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Sabrina : Satan's porn collection 😂😂😛

dicloniouslove : Too late my soul has already been corrupted by the Boku series

Dylan Adejo : may the lord have mercy on this dude

Lucas Mendez : YOOOOO

cwosaunt : Im watchin it *Maniacal laugh* >XD IM SELLIN MY SOUL TO LUCIFER!!!!

Nic Nic : this is so gross💑💏🙈

電神Saṃsāra : And I was like, YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Sunset Heartsღ : OMG THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS I'M SUB-ING FOR MORE! XD "and I was like yoooo! and they went in the car and I was all like YOOOOO!!!!" XD

fe9l_xd 12 : lol wtf

Thomas Signorella : I should've watched this video before seeing this...thing.

Nay-chan : watching this shit in 2016

yourbangtantrash : Omg I'm laughing so hard 😂

Sans Skeleton : God please spare this man's soul

Sapphire237 : Best review ever XDD

Blck Yoongs : Kuronos Vid auf englisch. 😂


Thanatos :D : I watched the 3 of them cause i lost a bet -.- I WISH I HAD WATCHED THIS FIRST

lammy doodle : So dont watch any anime with boku. Man I was really liking boku no hero academia

Otaku Tokyo Kaneki : Where can i watch Boku No Pico 😂😂😂

Xing Tsang : What was your first anime? Mine was To Love Ru

Colin12475 : This anime is great for little kids and people who want to start watching anime with something cute and sweet.

wales2k : YOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Silver Glitterbear : Lmfaooooo

Hibikicos : XD oh come on is not that bad...right?! XDD hahhaha

Vladolf Hutin : “YYYOOOOOOO!!!”

Na小七 : Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

MrRyqn YT : I 😂 so hard I can beaht

cwosaunt : yyyoooooooo

Scareface : Boku no Pico should be outlawed.

Aqman : The original video got block by YouTube.. lol

Scruffy : i saw this on pewds reaction XDD

Dustin W : But boku dake na imachi is a good anime

Matt PryOkra : Okay I won't watch it hahahahaha 😂😂

Dekarowski25 : Poor man. Thank you.

burpdurp 123 : HAHAHAH IKR

SkeleChild Gaming : {recently just watched it} well really i understand this but tbh, im sure this series has given many an awkward boner at one point but the ending to the third episode was kinda uhhhhhhhhh

Strawfingers Nano : THREEEEE

jay snow : My friend told me to watch this shit good thing i did my research first!

Bella bum : Iooooooo exacto que porquería xd

israel parrilla : not even boku no academia

Deemon Sphinix : totaly not gonna watch it :3

Ann Grace Gulis : lame

Kimma : lmfao wow! this chick on this anime group I'm in; she said it was her favorite anime. -.- A lot of people said not too watch it 😂

Lee Productions : YOOOOOO

MitsukiiRyu SilentReader : OOOOOHHHH MYYYY GOOODDD

Jana Fuhrmann : voll die kurononachmache!😠

Der Nm : my life flashed before my eyes

AaronMc : 420'th like :)

mike coles : Dont agree. There is anime called boku no hero academia. By far top 3 best new animes

Izumi chan : einfach von kuro geklaut xD