SV Avocet: Escaping the Fire

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Instagram The Woolsey and Hill Fire destroyed over 20,000 acres while the smoke carried over to neighboring cities. The air quality at our slip was at an all time low and to make it worse, the highways were closed and the Santa Ana winds were blowing with gusts up to 50. We were stuck and our plans to sail to the islands were ruined. However, we saw a weather window the following day and decided to sail up to Santa Barbara to get out of the thick of it. We had a great 2 day mini vacation before getting our A$$'s handed to us on our sail home! #SailingCouple #SantaBarbara #CheoyLee #Sailing

Comments from Youtube

Rod Weiner : I'm 100. shaZAM!

SailingArgo : What a nice channel😊 well done. Keep it coming.

Captain Boomies : That sky looked gnarly!

The Gentleman's Keep : Glad you were able to make it out and escape the fires! great video!!

Khmer Technical Art : hello, how are you dear?

NerdFactor : Holy crap a sailing channel that does b-roll good and the right way like Delos.

Funny Video Clips : Like 😊

Microduino Studio : Wow! This is so cool!

Jesse Reed S/V Matador : Life in the lazerette, I have grown very fond of being jammed in there, Cheers !

SFTB : Great video!

MavericK Vlogs : nice video lets be frenzz ?

Toys Games & Emotional Times : Very nice video πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘