Best Spider-Man fight scene of all time

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This is a fight scene from The Amazing Spider-Man tv show from the 70s. Funny fight, funny music and never would have thought I would see Spider-Man get hurt and yell over getting hit in the foot. Scene is from the pilot episode.

Comments from Youtube

Aaron Walderslade : These ancient samurai have honour. They wait each their turn and announce themselves before attacking.

Porkypine TV : If you look closely you can see they are just acting its not a real fight

Yaaseen A. : Why did they have to delete this scene from Spider-Man homecoming??? This was epic!!

Paul Revere : i still wonder to this day how did they manage these practical effects? this is fucking awesome. corny, but so good at the same time.

Reviveguyv : Pretty fun, old-school action and effects. I find it kind of funny, though, that Spidey was so quiet throughout the whole thing. Isn't he usually wisecracking while he fights? Something like... "Sorry for interrupting your kung-fu movie!" "No one's making sushi out of this spider! "Good luck earning your yellow belts, guys!"

William : I love how he just keeps backing away in the beginning until he gets cornered, what is this Canadian Spider-man? "look I don't want any trouble, eh, put down those bamboo swords and I'll be on my way alright?"

Bill Barrett : 2:14 "Here let me just toss this web onto ya. I just picked it up from the halloween party store"

Phil Mante : Another thing, Watch the bald guy on the left at 1:57 flinch when the guy in the centre raises his kendo stick.

APodbayDoor : 1:54 was that just a mistake they decided to keep in? lol

William Stone : This isn't the best Spider-Man Fight scene of all time....ITS THE GREATEST Spider-Man fight scene of all time! Long live the 1970s!!!

Milton Bradley : This is actually better than Spiderman-Homecoming.

Freddy Richards : spiderman is one of those rare things where it needs cgi

KublaiGenghis : take notes Tom Holland

Nicholas Wilson : I love the way they sped it up at 1:44

js100serch : 3:47 wow they got go pro's back in the day =D

Matt Nakahara : real footage of the amazing spiderman

Matthew Vazquez : Props to the stunt guy for having the balls to jump off a building to entertain people.

Perl Pictures : I don't think they were aiming to make this a good fight scene, but rather show off "Hey! Fucking Spider-man! Look, he's climbing on the ceiling!"

Phil Mante : This whole spiderman movie trumps the other ones. Not because it had Nicholas Hammond from The sound of music in it, Not because of Thayer david from rocky, not because of this epic fight scene....But because of that funky music!

ChildOfTheSun32 : Dat web though!


Fransisco Nieves : Still trying to perfect that spin kick at 3:10

LesManga Musique : Bad Guy: Kill him! Bludgeon him to death with bamboo sticks!

gothatway09 : For a stupid old TV show, this was a well filmed fight scene.  Complete with great 70s funk.

Aldo Parziale : They really did do a great job for a 70's TV series, to be able to have him walking on walls and shooting web like they did with lot less money and technology back then

Slears : 1:32 when the music kicks in..damn that was a blast for me as a kid....memories

OrangeOwl1000 : 1:56 Guy on the left is like 'Geez don't hit me!'

Erich Dilbeck- Pedophile : Every move he makes you know the director is telling him "OK, remember,  look spidery..."

Glitcher2000 : I think the camera speed is doing most of the work. ¬_¬

Sŧαłłiøη : New PS4 Spiderman looks great.

Mr SportsGuy13 : Leaked footage of Spider-Man: Far From Home

TheHighTower : Too hilarious, i can't breath.

i'm drunk : the director and his producers in the editing room be like... 2:41

Games,um mundo Secundario : 1:57 uauuu pretty cool i like this spider man

cochabambas : BEST. SPIDEY. EVER.

Jordan Robiller : 1:30 "kill him.... crap they only brought training swords"

Heron Martinez : This really look like  the classic comic the best spiderman, that first person shots are great.

Super Steve : I used to love this as a kid! Serious nostalgia! Of all the Spider-Man fights, this is the one I remember most! Climbing the walls still looks more believable than the CGI today in my opinion.

Raphael Kandylakis : All Jumpscares 0:28 0:38 0:50

John Morgan : Screw Breaking Bad or Mad Men; this is the greatest show of all time!

Blast Boi : This dude wave bye to the asians ...😂done

Nick K. : Spiderman's kick at 1:18 should've killed that guy. 

J.K. Anane : I srsly hope there's an easter egg reference to this in the upcoming film! lol

rotesil : Deveria fazer dupla com o Capitão América/1979 do escudo de plástico e capacete...

Tony, The Stark : The tension is real!

riddlr : HAH! I love this fight scene. Brings back so many memories. Wish they'd put these seasons on dvd with bonus features.

Johnny Kool : That's the real Spider-Man Encore encore encore

GojiZilla 1954-2020 : Prepare Spider-Man! I give you 3 guys with sticks! Oh shit, I didn't think this through

Trevor Wilson : The wave at the end