Don't Shoot, He's Not Black

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Corvo269 : Honestly, don't blame the gunner. With shades like those, everyone he sees is Black to him.

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : That escalated quickly

a thing : *out of context*

Suraimu S : The what at the end is the perfect punchline

Pika Raichu : "He's not black!" Youtube: Demonized

World Of Stickboy : I remember this moment but i didn't realize it then lol

KingCodester111 : So is this out of context and there's some character with "black" in their name or is this really a race thing?

Anakin Skywalker : Diiiiisss mannnnn isnntttt black

BigMase : The most taken OUT OF CONTEXT scene in anime.

thesimpsons17 : DBS is getting sick of waiting for Team Four Star to do new Abridged episodes they've started doing it themselves 😂

Andy Wang : Is this what policemen in America watch during training?

Diamond DJ : MEME review BLACK

thenewjord50 : This is America in my Donald Glover voice

Meowmers McBiscuit : Knowing Akira, that may have been intentional.

John Stewart : I love how the officer replies with “WHAT?!?”

Genter : Wow anime is getting more realistic with every seasson :o

this puppy wants to hit 1000 subscribers : This is why Subbed is better😂

real sooper saend leurjnd : I love the confused _what?_ at the end. And then it suddenly cuts out.

infamousTao : This man isn't black but an illegal alien

hatchhyjack : that line sounds so racist 😂


Deb : And now certain morons have a window to claim that anime is racist... *._.*

Anipix : *WHAT?*

LostMercenary99 : I got nothing. I tip my hat to you funimation XD

Some nigger guy : *T H I S N I 🅱 🅱 A I S N' T 🅱 L A C K*

Junebug : United States police be like

NCfanboy1 : *Funimation:* [after watching this video] "...Whoops!"

Cosmo Cide : This is a prime example of the inportance of context.

Biohazard HD : Thank God Mr. PoPo wasn't there...

Ninja : The amount of people leaving this video thinking that the show was being racist because of this out of context clip, is incredible. The human race has failed

KILLER DESTROYER : The title is not right nor is the clip.🤣

Bobby F : I love how realistic dragonball is

Dark Light : Oh man! How did I not catch this when it first aired? ! Lmao

Phoenix Havoc : Need to show this to anyone who says sub is better

DPowered Smith : I wonder how many people honestly think this is about race, reading the comments seems like a lot

Kory Gaming : That sounds so racist....xD

Meme Boi : America in a nutshell


Azdrerios : Eat lead, murderer

Okami Jubei : I know it's unintentional as the character's name is Black but that sounds very wrong there.

the wonderer : WHHAT

Superedstonic : I remember watching this and hearing Trunks say that, it sounded so wrong, wtf XD

AlphaDestiny : LMAO!!

ultronichawk : I knew the kkk would come back but not like this 😂 (its just a joke)

AVPboy : The title is kind of... You know, Racist?

jc Chronicles : Cops be like....

Arenzoj : Someone asked "Why aren't there any black saiyan characters?" And I responded with "Do you really wanna see Frieza call any black saiyan a monkey?"

Ikcatcher : This could easily be taken out of context and I love it

Green Apple : His not black HIS WHITE

Loice lσттα : Racisttttttttt