World's only JetPack flies at the Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi.

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Exclusive video of the world's only real JetPack flown at the Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Comments from Youtube

Primitive Technology : Muito massa! Ficaria muito legal um vídeo junto com o Flyboard air!

applecom1de : Is it mandatory to be gay for your test pilots?

Safron : I want one lol. Nice vid tho.

Homeless-Brazilian : How this did not go viral yet?

Stan Williams : It would be interesting to see how high this would go. A straight up blast ,with a chute of course.

richystar2001 : Jet powered hoverboards are way cooler.

Daniel José Barbosa : E o futuro agora ! Só falta popularizar ! Já tem fila de espera ?

David Marquez : CJ?

KaptCaveman : Most of these vids I see are over water and for a shorter, less practical application of time. I assume that's in small part due a more survivable crash and less public damage if a failure occurred. It's still a great start to something with great potential. Longer endurance and reliability would make these devices awesome for EMT use in remote areas like Nat'l Parks, ranches, rural HWY's, etc. Even enough fuel for a very fast, one way trip to stabilize a patient until more help arrived would work. (Didn't want to view 1452 comments for any possible duplicate views)

Pandu Km : Give me one 😍

David Owens : Stunning & cool

lazer tag : is red bull air race still a thing?

Jacob Shepherd : If this is the only true “jetpack” then what’s gravity industries?

Giantman2001 : Sweet Juice!

Wato1876 : Gimme XD

dark light : Are they available to buy?

ElementalGeneral : Now open your legs

Kamlesh Mallick : First flight was in 2015. It is mid 2018 now. What is the update? How many more years of product development , do you envision? Have u signed up deals with any company or governments yet? Keep up the great work guys!

Normal upright citizen #534721 : I expected you flying on a skyscraper.