Obi-Wan Kenobi - Master of Trolling

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utuber5055 : Anakin: Obi-Wan, what are you doing tonight? Obi-Wan: More like WHO am I doing tonight. Edit: For everyone who keeps replying Ventress, Commander Cody agrees with you -

Thomas Kross : Obi back at it again

J&N Gaming and More! : Vader: when I left you I was but the learner now I am the master. Obi wan: only a master of evil, and getting caught darth. Vader: I HATE YOU!

Twilight Bright : *"So how was my funeral?" ME*

HMS P. : Asaj Ventress and Obi-wan are a strange match xD Seriously, when those two meet it's comedy gold x')

Eddie : Dude, you left out this gem: Ahsoka: Master Kenobi, in your opinion, what is the height of stupidity? Obi-Wan: Anakin, how tall are you?

Obi-Wan Kenobi : _Hello There_

Darío Gutierrez : He bullyied Anakin so much he turned to the dark side lmao

joeflo ggg : Luke learned to troll from the best. That fight with Kylo ren was a complete troll.

Vanessa Chan : Yep. Anakin knew.10:00

Andrew Raslan : "Amazing... every method you used to troll people, I learned" - Luke Skywalker.

Furious Sherman : You forgot Obi-Wan's one-liner from when him and Quinlan Vos met up in Season 3, Episode 9. "Yes well if you could tell time half as good as you can stick a landing, then we wouldn't be behind schedule, now would we?"

BBG : Spaceship crash. 640 instantly dead. 896 killed in the resulting explosions and fires. 756 crushed by rubble and metal. 918 seriously injured. That was just ship crew. It crashed into 7 buildings, killing over 4800 and mutilating their corpses beyond recognition. This caused fires and explosions killing another 800 and injuring 984. This seriously hurt economy, causing the government to spend millions fixing the destroyed and damaged ships and buildings, many people losing most off their money, causing starvation, eviction, suicide, and crime rates raised 50% in certain areas. The planet is yet to overcome the massive dent put in economy and morale. Obi wan: "another happy landing"

fangorn23 : Obi-Wan: For a woman sworn to nonviolence, you dont seem concerned that I could have been killed back there Satine: BUT DID YOU DIE?????

HOONTERS GONNA HOONT : I feel like the animation team put way too much effort into Kenobi giving Alien broads "the look" lol

androkguz : Maybe if you had not bullied him so much we wouldn't have Darth Vader. Have you thought about that Obi-Wan?

FUmarc : Obi Wan, you silver tonged devil you.

Derpiness is me : Obi-wan has fallen to the troll side of the force

kyle013100 : "I want to see how it works." "I disagree...." "So do I...." "Come on the nose or the ear?" *sigh* "The nose." Poor Luminara

galslovveme : "because I make observations and you think with your lightsaber" it was at that moment Anakin was busted for nailing Padme 7:29

Hello There : Hello there

Crash Kojote : "The Sarcasm of a Soldier" "The Delusion of a Dreamer" Anakin: *The Smug of a Spectator*

Damián Arballo : 6:19, man if anakin wasn't here, I would be hitting her with my other lightsaber

Nedim Hodzic speed edit : " So, how was my funeral? "

Michael Chang : Obi WON in the trolling contest.

BananacornKate : Le Lenny List: 1:41 6:19

McDonut1st : 1:40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels : The Kenobi-Skywalker-Tano trio is the best shit in the Star Wars universe. Also, REX!

BlackMoon月黒 : 12:17 Obi-wan used force crush.... I thought that was forbidden

W. L. Orodor Calaerchon : 6:24 Obi Wan - "You seem a bit on edge." Anakin - "There's a good chance they're about to destroy all life on this planet, including ours and the senators, so YES I am a bit on edge. Why aren't you?" Obi Wan - "I'm better at hiding it."

Noah Checkman : "That's fine, red's not my color." Sorry, Kenobi, but your starfighter begs to differ.

Ur dads A blender : Vader: when i left you i was but the learner, now i am the master Kenobi: only a master at getting caught Darth

Rae-alexis Butterworth : Love the whole video,especially when Obi wan watches Ahsoka telling Anakin off about losing Count Dooku.

Exhoe L : *can you imagine Ewan McGregor running around being sassy af*

Obi wan Kenobi : Hello there

M3krOn0s Movies : His new name: *OWNED BY KONOBI*

Furious Sherman : Trollbi-Wan Kenobi, the greatest savage in the galaxy.

HotClog and Pointless : Obi wan: who should I troll today

Joshua Seagondollar : That cheeky smirk Obi-Wan gives when Ventress drops her cloak... Not that I blame him. Ventress is pretty hot.

Vanessa Chan : That was impressive ROFL Actually, everything was making me ROFL.

Renz F : I didnt realize the amount of weird catty fight flirting between obi-wan and ventress. Like what even is this sexual tension that breaks the balance of the force?

RU5TY 「 R E A P E R 」 : *Beard stroking intensifies.*

WKTang : That face Obi Wan make when Ventress took off her... skirt?

Anthony Gerace : Vader: Now I am the masterKenobi: A master at geting caughtVader: Very funny

Cheng Zhou the Younger : >fakes own death >freaks everyone out master of trolling indeed

Wolfgang Krassus : Ventress english voice is so sexy

mikkelnpetersen : Satine and Kenobi acts like a married couple. :D

Petra Kryze : Lol. Mom and Dad fighting. Or, in her case, standing.

Noah Weisbrod : Obi-wan and Asajj can't decide if they want to fight or make out...

TerraStone : Obi Wan is the best! :D xD :)