Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut

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Excalipoor : It's just like watching the NPCs at CNN

Baidu Mel : Soon,There will be only 2 types of news available in the world , Fake news from USA and AI news from China.

Fjonan Z. : This is Eliza Cassan: Reporting to you live from Picus

VICTOR DEY : And that's how world domination by the machines started

Mikey Mike : The party can finally have a fully controllable mouthpiece.

Brian : Now let's have a president model. Wouldn't make much of a difference. The lobby groups will type in the words.

Emil Kiełczyński : Holy shit it's chinese Skynet

Felipe M : fake news......anchor

Hugo Auditore : GOD DAMNIT PEOPLE Deus Ex Human Revolution warned us about this.

BuildingCenter : I, for one, welcome our new AI newslord.

THE GREEN MACHINE : No thanks. I'll pass

Michael Harvey : This is just wong.

Fikret Oz : sadly all these comments not even mention the dictatorship and how they will manipulate news. This is not a good thing at all. It is hard to force and make a real person tell the wrong news and way easy fro an AI anchor, no emotions, perfect manipulation.

Abhishek Desai : Now, that is how jobs will disappear, no need of 8 hour working rule.

Spiritus : Will AI viewers be watching this news show?

Dejay Clayton : Am I the only person who thinks this video footage of a news anchor, speaking English, is real, and someone just dubbed Text-To-Speech over the original audio track?

Silentil : Its not AI when you are typing what you want it to say ffs.

nudnyczlek : we are live in sick times. and thats just begining

Fanghorn Bilers : The mainstream media is only for useful idiots anyway.

Gamercatsz : When is the first digital politician comming? We are 1 step closer to a doomsday scenario, like we see in the SciFi show "Black Mirror".

День Виноградный : охуеть

Carlos G : "Hasta la vista, baby" 😎

FanBeltz : After reading the comments, I can see my first guess was right. 90% of the world thinks this is an android... LOL!!!!!!! It's nothing more than past video with a lip animation overlay for the "speaking" . Everything "he" is saying (again, it's not a robot, it's just a video) is just what some random person typed into the text to speech program. This is more like a bad cartoon than anything "oh no! I'm scared! This is how machines take over the world!".... wow.... "this is Chine skynet!"....again, wow........ this is just existing video with an animation overlay on the mouth that doesn't even sync up well with the TEXT TO SPEECH SOFTWARE used to "make him talk". I guess nobody here has ever used text to speech software or watched a movie with CGI

qiu fusheng : those idiotic western media readers do not like it.

TrueSake : Trump just had an orgasm. Now he will spread as much fake news as he wants.

Xarx3s : A communist NPC spouting propaganda and fake news. CNN has ordered 20.

Lucio Assis : It's amazing, but the one feature that makes it kind of unsettling to watch is the fact that he never closes his mouth

Mark Saw : Bravo and congratulations on going to AI frontier

I Ss : It's not really AI if they're reading from a script is it? It's just the same as the current news anchors.

The Music Band : Can I get a AI female that loves to make love. Thanks

GOLDRUMBLE B : Old News, CNN already has this for years

Federico R. : This is a great tool, now China's government do not have to worry about anchor's saying anything bad against government, say anything sensitive or dangerous .

Абв Где : I Never Asked For This

Maupiatka Polarna : This is NOT AI, but CGI ;)

Atzenbronko1337 : Congratulation! Much better way than developing AI for military things. But in my point of view it’s absolutely essential that the mankind comes together and thinking about (e.g. an ethical AI council) how we want to live and deal with AI in our future - As soon as possible ..!

Manoj Sahu : Does any human living in China 😁

Abrupt Earth Changes : "Texts will be typed into my system..." That's artificial, but not intelligent, it's a digital talking puppet.

heresteven : He looks like an angry under paid Chinese worker. Who hates the long hours and the crappie bosses.

Bad Cholesterol : At least they have more free will than CNN anchors

Moses Joshua : I like the AI anchor! Very nice! China is leading the way!

PhotoVideoSamplesEtc : If this keeps up, they'll be no more news bloopers.

AManCalled Da-da : In a Japanese sociology experiment, a pleasant-looking human-sized robot was released into a regular Tokyo neighborhood to gauge public reaction to robots. It said good morning and inquired as to your general well-being. All the 600 lb. robot had to do was walk (roll, actually, slowly) a sixteenth of a mile on a sidewalk, less than half a block. Researchers were surprised then when the robot was generally kicked and bludgeoned and abused -- by old ladies, stylish women, men, children, teens, demure geishas, etc. -- totally destroying the robot before it made it to the end of the street. Even people in an alleged "robot-friendly" culture have utter contempt for robots -- that is, contempt for artificial, non-human interactions. If this "AI" trend in the MSM continues, the MSM will be even more ignored and loathed than they are already, if that's possible. End of an era. (Note: The best robot is the OFF button on a universal remote control.)

Эйс Вентура : китайцы красавчики, вот вам и отставание в робототехники от японцев. ну чё готовы к новому мировому лидеру в 21 веке?

paulmaking1980 : In the future AI will put TV presenters & anchors out of business!

Chad Thundercock : Female sexbots are closer than I thought. Count your days, roasties!

Mousa Rouholamini : you have to build an AI president for USA...

David Heng : They took our job!!

Black Swan Rider : "This is Eliza Cassan, reporting for Picus."

El Piepoli : That's wrong, manipulation, propaganda and fake news are going in onether level

Santat Angsupan : Human's voice tone for indications and passion toward some contents will not be easy to imitate though. Still, good work China! Keep it up!