Sneaking Pickles into People's Pockets

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Vlog Creations : Pickle Pocketing had to be done. ig: creationsross

Nick Kunz : put a phone in someones pocket and then call them

Dark GT : That is the least gay haircut Ross had so far.

Flycoin7397976 : I saw a comment about putting a phone in someone's pocket and then call it that is the best idea

saiaddict : put a pocket on peoples pickles

Remi Barna : Just seeing the googly eyes with it is what really made me laugh 😂😂😂

MikeUltra : The eyes on the pickles, whats the dill? Hahaha

Ethan Emery : There will be flying cars in 2020 "2018

Zohar Nakash : Pickpocket level 100

Don’t Subscribe : Every time I watch one of your videos it makes my whole day 🤙🏽

Ross Blumps : Put ice cubes in people’s pockets.

Frogboy : Welcome to the pocket channel. Where wild boys sneak random things into peoples pockets.

X-RayBuffet : 3:16 Is that a veggie tales reference I hear? HMMMMMMMMMM!

GalacticSlayer : whats the dill lmao

Vezor : 1:37 i was thinking it was my kettle.

Troll Munchies : Boss up

AmaymonF : I m pickle rick

Willusions101 : Pickle rick

MiniFiFi : -Thanks! - You're welcome! xDDD

dadless : **next video try’s to slip a pickle into a girls pocket** “Aren’t you the guy who was putting pickles into peoples pocket?”

Chris R : My god the puns! This is one of the best things on YouTube.

I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT : Never gets old

Obunga : Sneaking price tags into people's pockets

Stephen Miller : +1 If you are smoking wood geed

mrcbanks : This is soooo funny i love the hot dog one too


Master OG : “Somebody pickle pocketed me” Someone actually called the police lol smh

Eobard Thawne : I do this prank to your mother every Saturday night

Daniel Kotze : Hey I voted on that thumbnail.

Kevin S : Ya'll are too damn funny. Do you guys still go to evo every monday night? I'm going to try to make it there next week.

Gerardo Adrian Cantu : I felt that every pickle with eyes where like finding their new families :')

Mario Wolfe Art : I was just waiting for the day someone would recognize you lmao

This is not ice cream This is butter : These videos make me realise how good of a thief you'd be.

WaltSLD : You are amazing Ross!

MikeUltra : More videos guys/longer vids, ya'll epic.

Infected Miller : What's the point of being subscribed to both channels if you're going to post the same content on both channels?

Doug Cetroni : I love this

Kurt Montgomery : What a guy

Supremenexus74 : Yeiii I chose this thumbnail👌👌👌👌

Sterling Widman : Yo I do flips if anyone is interested

I like Dogs : We need more people like this

Juny : 1:30 he literally smacked the pickle

Parker DeRosier : Please make this into a series

Lily Roeun : That pickle is cute

Remy Tv : First person 😂😂😂

Abdullah amir : If Ross loves his fans he will pin this comment

RNWNK : I don’t know why I find these so funny. This one is just as good as the hot dog.

alan walker : Hihihi

VadimVlogs : im dead this is awesome

Yonathan Friedman : First