2016 F-16 Viper Demo

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TopFelya : Top Video ! Amazing footage mate. Thank you for uploading

befru : I finally found someone intelligent enough to make a cockpit video without adding music.

Andrew Pfeiffer : Definitely one of the most beautiful planes ever conceived. Still looks as fresh and new as it did when it was first built.

Leonardo Sandoval Chavez - 2017 HD : q hermoso avión ,las cosas q hace F16

robert335ijb4 : This has been my favorite jet fighter since I was a kid. Such a beautiful jet!

Hallo Das : في احد عربي لايك

Joshua Nolte : that would be the best job in the world.

KegPatcha : Take off at 7:25

Jong Lin Joon : taiwan number 1

ah mecorp : what a thrill! It must be so awesome to do that.

Dima Balan : Just WOW!

joseph Geis : I fell in love with the F-16 first time I seen her !!!

Yvone : Major Craig "Rocket" Baker.......nothing more to be said.

Anton Chigurh : Hard to believe that this design is 42 years old.

БАКУ 1 : Супер.

mujeeb rehman : a technician is look like robot

KMurdock1974 : ..could watch this all day

xzabath1 : All engine and some wings. Awesome.

Vinny Catalano : and some voters in the US want to turn this over to a real estate guy!?!?!?!

John 3:16 : A colossal waste of our tax dollars.  We need less "death machines" and more hospitals and schools to cure illness and strengthen the mind.  He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

Jimmy Chestnut : brilliant video mate!!! Great editing

graycloud057 : I didn’t know the air force had robots...

Christofer Riche : And thank you for your service to your country.


Will Rookie : Hello this solo display and really well alternates between the cockpit and the viewoutdoor all keep the sound of external one brilliant idea bravoyou! a Hello from the France!

bluesuit3 : I was there at the show it was an awesome display. I would love to take a ride in this and a P-51.

Alex McLovingitt : Hey, I was just wondering if I could show a short clip of this video in a school project, if so, then thanks!

Ramp Rat31 : Absolute badass! Great video! *big grin*

theoaristi53 : Greece has signed a 2.4 billion Euros contract to update 125 F-16s to the V version

giannisgt28rs : ρισπεκτ soon HAF fly this g4++world best f-16 spec! for one of the best airforce&pilots forces...

katsonis : 2:07 michael jackson

Collin C : Idk, but in my book the F-16 is cooler than the f-15

Mark Slatter : Fantastic job merging both views into one well timed and amazing video. Still the best looking bird out there and the USAF takes good care of them. Great demo, great piloting and great team work. Thank you!

Tater Tot : Bad ass

Callabris : At the beginning of the demo right as he's taking off they call it a Fighting Falcon. Why does the title say Viper?

Louie Anderson : SAS

Hawk Marine : Didn't show the landing.. I think that would have been rough. Lol

IgniterEd2012 : Best job on the planet! Awesome video and great flying! Much respect for what these guys do! Thanks for sharing!!

alessandro vinci : Wich Block is this ?

Iehab Al-Haddad : Beautiful nice very beautiful.

gas taber : Skip to 7:15 You are welcome

Mac Anix : Damn... that is a fine video... Thanks....

Caroline Breitwieser : most beautiful plane ever!

Isailin Sanches . : Hermoso Avión !! Yo deseo ser Piloto. Me Encantaría Estar Sobre volando el cielo en uno de esos Aviones.

Lahore HD : yep OLD but GOLD ! many many years ago Pakistan | built F-16 Viper Demo with China's Helps buttt Now Recently Pakistan Air Force has built JF-17 Thunder Aircraft

Daniel Gonzales : I know it's harder then it looks

Dan Ausmus : best damn job in the world

ACKHSA Ripan Laskar : nice 7778

Rower Rodriguez : 6:20 finally!