SV Avocet: Escaping the Fire

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Sail Before Sunset : The fires have been so sad. We didn't see that much smoke down towards San Pedro, but it was definitely there during our last sail to Catalina. Santa Barbara is really beautiful. We were there about a month ago and enjoyed hanging around. The Santa Anas can be a beast! Two weeks ago First Mate had some business in Avalon, so we decided to sail out there and pick up a mooring ball (yuk) for a few days. We rarely ever sail to Avalon, but she needed to, so there we were. The Santa Ana chop started coming in at 2 a.m. on our second night, and if you have ever experienced 4-foot chop at 2 seconds, you know what I mean. Our 41 footer was jumping up and down like crazy! At about 2:30 a 50' powerboat had enough and left to head out. A few hours later we did the same. Once we were out of the shallower water and raised the main, things calmed down. We sailed around the back side to Cat Harbor for a week and vowed to never return to Avalon! Great vid! Keep up the good sailing.

Khmer Technical Art : hello, how are you dear?

NerdFactor : Holy crap a sailing channel that does b-roll good and the right way like Delos.

Funny Clips Videos : Like 😊

Jesse Reed S/V Matador : Life in the lazerette, I have grown very fond of being jammed in there, Cheers !

The Gentleman's Keep : Glad you were able to make it out and escape the fires! great video!!

Rod Weiner : I'm 100. shaZAM!

SailingArgo : What a nice channel😊 well done. Keep it coming.

Microduino Studio : Wow! This is so cool!

Toys Games & Emotional Times : Very nice video 😁👍👍

SFTB : Great video!