NSU Spartan Legion 10-01-2016

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Travis Coleman : That guard look like they are marching in the army for the LORD!!! YES lol

Elijah Rashad : Best marching band

Lisa Richardson : LMAO😂😂😂 The commentary. . " Git'em J, dats my cuzn" Lawd. . I'm On THE Floor!!! I must say Spartan Legion Yes!!

Leonard Hicks : I love the way they march in

Timothy Smith : I love how their snares sound. And the band is smaller than I would like but the sound and spirit is still there

Kelvin Jordan : the movement is so percise


Oscar Tártalo : I love It!. Good job!.

Charity Dell : I love these percussion sequences! They reflect the polyrhythmic drumming from our various African heritages!

HE360 : That's was damn good! I love NSU's style!!!

viz1 : March children

I Play tuba : the Spartan Guard dont play dat lol

Mike Boykins : One thing i don't like about Norfolk state, you got a lot of girls from Hampton roads go to school there. The girls that go there from out of town, are down to earth most of them, but the ones from Hampton roads are the suck up ones.

I.T. Student : I'm enrolling now

toyou8489 : NSU and NC A&T it's Africa rhythms that make you feel happy

cuhleeb films : do they March on the off beats?

Ask Marie : Good work!!

jalen johnson : NSU kinda remind me of how they march down here in Louisiana with the guards in front of the band.

kidz_bop_420 : better then east😂

BavonW W : The drum-majors should sew some lead shot , or coins into the lower hems of their capes, and jackets. That way they'll hang nice when you doing the fast routines, and not get tousled up. When they turn the corner the major on the right has his cape turned over because it does not hang well.

MkII502 : Странно, что без баскетбольного мяча обошлось.

Derion Reed : The bass splits are amazing

PhantomDrums917 : Excellent!!!

Pink and Gold glitter kitty : These are some very unattractive drum major uniforms!!!

cattycorner : wow

Ralph : Wait, there are only 3 flutes?

Micha Kermit : <3 :-)

Cobi theSaxophoneman : They are missing people...

Jasmine Freeman : Yes, cant wait to attend NSU

Barack Blows : This must be Zimbabwe.💩

Marcus Taylor : Some similar sound of VSU in there

Rahloh McDonogh : Spartans are sodomites,sorry!

Robert Portillo : no doubt the best ever

SimbosanYT : THAT'S NOT SPARTA!!!!!

Ian Stevenson : This looks like the official band of the Ministry of Silly Walks (look it up on YT if you don't know what I mean)

Dmytro Picky : rear one with actualy decent sound

Андрей Супрунов : чёй то было?

Farrier : Cultural appropriation.

superalph002 : Is there a Athens band too

LONG JOHN SILVER : they March like robot's

Vadim3814 : Where there is no white people? Looks like black nazi parade