105 Pull Ups - WORLD RECORD - (No Hanging Rest & All in One Set)
Guy does 105 strict pull ups in a row setting a new world record

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By Andrey Isypov (Андрей Исыпов) Find Him : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpoiP0TEdpKaUb-ExjZw3Qg https://vk.com/id26134870 https://www.facebook.com/cool.isypov Contact Him on Facebook for Online Coaching https://www.facebook.com/cool.isypov -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT NOTE: I own this video, please don't reupload it unless it's fair use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to contact me to be featured in future videos or for business inquiries: noamanee.1996@gmail.com


Abnormal_Beings : To hang off a bar like that for 10mins already is incredible let alone doing 105 pull ups!! This video is pure motivation! Nothing is impossible

Darren Ferguson : I gaurentee everybody just read the comments while the video was playing in the background

hi itsme : In Russia the bar takes a break from you

BlackPanda 777 : How many pull ups can you do ; -Yes

Abhishek Anshuwali : Plot twist : This was just his warm up for the actual workout.

kunal Sharma : Starts the video thinking it's clickbait, he must've great editing skills or somethin'. Hears Russian counting. Me :: Oh of course!

Dexter Morgan : Lady: Oh shit I forgot to hit record. Can you do it again?

jacob shoemake : After he does 105 pull ups he starts climbing

Dagan Ward : He's actually just pulling the world down

Dan Norman : Program said 10×5...I didn't know what × was....

Devon M : Pole is a paid actor

Giulio Campri : Gravity.exe has stopped working

Sta Fava : Nice work editing the background, but it's obvious you was on the moon.

Muhammed Bayrak : In the gym Me: Yo bro, how many sets do you have left. I gotta do some pull ups too This guy: Just one more set bro, almost done

Mask : He can beat thanos.

dan danny : This is the man you want holding on to your hand to save you from falling down the abyss.

Doff : Infinite Ammo OFF DK Mode OFF Russian Mode ON

Ianm 2983 : And there I was thinking my set of 12 pull ups was impressive I was wrong

Yuri Sierra : Come on guys, he is russian, he is not pulling himself up, he is actually pushing the planet below him...

Bring The Rain : This Russain chick counting in the background has the sexiest whisper ever.

Dani López : Me: How much pull ups you can do? Russian man: Yes

Dustin Totten : Pullup bar: Guy: I’m about to ruin this man’s whole career.

Cosmic Perspective : PLOT TWIST: It's actually leg day.

The Last Operator : 900 flopping crossfitters disliked this video

Коля Плотников : Так я не понял а где русскоязычные комментарии.

Wassyl Aldais : What I like is that he's doing the proper form. Unlike CrossFit guys looking like fishes out of the water.

BrutalDave89 : There must be a green screen and a guy in a green suite who is lifting him up. How else is this possible?!

Игорь Егоров : Это просто что-то невероятное!!!На полностью вытянутые руки с фиксацией подбородка да и ещё с такой паузой!!!Да тут просто вися хрен столько провисиш не говоря ещё и о подтягиваниях!!!Респектище пацану!!!P.S.Он наверное из космоса!!!

david keawe holt : I figured it out, he actually gets off the bar and shakes out during the YouTube ads.

PEPPERS : i got stronger from watching this, thank you

ACE1C : Then a 10k run Followed with 100 squats 100 sit ups 100 push ups A super hero in the making all it takes is one punch

Justin Oneill : This guy would make bank at those $100, 100 second bar hanging competitions.

hi itsme : In Russia gravity doesnt work

Skit Reviewer : only explanation is that the camera lady is very beautiful and it's motivating him to another level.

GEMJ #BORDERWARS : I'm just high and watching whatever is being recommended.

goss : Me: Hold my beer Also me: Ok give it back

Thomas Gazeley : Me: how many pull-ups can you do? Him: All of them

Colby Lee : This is insane. Havent seen a single fitness/workout youtuber even come close to doing anything like this. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Bravo man!!

jordan G : This stupid kids in the background, they kept playing soccer and didn't notice the miracle near them. on second thought maybe in Russia it's not so special.

lofi carti : The most I’ve did was 25. This is insane. My hand would have burned off holy shit.

Watch Me : In Russia they only count til 105. This guy killed it for real though.

Joe Larson : This man is among the best athletes in history purely for this single demonstration of absolute insanity!

John Varghese : Imagine if the camera was not recording 😂😂😂

Nazim Nasoha : Im very impressed with the lady holding the phone without shaking for 10 min ++

Dank Mustache : He's using some kind of trick right?? No way this is possible wtf!!!

richard javier : Far more better than that dude do a 100 kicking pullups inside a crossfit gym..

PATRIOTA CRISTÃO : This guy has glue in his hand ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋ It's incredible.

Soutam Ghosh : Me:-Are you human? Mr pullup- I am Russian. End of discussion.

David Frank : People who don't do pull-ups will not understand what a feat of strength, conditioning and mental will power this guy is demonstrating. I am truly humbled and encouraged to push the envelope after watching this. Would be great to see to how he trained to be this good.