105 Pull Ups - WORLD RECORD - (No Hanging Rest & All in One Set)

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World Pull-Up Organization : The first World Pull-Up Championships will be hosted in Espoo, Finland on June 15-16, 2019. The games will feature two individual disciplines : Weighted Pull-Up and Pull-Up Repetitions. http://www.worldpullup.org/world-pull-up-championships/ To participate in the World Pull-Up Championships on June 15-16, 2019 the competitor must: 1) Electronically sign the Anti-Doping Agreement by March 15, 2019 at the latest at http://www.worldpullup.org/anti-doping-agreement/ 2) Register by May 12, 2019 at the latest

Abnormal_Beings : To hang off a bar like that for 10mins already is incredible let alone doing 105 pull ups!! This video is pure motivation! Nothing is impossible

Dagan Ward : He's actually just pulling the world down

Darren Ferguson : I gaurentee everybody just read the comments while the video was playing in the background

Muhammed Bayrak : In the gym Me: Yo bro, how many sets do you have left. I gotta do some pull ups too This guy: Just one more set bro, almost done

Fingal Anderson Edvardsson : He wouldve done 200 if his balls werent so heavy Edit: wait wut i didnt even realise this comment had gotten any likes and now i go to this vid and now it almost has 400 likes 😅

Mr Hist : These are actually real reps, unlike many other attempts...

Nazim Nasoha : Im very impressed with the lady holding the phone without shaking for 10 min ++

hi itsme : In Russia the bar takes a break from you

mens facial wax : Fake legs filled with helium, velco gloves,

wolly k : Damn holding the bare 10+ min. How long should I mastrubate per day to achieve this forarm strength? Im already able to use both hands.

Yuri Sierra : Come on guys, he is russian, he is not pulling himself up, he is actually pushing the planet below him...

Arjan B : Legends say that he is still doing pull ups by this day

S Park : WTF. I see it but can’t believe it.

Syrian Qaisar : One word : Russian

kunal Sharma : Starts the video thinking it's clickbait, he must've great editing skills or somethin'. Hears Russian counting. Me :: Oh of course!

Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez : This is literally madness. This guy deserves 10 million views for this extraordinary feat of strength. Unbelievable. Kali Muscle this is how you do it.

Steve Parker : 105 pull ups with almost a 5 second gap between each one, hanging all the time, 👏 gotta admit this is probably the hardest thing I've seen done, dude u sure you've not got Bionic arms.

Chad Michael Mobile : I don't care if people think taking that long in between reps is resting. There's not one person in this comment section that could just hang from the bar for 10 minutes let alone throw in ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE full rep pullups. Sorry but I don't believe this "creature" is human. Hopefully someone he will share with us what planet he's from.

imeverywhere. : Gravity doesn't work on him.

String Jazz : The only explanation for this is: 1) Stop making excuses. 2) Start respecting other people's effort and achievements.

Lepton Particle : hanging for 10 minutes without a rest is impressive by itself and doing 105 pull ups is just ibcredible, and his pull ups are real ones, clean form. This is what pull ups look like. Respect

Thomas McGill : NoFap superpower #2348 - unlimited pullups

Youssef Zehry : This guy is a BEAST, I am surprised the bar didn’t break in half

Adam Ferello : Ma respect to his girl (camera girl) she is motivating him. 🙌🔥

Евгений : Это круто! Да как ровно и спокойно! Первый раз такое вижу! Достойно Уважения.

John Fox : That is a REAL pull up. You see these other bozos in pull up competitions jerking around doing half pull ups looking like they need some milk, but this guy does pull ups correctly. 💪🏻

BrutalDave89 : There must be a green screen and a guy in a green suite who is lifting him up. How else is this possible?!

Miles C : Let David Goggins try this

hi itsme : In Russia gravity doesnt work

Prince of Peace Productions : An incredible display -full stops —evidently Russians have managed to keep their young men off of soy and estrogen

Android Pro : Лайк если тоже промотал до конца !!!

Chuck Freaking Norris : *That's almost as many as I do every morning*

Skit Reviewer : only explanation is that the camera lady is very beautiful and it's motivating him to another level.

goo5976 : bro has to be special forces or something. what a monster. probably does a lot of calisthenics too. I'm thoroughly impressed.

rex logan : looks like he could do 30 more

adrian keys : 100% perfect form, outstanding, respect

The Beat Vandal : That's crazy, I could probably only do about a 100 AT AN ABSOLUTE PUSH....Oh no wait, 001.

david keawe holt : I figured it out, he actually gets off the bar and shakes out during the YouTube ads.

Тимофей Тимофеев : У девушки милый голос. 😊 А парень вообще красава!!! 💪👍👍👍👍👍

Byron10121 : and i struggle to do 5

Razor Gamer : *0:41** did she just said shit!?*

Zak the Rapper : If he didnt do the 3 second pause at the bottom every time he'd do a hell of alot more!

Timothy Two Gun Thompson : 900 flopping crossfitters disliked this video

The Beat Vandal : I wonder if he brought that chair himself or if it was already there? 🤔

Mayukh Sen : Kudos to you. Advice to fellow pull upers, rest 3 seconds between reps like this guy and you will also be able to significantly increase your max number of pull ups.

Yasuo Main : 1 month at the gym i can only do 5 pull ups. This man is.... Beast

Cres : If you rotate the video upside down, hes doing handstand pushups

Der Hof 2007 : When I clicked this video I did not expect this to be performed this way. This is one of the most impressive feats of strength in human history. Mind blowing💪💪💪

Александр Соколов : Парень просто красавчик. Я до сих пор в шоке. Респект и уважение!