How Much Would iPhones Cost if They Were Ethically Made?
How Much Would iPhones Cost if They Were Ethically Made

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The process of making iPhones and other electronics is a serious problem. Workers in China are both overworked and underpaid. The question today is how much would an iPhone cost if these assembly workers were given better pay, and safer working hours? - - DISCLAIMER: While I don’t like the production aspect of iPhones (and other electronics), I do like Apple as a whole. I think they have an innovative way of running their company that I think more companies should try and adopt, and I have an iPhone that is so much better than the Samsung Android I had before. - - Don't forget to subscribe for more episodes of Inquerity! - - Resources: About Foxconn: - Cost of labor to make an iPhone: - - How much do Foxconn assembly workers make: - - - - Minimum wages in Shenzhen, China: - - Minimum wage in Shenzhen China in 2016: - Electronic Assembly worker salary in the United States: - Trump’s Tweet to Apple (please read replies): - Report that says nearly a Million people that work on Apple products in China - Wisconsin Foxconn Plant: - -,_Wisconsin#Economy Number of Fabricator and assembler jobs in the USA: - List of minimum wages by country: - Other Helpful Sources: - -


pielover267 : Some of these economic assumptions seem questionable, but I see how you really have to make those for the sake of these hypotheticals. Super interesting video! Also, it should be noted that the cost of living in China is way way lower than the US, so the minimum wage there, while very bad, is not quite as bad as you would guess if you considered what that wage would mean for an American worker.

Barry van Leeuwen : Love your content, but I believe you have a major flaw in your assumptions: You assume 1/3 cut in working hours is 1/3 cut in production, but what would stop Foxconn from hiring more people?

Henwill8 : I don't buy Apple products so the most ethical one is the one I am choosing.

Crystallinum : The music is too loud... it's quite hard to hear your voice. Well, I think the iPhones should be a bit more expensive so that the workers get more money, but increasing it by 1.5x is too much for normal people... won't the simpler way be to not buy Apple products? Samsung exists. XD

1M views : You’re gonna be big one day, great stuff

Colin W : This video is a misnomer. Apple didn't reach a trillion dollar market cap by selling products with a thin profit margin. They reached it by both underpaying and overcharging for thier products. I think the key take away here is: Why does apple deserve a ~60% gross profit margin on thier phones?