Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like this!

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TheBackyardScientist : FIRST Hit the video with a thumbs up if you liked it, don't forget about notifications too! Whats inside a battery? Regret...and Fire.

Klinton : 3:14 You can overcharge an LiPo Battery, but the question is...will it blend?

maxim_sys : dude although I like your video's, I think you should wear better personal protection.

Mason Playz : “It’s getting a little chilly, its down to 67 degrees.” Everybody who lives in or near the Rocky Mountains. “Really?”

Screamin Dino : 67 degrees chilly XD Laughs in northern

Bobby Duke Arts : Dadgummit man! I approve these shenanigans

guy at 5:58 : Since when is 67 degrees cold

Liam : Do not disassemble, short circuit, overcharge, puncture, or dispose of in fire. Battery may leak or explode.

wl041204 YT : They did surgery on a battery!

Bruce Dash : 3:30 67 degrees Farenhite right? Because 67 Degrees Celcius is very hot !!!

Sloth Armstrong : 3:13 Breathable Lung Cancer! Now in convenient, to-go packaging.

Thomas Harig : Lol I'm sitting in MN when it's -37 degrees out

Nick Goar : *OH MY GOD!* *67 degrees oh you poor thing that’s just absolutely freezing!* *-Love from -40 Wyoming*

Benjamin Raymond : great video, but letting that battery explode right next to the car battery was way too dangerous considering how close yall were standing

Tommy Callaway : Styropyro would be proud!

Tpucky_gaming : Now that’s a good advertisement for a GoPro.

El Brandon : The best YouTube channel!! daily videos!!

LegoGamer192 : Legend has it that that he is on the FBI watch list The edit was a spelling error

Jami Casey : I wish you were my science teacher

the Hacksmith : Haha this was great. We've poked holes and over-charged a 6s 6200mAH -- nice fireball from that!

Jesus Christ : 4:24How is your camera still alive!?!

Caden Hendricks : Battery: dont try this stuff Backyard science: hold my beer

FritzMan 24 : 2:25 looks like you were roasting marshmallows

Jake The Legendary Gamer : 0:41 operation battery

Maxx B : What was it Adam Savage said? "The Only Difference Between Screwing Around and Science Is Writing It Down"


Virtual Gamer : 6:38 THAT'S BENO'S OUTRO SONG!!!!!!! also what's that song's name :|

Davor Georgiev : 6:30 sounds like the transformers turning into vehicles

YBN_Boundz : 67 degrees equals chilly... I live in Minnesota where the high temperature in the summer is 60

TechRax : Ahh, this was beautiful to see! Nice vid man.

Paul Mangold : Is molten Magnesium protected by the Leidenfrosteffekt if you pour it into water?? Maybe a cool experiment?!

Idrees Muid : LavaVsteal

Jeff Greenburg : ITS OVERLOADED -Torbörn

BountyHunterJ : I love the taste of Po-210

Taylar : Laser canon AND defusing bombs? **laughs in FBI**

Nam Vo : how can you no it 😱😱😱😱😱

Ben Wright : T-Shirt sales -10 lol, don't think it's worth it

Oat Johnson Meal : I can't get the word "Liposuction" out of my head lol.

Liger Garrett : They did surgery on a battery

Trevor Christiansen : Who else HATES THE DAMN TIK TOK ADS

MIND NOVA : 1:42 Fun fact, that’s a banana tree in the background.

TheBeautyDom : ueh sorry guys i had to take a little break an go on and get a jacket because it is getting a little bit chilly its down to 67 drgrees.. HAH lol nice to me you this is washington IL were the beginning of the week it is 90 degrees outside and 4 days later it is snowing.. while in october, have a nice stay!

Blank : 4:40 when someone said they subscribed to t series

Tachanki : There go my damn plan for tonight

Just your Average American : Instructions:DO NOT- Youtuber:Hey guys today we are blowing stuff up

Tomn8r 555 : 67 is hot

That cool guy Cole : *they did surgery on a battery*

iiomqwolfy gaming : I bet u he got contracted by the cia

Moritz : He did surgery on a battery

TAOFLEDERMAUS : You should put one of those on the tip of your hog harpoon.