Joe Rogan - Bad Bodybuilding Spray Tans

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Nick's Strength and Power : Big Ramy did not win the Olympia lol

Netrovision TM : Schuab: "He beat Phil Heath?" Phil watching podcast: *smashes keyboard*

Daniel : Joe "mamadoo" Rogan

ECDCTECH : That whole body building culture is very weird and lowkey gay

The Amazing Lucas :


RUSTY NAIL : Dave Chappell..what's this chocolate all over your that's Doo Doo baby😂😂😂

Colby Goodman : Joe “Why isn’t black face ok” Rogan

Andrew Bellinger : Dont stare at the sun to get vitamin D people.

Daniel Cadwell : Brendan is sooo gay

17 : Hahahaha Brendan wears that jacket and said man that guys got an ass on em. Just come out already...

Don H. : Never go full chocolate face lmao. 😂


Brady Stillman : Im confused by the count downs

FaerieSensai : Brenda Shaub taking fashion advice from somebody’s auntie

Charmingly Cynical : So much bro science in this clip

Me gg : Joe "I'm 1 % black " Rogan

Moobie Tube : Joe “that’s a thicc dude” Rogan

BIgBass255 : What if the President thought it was cool to go chocolate body instead of orange spray tan?

Danny Madden : Joe "black guys are hotter" Rogan

AusDenBergen : Don't let your friends skip face day.

Terry C4 VTS : Brendan "jerkin off dudes" Schaub

Ethan Porter : Joe "You Need To Go To Jail Sir" Rogan

finesse Kid : Joe”imagine”rogan

luminor007 : Try calling Mike Tyson Chocolate face


escobar34638 : Kai greene on the podcast. That would be epic!!!!!

mike : "moha moha moha, i'm just going to pass on that" best part

Purple Alpha : So Ramy won the 2018 olympia and he's Black, i learned something new today!! 👌

Nick Knoblach : All while the greatest fight in UFC history was going down

Deadhammer : I don't know why I laughed so hard at "George got yellow" at 6:40 xD

Faris Harharah : This whole conversation is gold oh my god😂😂😂

Martin Heidegger : The tans aren't supposed to look aesthetically pleasing. The sole purpose of them is to accentuate the bodybuilder's muscularity under the extremely bright stage lights. If you tried to compete in a bodybuilding contest without a tan, nobody would be able to see your conditioning (i.e. how shredded you are). So the competitors literally just try to get as dark as possible in the lead up to the shows. They're fully aware of how ridiculous it appears in day-to-day life.

Whippy : Jay “that guy Gunther” Cutler

Sérgio Alves : Don't bother reading the comments friend, it's full of jealous out of shape homophobes for some reason.

EA MarC 9mm : I listen to jre b4 I sleep or while I drive to work great content brother 🤷🏿‍♂️

Zane E : For the record the tan is pretty much required at a bodybuilding show. The lights are so bright on stage that you’ll see no definition if you’re not overly tan. Doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest bodybuilder in the world. Normal lighting and stage lighting is totally different. Bodybuilders don’t like it either but it has to be done. And also it’s just something that’s done the night before the show and usually washes right off in 1 to 3 showers. Oh and the face tanning, I guess that’s personal preference, most choose to tan it also, just usually not as dark as the body, just so there isn’t such a contrast from face to body making it look all the more ridiculous. Also Big Ramy did not win the Olympia. Shawn Rhoden did, Ramy came in 6th. I just happen to know a little bit on this subject but the lack of knowledge in this discussion makes me question their other podcasts where maybe I don’t know as much on the subject so I take their word for it, but maybe what they’re saying on those topics is largely crap as well.

Mike Dixon : Dat thumb nail..... hee hee!

Sam Lowe : Legit question though from Joe in the beginning. Black face= you're in trouble; black body= it's chill. Bizarre.

Ghillie Nation : I bout died at 5:15 mark

mike he : lol how many times did they say we should pay attention to this fight and then they lose focus and talk about something else

Ray Ray : Chocolate face

Shane B. : They were talking about muscular asses instead of the fight 😂😂😂.


Dino Nucci : What's the silly countdown for

Steve Brown : Big Ramy came 6th

Cojue : Joe “quotations” Rogan

Dexter Koula : Joe "What Race is This Guy" Rogan

Adam Spears : That guy looks like an over-cooked chocolate chip cookie!

Benn255 B : I thought the thumbnail was them trollin Eddie Bravo lol