Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Herbie Hancock Rockit

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"Playlist Best of Herbie Hancock https://goo.gl/FbEfg7 Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/c1CvZ8" Music video by Herbie Hancock performing Rockit. (C) 1984 Sony BMG Music Entertainment #HerbieHancock #Rockit #Vevo #Jazz #OfficialMusicVideo


Releaserr : If this was released today it would be a deep web video

Lord of Flying Monkeys : *The 80's was a weird time...*

Francisco Mariño : _Meanwhile, at Boston Dynamics..._

Airhead Adventure : Man, this Detroit become human game looks great

Glen Miller : Old School right here.. Me and My Homeboys . Break dancin . We were killin it in 7th grade.. way back

itsdonaldo : These machines are probably still moving around in some room.

Dive On Inler : No one: Herbie Hancock: "Go crazy!! Aghhh!! Go stoopid!!"

Logan Cracraft : In the 80s every neighborhood had the "creepy robot house". We all stayed away from the creepy robot house. Even if they were jammin sick tunes. LOL

Moon Chan : I just remembered where my pediophobia (fear of mannequins) comes from.

Brandon : Bro this is freakin me out.

Silent Bethlehem : When I was a kid this video gave me a terrible nightmare.

MrGriff305 : this video is weird.. the song itself is impressive for that time period.. So much variation and good vibe

Ladykyra101 : OMG! I remember watching this as a kid and crying my eyeballs out. It was so scary, like a serial killer's hideout. Jawn gave me nightmares. That, and MJ's Thriller. I hid under the covers while my dad watched that video. Gah, why we're the 80's so 😨. I mean, now I see how innovative these videos were for the time. What a difference maturity makes! LOL! 😀 ....yeah, still creeped out Thriller tho; it's like Walking Dead, The Musical. 😖

Arte Comparte : I want to know what type of drugs they smoked to create this perturbating masterpiece.

Luis Salazar : Quizás uno de los videos mas bizarros y terrorificos de la historia!....

Cobb Knobbler : I love the bird beak skeleton through the broken glass. That guy is dope.

Floating Orb : Fun fact: No electricity was used to obtain these effects. All devices were animated solely through the unholy power of Herbie's fresh beats. Unfortunately, his own creations ultimately turned against him; bringing an untimely end to a promising career. Let this be a lesson to all who would tamper in God's domain.

PoeBoi Kramere : God Im getting old but I can still see the kids in my neighborhood still breakdanxing to this. We were so enthralled by this video

MAMA dayo : こちら💁‍♀️💁‍♂️の曲ばぁ…わだしは、カッコいいと思います。はい!

Zany Steve : That drum machine break into the scratching break...perfection!

steve rodriguez : I went to a jazz festival where herbie was headlining and I took out a huge sign that said “ROCKIT!” He never played the song. ☹️

randolph : What Pee Wee's PlayHouse should've looked like...

you5711 : In the '80s, many people were doing coke and some were doing smack. The result? Crazy music videos like Rockit.

Ephor : Why bother with Freddy and Jason when a 3mn video is twice as frightening

CrystalPeach : Vice City

Daniel Fountain : When I play this song my neighbors like it so much, sometimes they call the Police to come listen too!

Deadpool8940 : My goodness, I thought I never saw any music videos like this before. I'm sure it is one of the most bizarre music videos ever seen/made. Anyway, this music video from the 80s is AWESOME!!!

Vlogs By Tiara : Herbie could kill the keyboards. Simply stated, Herbie is legend. Nuff said...

Wolfy Cuddles : Ngl, I heard this song on The Weather Channel’s local on the 8’s forecast segment as a kid. I am now fulfilled that I found it 😂

Amethyste Hollar : Okay so I searched "Rock it" just out of boredom Not disappointed at all

Wizz Freely : The guy in the bed is certainly going for it!

MK Barton : Herbie Hancock should remake Rock It with Compressorhead, to go full circle.

Derek Perez : My first vinyl when I was 17. Had a lot of awesome sex to this album. Thanks Herbie!

WesternStar4949 : One of the greatest music videos ever

Jacob Swett : So futuristic :-)

RYU : Jake doing the worm😂😂😂

Revertino Tse : When the 80.s Music makes you feel like Fist Pumping & let Loose

MAMA dayo : あのぅ…アンハードノートピアノパラ UNHEARD NOTES PIANO PARA IN USAの顧問さぁあ、なって頂けて、ありがとうございました😊 どうぞ今後ともよろしくお願いばぁ致しますってぇ〜💌 北海道地区代表より

2FEM-TV : Der Står 1983 CBS Records På Videoen. Så lad vær og lyv og skriv 1984 Sony BMG ME Ha Ha

KDA Rampage : Finally found this video!

21st Century Renaissance Man : Dada is alive and well and here to stay.

Sqwerpo andrizzrazz : Don't watch without sound!!!! You have been warned

deanna woods : This video is so damn weird yet so damn good. It was very innovative for the era it was released in.

bmo : Probably the only video with a duck smashing through a window.

Withertrav394 : *DON'T STOP* LISTENING *IT* IN 2k19. Who else?

Darryl Scott : I have so much respect for Herbie Hancock as a jazz artist but this video scared the b'-gee-bees out of me when I was a kid! Those robotic masks were terrifying! Honorable mention: (Rockwell's video was also scary, respectfully.) Same time period - 80's.

wikichris : Wow, I had absolutely no idea this was Herbie Hancock. What a talented man.

Crassus : ah, just like my typical mornings in Camden

Music Power : Man this video used to scare the shit out of me when I was little.