Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut

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Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday. Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Xinhuanet:


VICTOR DEY : And that's how world domination by the machines started

Excalipoor : It's just like watching the NPCs at CNN

Mikey Mike : The party can finally have a fully controllable mouthpiece.

Felipe M : fake news......anchor

Hugo Auditore : GOD DAMNIT PEOPLE Deus Ex Human Revolution warned us about this.

BuildingCenter : I, for one, welcome our new AI newslord.

День Виноградный : охуеть

Spiritus : Will AI viewers be watching this news show?

Carlos G : "Hasta la vista, baby" 😎

Абв Где : I Never Asked For This

Abhishek Desai : Now, that is how jobs will disappear, no need of 8 hour working rule.

Dejay Clayton : Am I the only person who thinks this video footage of a news anchor, speaking English, is real, and someone just dubbed Text-To-Speech over the original audio track?

Mousa Rouholamini : you have to build an AI president for USA...

nikolaiii921 : вот тут пропагандоны должны напрячься, у братишек закупят вещателей, и на домик у озера Комо больше не заработаешь.

Santat Angsupan : Human's voice tone for indications and passion toward some contents will not be easy to imitate though. Still, good work China! Keep it up!

Nina Messeck : They just test how ppl can swallow everything. It's a real guy with robotic voice added for this video. AI don't look so realistic if you dig into this topic...

Atzenbronko1337 : Congratulation! Much better way than developing AI for military things. But in my point of view it’s absolutely essential that the mankind comes together and thinking about (e.g. an ethical AI council) how we want to live and deal with AI in our future - As soon as possible ..!

THE GREEN MACHINE : No thanks. I'll pass

Maupiatka Polarna : This is NOT AI, but CGI ;)

Michael Harvey : This is just wong.

WolvenSpectre : Work on better lip sync and use a better T2S engine voice, then slightly expand the animations and it would be pretty compelling.

BillyBumpyBear : Looking forward to it getting hacked. "9/11 was an inside job."

Abrupt Earth Changes : "Texts will be typed into my system..." That's artificial, but not intelligent, it's a digital talking puppet.

Эйс Вентура : китайцы красавчики, вот вам и отставание в робототехники от японцев. ну чё готовы к новому мировому лидеру в 21 веке?

luckyman64 : Does anybody know the overall plot of Metal Gear Solid? Remember how the Patriot AI's controlled governments and pacified the population? Let's not let a video game become actual history...

Some Rabbit : Anyone here old enough to remember Max Headroom, the virtual news anchor?

I Ss : It's not really AI if they're reading from a script is it? It's just the same as the current news anchors.

Родион Раскольников : Good idea, since all the news are fake on public television anyway. Now there is no need to pay someone to lie which is morally good, I suppose. News speakers are reading from the screen anyway all day :-)

Zenny Nequin : And this is why I dont watch the news. PS Mexico is Paying for the wall

Weronika Dąbrowska : This Detroit: Become Human shit happens faster than I thought.

Black Swan Rider : "This is Eliza Cassan, reporting for Picus."

Francisco Monges : The advance of technology is starting to scare me.

Alberto C : The perfect puppet!!

leoypiscis07 : Im Confused,, its this a virtual reality anchor or in another words,,, a video of a anchor or it really a real robot giving the news??? Like a robot made of cables and motors??? I dont get it !!! Virtual reality video or Real robot????

Mark E : Now you can have someone pump out 24 Hours endless commie propaganda for you for free - great idea!

David Heng : They took our job!!

El Piepoli : That's wrong, manipulation, propaganda and fake news are going in onether level

Youngok Jung : China censors media. This AI use china search engine. WOW

Federico R. : This is a great tool, now China's government do not have to worry about anchor's saying anything bad against government, say anything sensitive or dangerous .

Bill Casey : "I'm Ron Burgundy?" "Damn it! Who put a question mark on the teleprompter!?!"

UnrealTvink : THE END IS COMING (с)

Sita Rainbow : This is as phony as the fake fireplace heaters, giving nothing but a visual imitation of a real fire. What the tech developers either don't know or have forgotten is that we have more than just 5 senses - we are spirit/soul, we are consciousness. When someone speaks to us in person, we get both the words & we read the energy of both the person & their words. It's something we sense, not via the mind by deeper within via what I call Heart. We have a body-mind but it's not what we are - more accurately, we contain the body-mind. We are awareness, we are consciousness, & we are eternal. The body-mind contraptions come & go but we ever remain. Those experiencing or studying the NDE phenomena know this better than most. The body-mind is such a small part of who & what we are - a very limited part. These AI beings present well to the body-mind, but those of us who read people's energy easily spot their underlying unreality, that they are NOT what they purport to be. I wonder what the designers will do when they discover that we are all telepathic? These are robots, presenting as real only to the limited 5 senses. We are so much MORE. At our core, we are Source-in-form, & we will laugh at such childish toys when we awaken to our own true identity. Their tech - all tech - can eventually be hacked. No doubt we'll have lots of fun with them, using them as our puppets for a change, as they've been using us. No more trust, no more consent to the evil hidden behind & in "useful" technology. The good they are supposed to do is always just a cover for the dark you do behind the scenes. If we're not important enough to talk to, then I, for one, am not interested in listening to your tech toys that take us ever farther from who & what we truly are. Enjoy your falsified "reality," you who have lost touch with your souls. No thanks! ~♥~

Константин Богачев : That's very impressing. And creepy as f

J S T G : China leading the world 💪

Fanghorn Bilers : The mainstream media is only for useful idiots anyway.

Alexander Zhurovich : The picture is awesome (reminds Deus Ex right away), but the voice is still sounds too artificial.

Sujoy Sardar : that's how china deteriorating it media.. True journalists are getting behind bar.. and government loyalists taking there please even robot being used.. corruption skyrocketed in it's media.. shame.. 😐

oi_blin 677 : *My name is Connor Im the android made by Cyberlife*

Materi Kelas IPA : That's look Good, but how fortune the Real Anchor? OMG...