105 Pull Ups - WORLD RECORD - (No Hanging Rest & All in One Set)

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Mr Hist : These are actually real reps, unlike many other attempts...

String Jazz : The only explanation for this is: 1) Stop making excuses. 2) Start respecting other people's effort and achievements.

RepsolLL : God: how much grip strenght do you want ? This guy : All of it..

Yuri Sierra : Come on guys, he is russian, he is not pulling himself up, he is actually pushing the planet below him...

The Wolverine : 900 flopping crossfitters disliked this video

John A : Bruh, at this point him and the pull up bar are one entity.

Chia Lor : *Damn, these are real pullups! All the way up and all the way down to a hang position, RESPECT*

antisladd : 10:55 warmup done! Now lets WORK OUT!!

jordan G : This stupid kids in the background, they kept playing soccer and didn't notice the miracle near them. on second thought maybe in Russia it's not so special.

Der Hof 2007 : When I clicked this video I did not expect this to be performed this way. This is one of the most impressive feats of strength in human history. Mind blowing💪💪💪

spinkig : Are they even trying to score in the goal?

Dogs Are Life : In Russia you don't do pull ups. Pulls up do you.

Luke Faulkner : Incredible achievement... More than doubles my best.

jkickz : Russians are on a whole different level

LAUGH & CRY WITH OPEN EYES : Just a small suggestion to all the viewers. Watch the video in ×2 speed

Адиль Ермеков : И потом дальше куда то пошол 😂😂😂хуярить

Majestic Douchebag : Hey finally some REAL pullups; not those half-ass reps some queer in the gym does in the middle of your set of REAL pullups.

Sandwish : I mean we finally found a real alien footage but it's still not viral 😱

David Frank : People who don't do pull-ups will not understand what a feat of strength, conditioning and mental will power this guy is demonstrating. I am truly humbled and encouraged to push the envelope after watching this. Would be great to see to how he trained to be this good.

Roman Albrecht : If only Mufasa would have had such grip strength :( Scar wouldn't have been able to kill him!

godflame52 : Why would he leave on shoes, pants, and a shirt lol? That’s just an extra 3 lbs atleast. I’d be in underwear only lol

waj khaj : captain america is that you?😳

mike martin : At the end of his set, I expected him to drop to the floor from exhaustion but what does he do? He's climbing up the bars to do only God knows what else. This amazed me; the 105 reps and the fact that he was ready to continue his training. I can't believe what I just witnessed.

Armani : " He's resting between each rep by pausing." - He maintains tension even between sets. He prevents resting by continuously hanging from the bar with *both* arms. Try hanging from the bar for as long as you can and tell me which part felt like you were "resting".

greekatso : Absolute beast, very impressive just holding onto the bar for nearly 11 minutes straight, let alone the 105 legit pull-ups.

MaKs1M Максим : Ха-ха ха-ха-ха американцы слов в видео не понимают а понимаю ведь я русский:///

DIPK JEE : I don't how this video came in my recommendation...but have been trying to do pull ups these days and I can barely even do 5 or 6 pull ups in one attempt ...I can just imagine how difficult to do 100 or more....salute to this man..truly inspired.

D.A Morrison : Has to be one of the most incredible feats of pure strength on YouTube. Very impressed with your form and endurance. Reps were clean and pace consistent. Definitely just set a new bar for me.

Meshkiukas : I learned russian numbers from 1 to 105 in 10 minutes

Сергей Бескин : Это было круто! Парень просто машина какая-то. Молодец! Я в шоке! :)

Layne Warner : Simple: this man is an air bender and did not do any actual work

Hal Jordan : The chad Ruski

Game Over : *Силён сука! Силён! ©Куплинов*

Muhd Fahmi : The king of pull ups

Dirty Dan : 10:56 this dude is not going back up there

Vladimir 3454 : Haha, he actually went on doing something else when finished. I would drop dead if I reached this amount of pull ups. Much respect.

João Costa : Nah bruh cmon why are we taking this like he is actually a prodigy? It's a mediocre pull ups doing russian man, in Russia we can see way more.

Ali Azzandra : Wtf? Why this video not viral? This guy isn’t human OMG

Cryftal Maythes : Only in russia

HamsterGame : No hanging rest, really?

João Costa : In Soviet Russia, Pull ups do you.

Age of Reason : Blyatiful.

Мага Аликберов : Я в ахуе)

Mohammed Ahmed : Respect respect

дубас : Ебать ты жостик

Mike Tyson24rus : Земеля красавчик, сам с Лесосибирска, тоже турниками занимаюсь, но больше 35 раз не делал, физически работаю нет времени и сил полноценно заниматься, про тебя узнал с год назад наверное и удивился, что ты с Енисейска!!!

†MІ : It is dificult to stay hanging on the bar for 5 mins without pull ups... and he can stay more than 10 mins hanging + doing pull ups. AMAZING

Alexander : this video likes and diz shows how much russian haters in the world - %

Aln Arm : Only stay Hanging 10 minutes without pulling its a record jeje

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