - Michael Bolton we're really gonna need you to focus up - Roger that let me try it with another film Life is a box of chocolates and my name is Forrest Gump Though I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed I give Jenny all my love Okay, then I'm a legal aid Erin Brockovich is my name Then you can call me Scarface Snortin' mountains of cocaine You cockroaches wanna play rough? Okay, I'm reloaded! Ha ha! This is the tale of Tony Montana Cubano flame with the Miami nuts Got a basehead wife But her womb is polluted This whole town's a pussy Just waiting to get fucked Just waiting to get fucked! You complete me

ArchetypeGotoh : “Now back to the good part” ~True fact