I Looked At 500 Trending YouTube Videos. Here's What I Found...

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Do you every feel like the trending page is dominated by corporate videos? Well today, I find out the truth behind the trending page. I've spent the last two months collecting data on 500 trending YouTube videos. Here's what I found out. Special thanks to IAreZack: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-E-7kNR_C4B3_S49tCRXA


Dean Gooding : wow just found you, really well made, and an eye-opener.

Gily Beck : Nicely done. YouTube is so different than from when it first started years ago, back when it the name actually was a vlogging medium only. But i guess .. they got to pay the bills somehow.

celebralbore : Looooved this video! I left you a big comment, you will notice it by my user name where it was. But soooo good! Never stop❤️

Rome Life : This is just a great video (lol this should be on the trending page)

Zinnydin : Great video man, something I've speculated myself for ages ✌️

Ready, Steady, Skills! : Haven't watched the video yet, but i got to say: damn, that's one good title EDIT: awesome video dude! You got yourself a new sub!

Pluike : This video was great! I really liked the format and it seems as if you put a lot of effort into the editing and researching for it. Nice! :p

Amare : Geez this was a really good video I loved this style even more so than your style!!!

Vandelex : Bruuuuuh this video took some commitment and was awesome!! I loved this

Danny RAWner : Best eyes on YouTube

Chaunseyy : Dude, insane editing. Loved it.

Nikolay Pavlov : Very good video! You have a bright future on youtube!

OK Champ : This is a great case study. Many thanks for going to the effort of making it

Mike Locascio computer help : Hi new friend Mike here checking me out

Jake : "You tube is a Christian Company".. What?? No. No they are not.

mutmut19 : Love the vid! Really well made. Keep up the good work man !!!

jojojorisjhjosef : Your categories are biased.

Vendus : Family Friendly, be corporate, sell your soul to Satan. Got it Thanks mate

Daniel Fiala : John, you're a deviant genius. You know the algorithm and you're going to blow the hell up. And that's a damn good thing, because you make good content. I love it, I love you, and I'm happy to watch.

John Hall : My question for you today: What types of videos would you like to see more on trending? Do you have a video topic you’d like to see?

zoo matt : Omg......I agreeeeeeeee!! It’s all corporations

BoomerangTKO : This is a really nice video! Awesome research and great editing and it engaged my brain. I'm gonna say this though. I sometimes feel like YouTube is in a constant battle to keep both corporations & normal youtubers happy. I feel like the trending page is just a big circle jerk for corporate videos, but normal youtubers have a home for their content too & that would be the home page. The home page is for videos you want to see and what the algorithm thinks you want to see. I feel like the trending page is just way to appease big companies and I don't think this means youtube doesn't care about normal youtubers, I think it shows the trending page is redundant for watching youtube for youtube. If you watch TV a lot and then you want to watch something in bed then maybe the trending page is for you, but for the majority of us, we have the home page and to a lesser extent subscriptions (because that seems to be a big mess now).

AB : Love the video keep it up

Crit Warrior : First time I've seen a breakdown like this one and the results are... expected. It's sad to see YouTube become a place for corporations and not the creators it started out as.

History Clarified : Awesome video, this was a really interesting deep dive into the trending page. Also, look at your growth! Glad to see your channel is starting to take off.

Stephan Doiron : You keep harping on about gaming being the biggest audience on YouTube with no sources or facts. Great idea, mediocre execution...

VIDEOdugo : Trending is prioritized to market to advertisers. Trending has nothing to do with the people who use the site. Trending is advertisement to advertisers.

Isaac Backus : To really show that corporate influence pushes videos to trending, you should look at the average views per video for your 3 categories. If it is significantly lower for the corporate videos, it would be pretty clear that money and/or influence are getting those videos to the trending page.

Joshalots : Sorry to break it to you but the trending page is not "what youtubers are trending right now" its "what is trending in the world right now" that means all media. A normal youtuber is not what is trending in the media right now. Its star wars, avengers, game of thrones, jimmy fallon and all the pop singers that are drowing in money. This is a try to be "something is wrong with youtube's formula video" but in the end your stats are comparing apples to oranges while looking in the apple tree. The trending page is not important to most people who watch youtube anyways.

Project Jack : you can sue youtube for lying "about representing bla bla bla" call the FCC, sue them