Obi-Wan Kenobi - Master of Trolling

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Emese Kürti : *Clone wars is back fellas!!!!* let's hope we'll get some more of Obi Wan.

Thomas Kross : Obi back at it again

Twilight Bright : *"So how was my funeral?" ME*

J&N Gaming and More! : Vader: when I left you I was but the learner now I am the master. Obi wan: only a master of evil, and getting caught darth. Vader: I HATE YOU!

The Dominus : Best Star Wars character. Ever. Of all time.

Andrew Raslan : "Amazing... every method you used to troll people, I learned" - Luke Skywalker.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : _Hello There_

Yes, you heard me : Why does dookus face look like the front of a train 🚂

Nedim Hodzic speed edit : " So, how was my funeral? "

nickelpickel1997 : Please make 14:33 onward its own video, it's so glorious of a burn.

ElectroSniper Gaming : "Anakin leaves quite a bit of a mess, which always leads me to you, Ventress." Me: lol "At least you're a getting caught." Me: lol seriously wut

Furious Sherman : You forgot Obi-Wan's one-liner from when him and Quinlan Vos met up in Season 3, Episode 9. "Yes well if you could tell time half as good as you can stick a landing, then we wouldn't be behind schedule, now would we?"

W. L. Orodor Calaerchon : 6:24 Obi Wan - "You seem a bit on edge." Anakin - "There's a good chance they're about to destroy all life on this planet, including ours and the senators, so YES I am a bit on edge. Why aren't you?" Obi Wan - "I'm better at hiding it."

Exhoe L : *can you imagine Ewan McGregor running around being sassy af*

Damián Arballo : 6:19, man if anakin wasn't here, I would be hitting her with my other lightsaber

Noah Checkman : "That's fine, red's not my color." Sorry, Kenobi, but your starfighter begs to differ.

FUmarc : Obi Wan, you silver tonged devil you.

Michael Chang : Obi WON in the trolling contest.

Salty Snake : "Kenobi, what a surprise!" This looks like the formation of a beautiful friendship!

Joshua Seagondollar : That cheeky smirk Obi-Wan gives when Ventress drops her cloak... Not that I blame him. Ventress is pretty hot.

Renz F : I didnt realize the amount of weird catty fight flirting between obi-wan and ventress. Like what even is this sexual tension that breaks the balance of the force?

RU5TY 「 R E A P E R 」 : *Beard stroking intensifies.*

Obi wan Kenobi : Hello there

DL2 : Clone Wars is what made Kenobi my favorite character.

Ur dads A blender : Vader: when i left you i was but the learner, now i am the master Kenobi: only a master at getting caught Darth

Cabin Boi 24 : 0:33 there he goes with the word "civilized" which is ironic as he is the true villain mastermind who caused star wars to happen in the first place.

Fuck You : Obi wan: who should I troll today

JHONNE FROMYT : On 14:24 obi wan gets his lightsaber on maul’s back and calls ventress to catch her lightsaber

WKTang : That face Obi Wan make when Ventress took off her... skirt?

Crash Kojote : "The Sarcasm of a Soldier" "The Delusion of a Dreamer" Anakin: *The Smug of a Spectator*

Tyrannapus And Friends : Holly s**t grievious said hello there first! Obi wan’s was a callback! My life is infinitely better

mikkelnpetersen : Satine and Kenobi acts like a married couple. :D

Noah Weisbrod : Obi-wan and Asajj can't decide if they want to fight or make out...

Snellyea01 : I’ve always wondered why I’m a smartass, then I rewatched the clone wars. Now I understand

McDonut1st : 1:40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jakub Łyjak : 13:32 "And they call you a master?" Obi "Yeah, master of trolling".

Phoen1x Yakumo : The Clone Wars ~ [General Grevious] "HELLO THERE!" Revenge of The Sith ~ [Obi-Wan Kenobi] "Hello there~!"

Obi Wan Kenobi : Hello there. I leave a line just right there... *ANAKIN:* Obi Wan, what's the height of stupidness? *ME:* Anakin, how tall are you?

Respective Galaxy : 7:01 i feel bad for that droid

Furious Sherman : Trollbi-Wan Kenobi, the greatest savage in the galaxy.

TardThor : The question is not if obi-wan and ventress had sex, but how many time and in what position. All that flirting must hide something.

Bill : Obi-wan: "Where's your lightsaber?" Anakin:" It got knocked out of my hand." Obi-wan: "By a rock?" Anakin: "By a rock." Obi-wan: "That is a feeble excuse." ... Anakin: "It was a big rock..."

AlisaMaederGodN9gga : Was there some kinda weird sexual tension between Obi-Wan and Ventress, or is that just me?

Anthony Gerace : Vader: Now I am the masterKenobi: A master at geting caughtVader: Very funny

TerraStone : Obi Wan is the best! :D xD :)

Stillwinston : I once ran into an Obi Wan cosplayer at a con, we both agreed he brought the right amount of sass to a situation.

ROBODUDE : I want to be this man

Thomas Ford : The droids in Clone Wars seem to have more personality than they do in the movies.

TheAlphaHydra : 6:19 lets appreciate that he looks a little down from her face.

Joshua S : Just realized the shock trooper at 13:13 loses his paint at 13:24.