Do Not try to charge a LiPo Battery like this!

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TheBackyardScientist : FIRST Hit the video with a thumbs up if you liked it, don't forget about notifications too! Whats inside a battery? Regret...and Fire.

Bobby Duke Arts : Dadgummit man! I approve these shenanigans

the Hacksmith : Haha this was great. We've poked holes and over-charged a 6s 6200mAH -- nice fireball from that!

Tommy Callaway : Styropyro would be proud!

TechRax : Ahh, this was beautiful to see! Nice vid man.

ZevVeli : Every episode you post just further proves that my Elementary School teachers were wrong when they told me that "Mad Scientist" was not a viable career path.


James Young : “It’s getting a little chilly it’s down to 67 degrees” lmao

BigMan7o0 : "it's a little bit chilly" "it's down to 67 degrees now" make up your mind, either its chilly or it's warm

todd prifogle : Good luck finding a reasonable quote on life insurance. On the bright side who ever writes your obituary could have a best seller.

Maxx B : What was it Adam Savage said? "The Only Difference Between Screwing Around and Science Is Writing It Down"

Blacksheep Media NZ : I love it how you explain how dangerous the laser is, then point it towards a road

Liam : Do not disassemble, short circuit, overcharge, puncture, or dispose of in fire. Battery may leak or explode.

soylentgreenb : The perfect battery has both high power density and current density. This requires an intimate mixture of fuel and oxidizer; also known as a bomb.

Kristian K H hunter : You need to be way more active on YouTube. I freaking love your videos! I've watched every single one on your channel 🤩

OutaTime FPV : And to think I have these sitting all over my floor at home... Yeah I’m gonna go get those in a fireproof bag😂

DudeManBroMan : 0:01 *clears throat* Lithium Polymer

B Dunphy : This is why GoPro is the best 4:14

Ned Hill : Dude, you make me cringe more than any other youtuber when watching your videos. Keep it up!

albert91tgn : For maximim effect, charge slowly to about 4.7V so the lithium actually contains all the energy possible

Le Studio d'Hanan : He changed the title 😂 Edit: Omg thanks for the ❤️

Benjamin Raymond : great video, but letting that battery explode right next to the car battery was way too dangerous considering how close yall were standing

Virgil Kellogg : Can't charge a battery with 20 million volts and. 001 miliamps Doy

Taylar : Laser canon AND defusing bombs? **laughs in FBI**

Atze Fatze : weared a long shirt because you're freezing, but your girlfriend still runs in short pants. :D

CauseUrSAWFT : People from florida are wimps 67 degrees is not cold

Tpucky_gaming : Now that’s a good advertisement for a GoPro.

bill maragos : 3:16 The "Will it blend" reference really got me xD Worth my like ! :D

Moritz : He did surgery on a battery

maxim_sys : dude although I like your video's, I think you should wear better personal protection.

Jake The Gaming 1 : 0:41 operation battery

TAOFLEDERMAUS : You should put one of those on the tip of your hog harpoon.

Charles Helou : counter terrorist win

Oat Johnson Meal : I can't get the word "Liposuction" out of my head lol.

im nin yirs old buly me ples : i swear you're gonna die before 50 if you keep doing this.... . . . . . . you have an awesome content! keep doing it!

Bruce Dash : 3:30 67 degrees Farenhite right? Because 67 Degrees Celcius is very hot !!!

Jeffrey Kazzi Jr : "It's like trying to defuse a bomb... wait can I say that?" "No" DEMONITIZED! 😆😆😆😆

Nam Vo : how can you no it 😱😱😱😱😱

FritzMan 24 : 2:25 looks like you were roasting marshmallows

Liger Garrett : They did surgery on a battery

John Nicolls : Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease show is how to make that Tesla coil!

Trevor Christiansen : Who else HATES THE DAMN TIK TOK ADS

Nelson Lee : Lithium Polymer batteries should not be exposed to air, i have many RCs that are powered with lipos so i do know a thing or two about lipos

Paul Mangold : Is molten Magnesium protected by the Leidenfrosteffekt if you pour it into water?? Maybe a cool experiment?!

LoneWolf38 : 67 degrees and he’s chilled. My chilled is at 40 degrees. Lets go Michigan lol

Ethan_1 Sonenshine_1 : How is he cold at 67 degrees?

Kermit The Frog : Instructions:DO NOT- Youtuber:Hey guys today we are blowing stuff up

brittanyhesse0 : Put one in liquid nitrogen

Aydin Oglesbee : Don't those damage you lungs and a little bit of everything else

Blank : 4:40 when someone said they subscribed to t series