Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (guitar) - Sandra Bae
Freddie Mercury would be proud

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Click below for more! Snippets of my life through the lens of my phone Instagram @sandrabae Latest news, pics, vids, & more on my Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/BaeSandraBae Tuning - D Standard, Drop C (Tune everything down one full step, then tune down the low D to C!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABS - I arranged by ear so I don't have tabs made but they are on Google, tabbed out by others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi everyone! As soon as I heard this song, I knew I just accepted myself a challenge for an arrangement. This song brought me massive happiness and I hope you feel the same happiness while listening to my playing!


Rebel Lion : Yeah wait a minute, she's playing the vocal parts, guitar parts and drums all at the same time! Someone needs to call the cops cuz I feel intimidated!

M S : If you're a Queen fan , you cannot dislike this ! Best acoustic cover by far

Yohaking Jcres : YouTube 2011: nah YouTube 2012: nah YouTube 2013: nah .... YouTube 2018: nah YouTube 2019: ITS TIME

PrinceV1R : Select difficulty- Easy Medium Hard Asian Asian difficulty selected

Rudhir Chaliha : OMG ! She's on a rocket ship on her way to Mars on a collision course.

Shawn Ramday : Woahh.. This like 8 years ago man why am I listening to it now only 😱

RV Barbadillo : 2019? Anyone? Damn girl! You're so talented! Keep it up! 😊

Kululu737 : what have i done with my life

Joseph Sabando : The electric guitar in the same room: Am I joke to you

Paco Fernández : 173 dislikes!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??! How come!?!?!? I am so IMPRESSED by your playing!! Waoooo...Keep rocking!! :)

Charlie : That smile she gives at the 40 second mark, you just know it's going to be a good song.

Mark Han : Amazing. I would like to think Freddie is smiling down on this one. And he is.

Str8down - Phil : Oh that breakdown @01:58. awesome.

Sebas Tian : Got me hypnothised from beginning to end. Magnificent arrangement, extraordinary playing, great dynamics, harmonies, everything... Brilliant!

Rob AcRi : Your cover is amazing and I'm going to try to play it but your smile at 0:40 is priceless!!

Hysterical Queen : I can hear the drums and the lyrics...I’m going slyghtly mad

Jd7792 : Unreal! That was a Fantastic Rendition of one of Queens best pieces. Loved every second...!

Mark Gregory : Just fantastic. Such a talent. Well done. Love the percussion bridge with chords and lead. Brilliant.

Kavisha Chandraratne : Amazing attention to detail! Just amazing! Please do more covers of queen.

omae wa mou shindeiru : holy f**k this is a perfect acoustic version

Denz Bermillo : Tuning - D Standard, Drop C... That's fckin great idea!!!

Carson Patrick : There is a quote from the movie The Dark Knight where Alfred states "Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn", that is the ONLY POSSIBLE explanation I can come up with to rationalize how this video could receive 144 dislikes. That was simply amazing in every imaginable way.

Joseph Cheok : Don't. Stop. Her. Now! Coz I'm having a good time listening to her play it aaaaallll

John Smith : Warning: viewer discretion advised - You may give up the guitar altogether after watching this video.

Random Fingerstyle Guitar : Someone get this girl to come back to YouTube please 😢

krosha1985 : Молодец )Хорошо получилось )

Tristan Möller : Where is this arrangement? I have to be able to play this! You sound amazing, this is one of my fav songs and you have the best cover out there! Its great. You play it phenomenal! Greetings from Germany :)

Albert Batfinder : For sale: My guitar. Potentiality untapped. Free to good home.

Ralph wiggum : Other girl guitar players in youtube has boobs this one has skills ! I like

Jen Jen : Finally YouTube you gave me a good recommendation ^_^

M Angellotti : 168 deaf people watched this video.

Me Darex : I saw her on personal. Love here from Philippines😍😍😍😍

tearsdontfall14 : HOW CAN ANYONE DISLIKE THIS??

Lars Rubert : Wow. Super. Thank you.

Rafał Rafalski : You are my Prozac.

AdventKnyght : i could've sworn i had pants on before this video

TheWeifung : How come my guitar doesnt do that Just kidding.. amazing talent. Love it 😍😍😍

Adrian metzler-holden : Wow very good!! You’re talented 🤘👍 thanks for sharing.

pedro henrique : Adorei! Simplesmente incrível!

Nancy Popowski : Awesome! You make me want to learn to play guitar just to learn this song. I adore Queen!

Simon Patterson : Subscribed on the spot. What a guitarist!

Fahreza Ichvanda Arrasyid : So smooth!

GoAheadShaun : Holy wow You've shown multiple guitar skills in just one piece, truly amazing! Your skill is beyond this world!!

paddy devlin : Brilliant!  How did 164 clowns give it thumbs down?

Ima Nalien : Awesome use of the fret board! You GO girl!!!!! A+

Adam Sprich : This is a fantastic arrangement

Akagami Shanks : Great tempo like in song .... 😘😘😘😘

FB guitar : Bellissimo, i Queen sono quelli che pensano a come farti sognare

shuchen du : true talent !