2016 F-16 Viper Demo

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Rickey Mitchell : very nice video and demo! was this Viper from Shaw AFB? i did 2 tours at Shaw. so little wing and so much thrust. i agree with no music, it was nice to experience the sound of the aircraft.

Henry Powell : That was awesome. Great flying

Joshua Johnson : B-E-A-utiful!!!! What a jet and what a pilot!!! Great show!!

jdamron311 : F-16 Viper? What happened to F-16 Fighting Falcon???

Wild Rice : Great plane......excellent machine and pilot

Jose espejo c. : La palabra de Dios dise ama tu prójimo como Ati mismo

Abualwell Killer : i well use orbital on him if he try to fly iwell use it on him hahaha orbital yes

Hammad Gull : Nice

Harold Daniel : Anytime you see an F-16, pay tribute to its designer Harry Hillaker of General Dynamics Fort Worth Texas Division at the time, a member of the "Fighter Mafia", last of its kind in modern era, see the story here, very good read: @t

TheAtom : One of my favorite jets. I hear they are coming out with an updated version called the F-16V. Doesn't look too different from this one, just has more updated radar & other electronics making it even more capable.

Дмитрий Ломакин54 : в натуре пиндосы ебнутые хуеплето-пидорасы . ржу не могу от этих высерков

katsonis : 2:07 michael jackson

Scoofio1987 : I'm exhausted just watching him. Seems like an intense workout.

Isailin Sanches . : Hermoso Avión !! Yo deseo ser Piloto. Me Encantaría Estar Sobre volando el cielo en uno de esos Aviones.

JetMechMA : I once saw an F-86 and an F-16 at an air show. Much to our delight the F-86 fired up and taxied for takeoff. Very rare and impressive. The most beautiful fighter ever built. It went to full power and roared down the runway and just wowed everybody with it's high performance. A beautiful fighter aircraft. .....then the F-16 lined up for take-off. He kicked it into afterburner and people covered their ears and babies cried. In what seemed like less than half the distance of the F-86, the Falcon was airborne. He climbed straight up out of sight in a deafening show of raw power. It was a jaw dropping display of the strength and agility of these modern new generation fighters.

Józef Urbanowicz-Fudalej : F16 złom sterowany przez TRumpa=MOssad=Chiny Ludowe Lenina ! oszustwo !

Ahsaan Khan : Woww i really like it 👌👌👌👌

Rafael Roseno : chou de decolagem..

اوسكار العراقي : يالوطن العربي كلكم اندعولي امنيت اصير طيارة فدوة 😭😭

Marmaris Tropikal : F16 :)

Rafael Roseno : exellemty gosttey

civettuola civettuola : Forteeeee ......

Dudu Silveira : Algum Br aí ???

Raul Garcia : Con ñ siempre..Me llamo España.1.Apellido Construcción 2 Apellido Protegerme

befru : I finally found someone intelligent enough to make a cockpit video without adding music.

มนต์ชัย ไทรทอง : 🌎♥️🇹🇭♥️🌎

gex geko : Loved it and NO annoying music.

Raul Garcia : Con ñ siempre.y las Cadenas televisivas también

Дональд Трамп : В туалет они тоже строевым шагом ходят? Интересно, унитазу честь отдают? За время подготовки к вылету "вероятный противник" уже десять раз долетел до объектов и отбомбился.

Leonardo Sandoval Chavez - 2017 HD : q hermoso avión ,las cosas q hace F16

Bobby Sidhu : Best job in the world 😍

سعود فقط : هههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههه

Nikki B : Be still my heart.... And yes, I'm speaking of the F16... !! ;)

Will Rookie : Hello this solo display and really well alternates between the cockpit and the viewoutdoor all keep the sound of external one brilliant idea bravoyou! a Hello from the France!

Dary Marko : SUPER 👏👏👏👍👏👏👍👍👍👏

希望匿名 : F-16が 「フック」を付ければ「空母」に着陸できる「ネタ」。

Naveen Kumar : Great pilot

Adalberto Gonzalez : En una guerra van a esperar tanto para despegar y el gafo que está en la línea de buelo mucha marcialidad parece pendejo camaninando asi

AJ Pilot : I love the military precision, and discipline.

William Harvey : its nice to not have a damn music track !!!

Raul Garcia : Estamos en alerta 5. no estais solos.La Armada Española donde Estáis.Barcelona.Por tierra ,Aire y por Mar esa Bandera hay ponerla otra vez. la Roja-Amarilla-Roja .Ya

Edgar Rios : 2:24 jajaja se le olvidó quitarle el freno de mano y la cuña de madera..JAJAJA

Patrick Censon : Thanks for not adding in any music. Here take my like!

Дмитрий : Как дерево

giannisgt28rs : ρισπεκτ soon HAF fly this g4++world best f-16 spec! for one of the best airforce&pilots forces...

theoaristi53 : Greece has signed a 2.4 billion Euros contract to update 125 F-16s to the V version


OliverMulcahy 04 : Lovely plane, although personally I prefer the f/a-18e super hornet

Murad Khan : f16 one of the most amazing and famous fighter jet in aircraft history !

Frozen Throne : Take more breath oxcygen bro. Its not easy. Fast breath.