105 Pull Ups - WORLD RECORD - (No Hanging Rest & All in One Set)

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Abnormal_Beings : To hang off a bar like that for 10mins already is incredible let alone doing 105 pull ups!! This video is pure motivation! Nothing is impossible

Yuri Sierra : Come on guys, he is russian, he is not pulling himself up, he is actually pushing the planet below him...

The Wolverine : 900 flopping crossfitters disliked this video

david keawe holt : I figured it out, he actually gets off the bar and shakes out during the YouTube ads.

Mr Hist : These are actually real reps, unlike many other attempts...

mike martin : At the end of his set, I expected him to drop to the floor from exhaustion but what does he do? He's climbing up the bars to do only God knows what else. This amazed me; the 105 reps and the fact that he was ready to continue his training. I can't believe what I just witnessed.

mes66 : I thought this was Gonna be like one of those Guinness book of records where the dude flops and uses his entire body's momentum to do a pull up..but this guy.. damn.. respect

Dead Reckoner : This is how these videos should be. No frills, no marketing team, no crowd. Just some guy and his buddy at a playground with an iPhone setting world records.

jordan G : This stupid kids in the background, they kept playing soccer and didn't notice the miracle near them. on second thought maybe in Russia it's not so special.

Angel S555 : It's a gif

greekatso : Absolute beast, very impressive just holding onto the bar for nearly 11 minutes straight, let alone the 105 legit pull-ups.

Skit Reviewer : only explanation is that the camera lady is very beautiful and it's motivating him to another level.

godflame52 : Why would he leave on shoes, pants, and a shirt lol? That’s just an extra 3 lbs atleast. I’d be in underwear only lol

String Jazz : The only explanation for this is: 1) Stop making excuses. 2) Start respecting other people's effort and achievements.

Roman Albrecht : If only Mufasa would have had such grip strength :( Scar wouldn't have been able to kill him!

Age of Reason : Blyatiful.

Dogs Are Life : In Russia you don't do pull ups. Pull ups do you.

Dirty Dan : 10:56 this dude is not going back up there

Der Hof 2007 : When I clicked this video I did not expect this to be performed this way. This is one of the most impressive feats of strength in human history. Mind blowing💪💪💪

Majestic Douchebag : Hey finally some REAL pullups; not those half-ass reps some queer in the gym does in the middle of your set of REAL pullups.

Syrian Qaisar : One word : Russian

LAUGH & CRY WITH OPEN EYES : Just a small suggestion to all the viewers. Watch the video in ×2 speed

wolly k : Damn holding the bare 10+ min. How long should I mastrubate per day to achieve this forarm strength? Im already able to use both hands.

Meshkiukas : I learned russian numbers from 1 to 105 in 10 minutes

lee dwight : Anyone else wanna see the Russian girl recording and not the dude doing pull ups

Евгений : Это круто! Да как ровно и спокойно! Первый раз такое вижу! Достойно Уважения.

Thomas Joseph : This is the most impressive feat of strength I have ever seen.

David Frank : People who don't do pull-ups will not understand what a feat of strength, conditioning and mental will power this guy is demonstrating. I am truly humbled and encouraged to push the envelope after watching this. Would be great to see to how he trained to be this good.

Extremer : Пацаны, кто-нить норм коммент напишите, залайкаем...

Miles C : Let David Goggins try this

Karl karl : Jeez massive respect to this man he's super strong. As an ex British soldier I know how difficult it is to do these fuckers I only managed 14 with crossed legs back when I was at my fittest many years back

G.A.M.A : I have to admit. I had no idea he would do that consecutively like that. All the way. Jesus Christ. Only people who workout or have this before know the amazingness of this. My back hurts from watching it.

RepsolLL : God: how much grip strenght do you want ? This guy : All of it..

Александр Соколов : Парень просто красавчик. Я до сих пор в шоке. Респект и уважение!

Youssef Zehry : This guy is a BEAST, I am surprised the bar didn’t break in half

Влад Игнатов : Лайк если тоже промотал до конца !!!

Prince of Peace Productions : An incredible display -full stops —evidently Russians have managed to keep their young men off of soy and estrogen

Сергей Бескин : Это было круто! Парень просто машина какая-то. Молодец! Я в шоке! :)

Лысый Из Brazzers : *Силён сука! Силён! ©Куплинов*

preettube18 : Wow ! Never seen anything like this... this is unreal and out of this world... Mind blowing ... Salute and 105 thumbs up 👍

LetsTalkSense1 : Amazing strength, keep up the great work, very impressive

†MІ : It is dificult to stay hanging on the bar for 5 mins without pull ups... and he can stay more than 10 mins hanging + doing pull ups. AMAZING

ΛΕΟΝΑΡΔΟΣ ΒΥΘΟΥΛΚΑΣ : What's his powerlevel?

Romario R : Видео в топ. Парень реальный богатырь!

Shlyapnikov_vyacheslav_s Тёма : видео для америкосов снимали русские,заебись

Ell Kukui : Мощно

Ali Azzandra : Wtf? Why this video not viral? This guy isn’t human OMG

박준형 : He is not human

Дядя Вася : Ха-ха ха-ха-ха американцы слов в видео не понимают а понимаю ведь я русский:///