Don't Shoot, He's Not Black

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Corvo269 : Honestly, don't blame the gunner. With shades like those, everyone he sees is Black to him.

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : That escalated quickly

Veridian : Popo Lives Matter

Fullmetal Shenron : The first time the sword actually did something

Swifty Unknown : This show is woke.

thenewjord50 : This is America in my Donald Glover voice

Suraimu S : The what at the end is the perfect punchline

Sumona Ferdous : He is WHITE our new enemy!

Debesh Jena : Hold your fire. This man isn't *WHITEN'T*

Biohazard HD : Thank God Mr. PoPo wasn't there...

Asad Farhan : Welcome to America! *Hold your fire! That man ain't black*

Anakin Skywalker : Diiiiisss mannnnn isnntttt black

Danny Sullivan : Color is a social construct

Okami Jubei : I know it's unintentional as the character's name is Black but that sounds very wrong there.

EndyPlays : THIS MAN ISN'T BLACK ....wat

Dexter Wilson : At least po wasn't there

World Of Stickboi : I remember this moment but i didn't realize it then lol

Skull crusher : *He is not whiten't*

Assassin 305 : "Don't shoot, he's not black!" -cops everywhere

Needsbeermoney : Is this the polices new training video?

Karceno 4ever : Sounds about white

aaron reyes : The irony of this title if you’re watching from America 😂

elitegamer45 : "HE'S NOT BLACK"-Says Trunks Me:Bruh, of course he isn't because he's white XD

Fluffy Fwaff : "English dub is way better!" English dub:

Ninja : The amount of people leaving this video thinking that the show was being racist because of this out of context clip, is incredible. The human race has failed

John Stewart : I love how the officer replies with “WHAT?!?”

Mr Lowkey : *wat*

L : I’d like to assume their talking about goku black but with those uniforms it is very hard to tell

wolfmantheimpaler : Meanwhile at Team Four Star: Kaiser: How do we abridge this?! Lani: I don't know, let's go with plan B. Kaiser: Wait....Lani NO! Lani: LANI YES! *pushes button* *all of Dallas TX turns into a fireball*

Hold Up Cuh : “This man isn’t BLACK” “What”

Pika Raichu : "He's not black!" Youtube: Demonized

Puppy wants to hit 1000 subscribers : This is why Subbed is better😂

Joineth the salamendren : best meme of 2018

atzales : *HWAT?*

manuel lopez : Black's life matters?

Bam5000000 : Out of context or not you gotta wonder if they caught this in recording 🤣

TOM : At least Goku wasn't stealing anything.

Wendell C75 : This is fucked up, but hilarious LMAO. "Hold Your Fire, this man isn't black" 🤣😂🤣 I never took the time to realize what trunks said

1 million subs No uploads challenge : Trunks is a racist XD

LostMercenary99 : I got nothing. I tip my hat to you funimation XD

Márk Mózer : This man is blackn't

Kurayamiblack : Soldier: "This is for everyone you killed! Eat lead murderer!!" Trunks: "Hold you fire! This man isn't black!" Me: "So... If he was black, this man's comment would be accurate?"

Nico Illan : United States in a nutshell

spoodsk2 : Even in context 😂

Dark Light : Oh man! How did I not catch this when it first aired? ! Lmao

Pradhyumn Kalangutkar : Blackn't

Diamond Dragon : So racist but yet so funny! 🤣

bat dan : oh over 9000 nah

That Boi : Context is everything