First snowfall for Eritrean children new to Canada.

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someone28 : Thank you for putting a smile on my face today.

wiseguy : What a beautiful video. Welcome to Canada 🍁🍁🍁.

DataSeven1 : Wait till they have to shovel it, lol

Katherine Shepherd : Hi Rebecca, My name is Katherine Shepherd. I work at LEX 18 News in Lexington, Kentucky. May I have permission to use this video during our afternoon newscast with a courtesy?

Leah Laushway : My mother has told me that she was just this excited at seeing snow upon her arrival in Canada as a 30 year-old, just over 40 years ago, from the Philippines. Thanks for being awesome, Canada!

HossInJager : Dare you to try not to smile while watching this.. you can't

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus : Look at the pure joy in those kids over snow, so beautiful. Thank you Canadian brothers for allowing that family in. I wish everyone the same joy in those kids, no matter who you are.

pmohanram : This is why I love living in Canada. Never mind the few right wing trolls who will denigrate immigrants and refugees. As a University professor, I see the children of refugees, on their way to becoming successful professionals who will add immensely to Canadian society. Best of luck to these children and all like them. I hope Canada stays this way.

Bruce Ketchum : This makes me so happy.

Patrick Sue-Chan : Aww this is the highlight of my day! Absolutely adorable! :)

BlackHayateTheThird : Love the happiness and joy! Seeing this also makes me happy about the pending snow... Always welcome and I hope your life here brings you much happiness~

Rachel : So cute! Welcome home new baby Canadians <3

Dan Nordenbrock : We are all richer for our shared diversity, love, Earth, joy, and cultures! Thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful children! Thank you for your love.

Brandon Brooks : Just wait - by the end of the season they'll hate it as much as we do.

ragime change in Eritrea : I love you my little brothers from eritrea

MRMR : Great video and Welcome to Canada.

Paul Eduard : Dear Lady, Rebecca Davies, this is a quick guide on activating the "Hold Comments" setting. (It'll allow you to preview the comment before adding it here) .... Open "Creator Studio" and on the left side select "Videos". Then check mark the box (select) for this video! Open the "Actions" menu above the Video List AND from that menu select "More Actions ..." And from this "More Actions ..." menu you'll see the item "Comments". Select it and you'll be given 4 choices for setting comments. Select "Hold all comments for review" and make sure to press "Submit". Be patient, it takes some time to update.

Gabe L : Welcome to Canada - you should be safe there !!! Enjoy your new lives.

Pauline Head : That brother and sister made me smile! But that dusting of snow is nothing compared to what we normally receive. I want to see the looks on their angelic faces in the coming weeks! I think they live in north western Toronto, I'm in Mississauga. I hope the family releases another video of them when it's really coming down.

D R : Very cool! Enjoy...get them some GT Snow racers!

fitnessfinatic91 : As a fellow Eritrean born and raised in Toronto, this brings an immense smile to my face. Thank you Rebecca for sharing this. Welcome home to my brother and sister 🤗

Ron Bigalke : I'll bookmark this video for January when dealing with snow is a little less joyful for yours truly. In the meantime, their reaction is awesome.

Ahmed Benahcene : Grand bravo de France ! 👌 Magnifique de voir la joie de ces petits 😍

Seare Teklay : Eritreans are resiliant to ward life and canada have great sense of humanity.thank you to see ma brothers

charlene Cory : This is so great ! Welcome to Canada, kiddos <3 ( and parents ). Pay no mind to the ignorance, the other 95% of us dont either ;)

ethanr432 : Reddit brought me here. This is wonderful.

Alt-Right Scientist : I bet white south African children being killed by blacks would have enjoyed that snow as well

Adam Kuisian : CBC did a documentary about Canadian refugees. Most of them from sudan/nigeria/haiti said if they would be sent back they would be killed. NOT TRUE. It was found over 50% of refugees lied about their names, family members, and those crossing with them. Many also were correct that people wanted them dead back home. What they didn't say was that they were wanted dead cause they robbed and beaten people, and one even killed a police officer. And stupid canadians feel sorry for them. There is a reason why Dominicans hate Haitians. lol

MUSIC & HOLLYWOOD ARE OLD FASHION : When I was 20 years old I am going to Switzerland migrants when I see first time Snow I fell like this

Grïsu : a refugee given a home that a hard working born Canadian cant even afford working his or her ass off. seems fair.

Italian Fascist/Nationalist 14 : They're "refugees" that most likely came with nothing & they're already practically self-sufficient?🤔🤔🤔 seems Canadian tax dollars are put to good use meanwhile we have our own freezing to death on the streets!? Oh but they like snow, forget everything I said.

SuperBase555 : OMG that's so adorable! 😍😍😍😍

Adam Kuisian : refugees are ruining our Country. It doesn't matter black or white. They need to be self sufficient and they are not. They have no right to be here. NONE! they take jobs away from Canadians. they bring very little to society. And they do not integrate into Canada. they integrate with the other refugees and change our country. Same thing happened in europe and they regret it.

Jacob Beaton : Awesome

JulesRouleau : Si triste ! Pourquoi ne sont-ils pas en Érythrée ou dans un pays africain ?

myunicon : HOW CAN THIS WOMAN GET PREGNANT WITH A 3 YRS OLD AND A 13 MONTH BABY IN THE REFUGEES CAMP IF THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE SUDAN REFUGEES CAMP FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS. THIS STORY DOES NOT ADD UP since you said you took in a family consists of a mother and 4 children aged 7, 5, 3, and 13 months old baby, and that they have been in the Sudan refugee camp for the past five years. ALL PROPAGANDA FROM THE LIBERAL AND TRUDEAU !

Agu Obiakor : All kids do this? These are just cute little nignogs

Pokemon4WoT : Heartwarming!

Sacri ficer : they will start doing crimes in few years from now

Michelle Franklin : So pure <3

Boois Hoois : Go back to your country, that is my snow!

Shark Storm : Very cute video, very cute reaction. And already being used by liberal globalists as propaganda to flood even more immigrants into Canada. Consider yourselves lucky, the seven recent African immigrants in our city were already arrested with a huge stockpile of weapons and drugs.

Adam Kuisian : People who say ''were your ancestors born here?'' are so ignorant to the history of Canada. They built the country we live in for us to live our lives a certain way. This isn't the 1900's boys and girls. 2018 we do not need to be bringing in refugees as new Canadians are totally irrelevant to what Canada stood for. The liberals seek to change and brainwash Canadians telling us what Canada is about. And people believe it. then Liberals do the democratic process in alienating the non-believers, calling them racist, ask for them to be fired from their job, and continue scare tactics to prove they are correct...... SAD THING we have nobody big enough to stand up to them and change this. It might be too late.Too european late. And in 100 years people will not even recognize our country and our history. Its quite sad and pathetic!

Chris Rosa : 15 downvotes. wtf is wrong with people? why is the downvote option even still there?

Srta.TacoMal : Meanwhile, some of my fellow Americans have the mindset, “If we let in immigrants, there will be less snow for my kids!” 😒 This pure joy is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing! -An adult who still loves snow P.S. Show it to them in 10 years, every time they complain about having to shovel it 😉

النيل حبشي : Canada takes the finest gold from Eritrea and this is a demonstration of the fact that the Eritrean people are homeless without their will.

Kat West : Wait till they make a snowman!

Sera Kirk : You and those adorable (and very welcome) newcomers to Canada made me smile and cry at the same time. Thank you. ❤️

Adam Kuisian : i'm protecting my country. Go look at whats happening in Mexico now with the immigrants. Mexicans themselves are starting riots. They want them dead. They are proud mexicans that want to keep it mexico. Canada is not like that. it's a weak minded country that people do not know themselves what canada is about. Just the liberal clowns coming up with terminology to get votes and business deals like ''this is what canada is about'' when its not. immigrants 'aka new canadians in the 30's-60's built what I am protecting. And the new immigrants - refugees are ruining it.

Monique Kok : Welcome to your new home! May you all prosper here 🙂