2016 F-16 Viper Demo

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Rickey Mitchell : very nice video and demo! was this Viper from Shaw AFB? i did 2 tours at Shaw. so little wing and so much thrust. i agree with no music, it was nice to experience the sound of the aircraft.

Henry Powell : That was awesome. Great flying

Ahsaan Khan : Woww i really like it 👌👌👌👌

Jose espejo c. : La palabra de Dios dise ama tu prójimo como Ati mismo

JetMechMA : I once saw an F-86 and an F-16 at an air show. Much to our delight the F-86 fired up and taxied for takeoff. Very rare and impressive. The most beautiful fighter ever built. It went to full power and roared down the runway and just wowed everybody with it's high performance. A beautiful fighter aircraft. .....then the F-16 lined up for take-off. He kicked it into afterburner and people covered their ears and babies cried. In what seemed like less than half the distance of the F-86, the Falcon was airborne. He climbed straight up out of sight in a deafening show of raw power. It was a jaw dropping display of the strength and agility of these modern new generation fighters.

OliverMulcahy 04 : Lovely plane, although personally I prefer the f/a-18e super hornet

Abualwell Killer : i well use orbital on him if he try to fly iwell use it on him hahaha orbital yes

katsonis : 2:07 michael jackson

robert335ijb4 : This has been my favorite jet fighter since I was a kid. Such a beautiful jet!

befru : I finally found someone intelligent enough to make a cockpit video without adding music.

barracuda7018 : Its  still the best front line light weight ,multi role fighter in the world..

jdamron311 : F-16 Viper? What happened to F-16 Fighting Falcon???

Joshua Johnson : B-E-A-utiful!!!! What a jet and what a pilot!!! Great show!!

Dudu Silveira : Algum Br aí ???

Will Rookie : Hello this solo display and really well alternates between the cockpit and the viewoutdoor all keep the sound of external one brilliant idea bravoyou! a Hello from the France!

TheAtom : One of my favorite jets. I hear they are coming out with an updated version called the F-16V. Doesn't look too different from this one, just has more updated radar & other electronics making it even more capable.

Hallo Das : في احد عربي لايك

KegPatcha : Take off at 7:25

Rafael Roseno : exellemty gosttey

Rafael Roseno : chou de decolagem..

Distant Light Productions : Job well done,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leroy O Neill : This is the most amazing video i have ever seen. Lost for words. My dream to ride along and some day i will make it happen. You sir are a Legend. Much respect. 👏👍

civettuola civettuola : Forteeeee ......

mujeeb rehman : a technician is look like robot

Marmaris Tropikal : F16 :)

Proerd é a solução : muito massa!

Scoofio1987 : I'm exhausted just watching him. Seems like an intense workout.

helthuismartin : 30 of them crashed in the Netherlands.Its made for beautifull weather.

سعود فقط : هههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههه

Josh Christieson : Cool helmet

Open Source Movies and Scripts Central Casting : Awesome job guys!

Hammad Gull : Nice

Dary Marko : SUPER 👏👏👏👍👏👏👍👍👍👏

gex geko : Loved it and NO annoying music.

DubDanTV : What is all the steam/smoke coming iff the wings when he pulls back hard? Isnt that the stuff that makes a sonic boom? Is it visible sound?

Andrew Pfeiffer : Definitely one of the most beautiful planes ever conceived. Still looks as fresh and new as it did when it was first built.


Joshua Nolte : that would be the best job in the world.

Jp Akin : Amazing performance your a super pilot

Isailin Sanches . : Hermoso Avión !! Yo deseo ser Piloto. Me Encantaría Estar Sobre volando el cielo en uno de esos Aviones.

Anton Chigurh : Hard to believe that this design is 42 years old.

Naveen Kumar : Great pilot

FOX BOX : *Who is that man in black? It's Robocop?*

Alexander Hartdegen : Amazing! Wonderful machine and good pilot!

Steven Smith : You guys have to come to the next Langley show and put the Raptor Demo to shame ;) #VipersRule

Caroline Breitwieser : most beautiful plane ever!

Iehab Al-Haddad : Beautiful nice very beautiful.

Daniel Gonzales : I know it's harder then it looks

Edgar Rios : 2:24 jajaja se le olvidó quitarle el freno de mano y la cuña de madera..JAJAJA

Alex McLoven'itt : Hey, I was just wondering if I could show a short clip of this video in a school project, if so, then thanks!