i got an abandoned storage unit vlog

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Kable10 : ill be waiting for the movie

Jordan Newsom : Came from Mr. Beast. You have such a unique personality and style. I dig it...Just subscribed!

Yumi : So glad you got to keep that $100

Kira : Everything about Alex’s vlogs is so fkin good, we love a creative legend.

UGH IT'S JOE : I live for these alex


WowitsLife : Can’t wait for the 25K movie you’re gonna make 😂

Ciara Aguilar : Who's not here from mr. Beast

Aaron Granados : Alright who's here from Mr. Beast?

Sachin Sharma : Here before it gets deleted

Randomness 101 : You seemed interesting in the Mr Beast video so I checked you out. Not disappointed

Leo Salzetto : Who’s came here from Mr.Beast?

King_B : I just came from MrBeast

Bendykid983 6 : Here from mrbeasts 100’000 video?

Matthewos Abebe : Oh hi Alex. Please don't delete this video 😢🙏

Zuzana Parent : I’ll be using those 3D glasses to watch the movie you promised to release with the 25k 💀 If not, imma join alliances with the tables.

Flaco Jody : Here from mr beast & this guys is different. I think he actually might make a badass movie and go big Keep it up bro

Cunt Flapper : This guy deserves the 100k smh

AmerPatrick //Gameplay : Wheres the movie with the 25k!!! From MrBeast

Tatiana B : who's not here from Mr Beast?

Tiger Gavin : Who else is from mr.beast

SosaltySereezy : *came from mr beast, stayed for alex ernst*

Lewis Sison : For those who are new, watch the funny moments montage of Alex Ernst. There are many, all of them are great.

LilTomDubs : That 3d part was wild

xGreen Robotx : came here from mrbeast!

Krizzz54 : can’t wait for the movie, congrats

king James :/ : Anyone from Mr beast😂

Guillermo Ramirez : I don't understand why I enjoyed this lol your style of video is unique, great work Alex 👌

xony : In before your movie <3

Oskar Peterson : You deserved the $100000

Dominic Terenzi : Me beast anyone?

driven _15 : Mr Beast sent me here

Marshall Hodge : 6:13 WOAAAHHH I’m glad I had my 3D glasses! Coolest 5 seconds of my life!

garebear : Who else is here from mr. beast?

DUSTY : Anyone here from mr beast

Snowy OPS : Here from Mr.Beast

FoodButter : Congrats for the circle win. Can't wait to see your movie 😊

Matthewos Abebe : Alex's vlogs are the best vlogs. 🙌

shea ritters : Dude like the Bates motel intro 😍 creeepyy

Random Person : Will be looking forward to that movie. Great job!

Camila Cherie : Bates Mot...wait Alex Motel. Alex and Norman would be great friends 🐶🐰 good video alex !

TriggerHappy ASMR : Wishing you won the whole 100k now, I'm looking forward to your movie after checking out your vids. Absolute gold man.

chubbs beginner : Damn. I feel like he actually will produce a movie that is in fact funded by himself. Alex is definitely gonna be in the youtube history books.

Max Lights : I cant believe THE Nat Palms really made a cameo at 2:42 !!!!!

TheLegend 27 : Alex you better win the contest!!!

Kye Beatz : alex ur a god damn genius post more content

Kremit the frog's stalkish uncle : who came from mr beast

JustJoe - shlapshtick on twitter : this is storage wars for people with concussions

Dominic Terreros : He posted a live stream then deleted

Ameen : Congrats on 1 mill bro :D