Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah on Grand Piano
Piano Cover of Leonard Cohens Hallelujah Grand Piano

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Sheet music: http://mnot.es/2gownXq My piano cover of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. The true MVP: https://youtu.be/TBMf3mcIGkw


HiredGun 05 : My Missus just passed away on April 3. We will be playing this at her memorial on the 12th. She loved this arrangement. Thank you for making her happy with your music.

ChrisTackerBeats : he probably still sits there, holding the last chord

Exõ Obstec : We walked into a taco Bell Cause I was craving some crunchy shell The Man behind the counter said oompa Oompa!! I was flying as high as a kite And I looked up to my delight , they were having a special on chalupas My chalupa My chalupa My chalupa My chalupa As you know there was a man who preached the truth on rocket sand And Jesus won't hold your sins to you And we all know that he broke the bread but I know that saint peter said That his favorite food was chalupas My chalupa My chalupa My chalupa My chaluuuuuupa

Nick Bjacek : why hasn't this gone viral yet?! awesome job!

MissCrazyCatLady12 : This is the best piano cover I've heard!! It's played with such passion. Beautiful!!

pianodrew : Another stunning example of how it's done. Love it :)

Shem Navarro : Amazing cover! Starting youtuber here... would anyone mind giving my Hallelujah cover a listen? THANK YOU if you do! :) p.s. you won't regret it

Marc Borchardt : Sir, this is beautiful

Gina Pintus : Such a beauty 🖤 bravo!!

DanieleC. : what a wonderful example of arrangement!! loved it!

Sylvain Guinet : Superbe performence de hallelujah, et merci d'avoir fait un bel enregistrement avec micro, aux plaisir de nos oreilles

Reya Franco : you're truly amazing!! you managed to take an already composed song and make it completly unique. i hope to be able to do that someday as well!!

matsom11 : Beautiful. I saw your previous version on keyboard and this version is great as well.

B T : This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for posting this. and thanks for posting the sheets too!

Alain Chomik : Very great arrangement of this culte song ! Bravo ! Best wishes, Alain

손민호 : so impressive!

Jan Strojil : Always exciting to see a new video from you. Thank you for sharing.

JaronTu : Jeez! Why did I just find out about your channel? This is amazing! So powerful!

Daniel Nguyen : this guy's arrangements are so good, definitely an underviewed channel..

bäh : So unbelievable beautiful! Thank you!

Paige Doctorick : beautiful. absolutely amazing. thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

b4rks : Absolutely beautiful. Bravo.

Electric Shore : Amazing piece. Not overly simple like a lot of other versions

KarmaVoyager : This is beyond beautiful. It is heavenly. You don't play the piano. You become one with it and play together. <3

Jamie Tay : oh my god u play that well and u only have 12k???? u deserve a million please never stop

Pooja B : This was spectacular! Loved it! Great musician!

kreglfromworld : passion is so underappreciated I feel, and this is a beautiful showing of what it adds to a piece, magnificent, absolutely magnificent

Elviza Pelvis : Damn Dude!! Killin' it!

LeaD : Wow amazing! Its your Version and thats make you perfekt!❤ Sry for my English . I come from Germany😂

ella smith : you played this truly beautifully, i was looking for a good arrangement of this song i and really love this version. i bought this version and i love playing it! thank you for inspiring me!

Sarah McNaughton : This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

Andre Tabone : This is by far the best arrangement I've seen up till now, Bravo. Simply love it. Is there any way I can get the actual sheet music for this particular cover?? I would love to have a go at it.

Alexander Menzies : This was an amazing cover, thank you.

linda mcdermott : Lovely! Good Art+Skill that's what it's about! Bravo!

Raquel : Perfect <3 I LOVE THE HALLELUJAH

Owen Williams : amazing job wish I had the music

alex-plays : Great cover, well recorded on an excellent instrument, and an impassioned performance. Thank you for releasing the score. I just bought this.

Carol Mahler : Absolutely brilliant, stunning rendition of Cohen's Hallelujah! Bravissimo!

Joshua Schmitz : beautiful rendition. your pitch is on point

123paul : Thank you for sharing this. Truly beautiful.

Brittany Murphy : i get goosebumps every time i hear this - its an absolutely stunning piece of work

Ria A : Beautiful... :) You play with so much emotion, great job.

Patrick Shea : Very well done, thank you for sharing.

Ingrid Fristed : THANKS - I love you as a wonderful pianist ;:)))!!!

spaceodyssey1 : Beautiful and intense arrangement!!! great job!!

Sawyer Cucchiara : I've listened to this and your Time to say goodbye cover 1000 times, best 2 covers I've ever heard. Cant wait for the sheet music.

stephen kelly : Considerable talent coupled with lot of practice must have went into this. Truly inspirational rendition,

Lisa Collins : Wow!! I got goosebumps! Incredible!!

corbieone : late to the party but one of the best covers I have heard, Thanks