The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History | Nezhmetdinov vs Chernikov (1962)
The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History

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Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov vs Oleg L Chernikov "Nezly Done!" Rostov (1962) Sicilian Defense: Old Sicilian. Open (B35) 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cd4 4. Nd4 g6 5. Nc3 Bg7 6. Be3 Nf6 7. Bc4 O-O 8. Bb3 Ng4 9. Qg4 Nd4 10. Qh4 Qa5 11. O-O Bf6 12. Qf6 Ne2 13. Ne2 ef6 14. Nc3 Re8 15. Nd5 Re6 16. Bd4 Kg7 17. Rad1 d6 18. Rd3 Bd7 19. Rf3 Bb5 20. Bc3 Qd8 21. Nf6 Be2 22. Nh7 Kg8 23. Rh3 Re5 24. f4 Bf1 25. Kf1 Rc8 26. Bd4 b5 27. Ng5 Rc7 28. Bf7 Rf7 29. Rh8 Kh8 30. Nf7 Kh7 31. Nd8 Re4 32. Nc6 Rf4 33. Ke2 Nezhmetdinov won a number of games against world champions such as Tal, against whom he had a lifetime plus score, and Spassky. He also had success against other world-class grandmasters such as Bronstein, Polugaevsky, and Geller. He achieved a plus score in the 20 games he contested against World Champions. But in addition to his aforementioned dismal score against Averbakh, he could only score +0โˆ’3=2 each against excellent defenders Petrosian and Korchnoi. Check out agadmator's Merch HERE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal, Bitcoin or Litecoin. Link to PayPal donation Bitcoin address 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZ Litecoin address LbSuZuBffDCNmr5CSZbY7W2zM83w4ZvnC7 Check out ALL my videos here ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Lichess: agadmator Skype: agadmator League of Legends: agadmator :) Check out my Hearthstone channel here Check out the SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO Send your photos and videos here: Send your own games here: #agadmator #queensac #givenezhmetdinovGMtitle


kalonk mystery : Dear Youtube algorithms i dont play chess, but this is interesting so ok i guess

Stewie Griffin : this isn't the greatest queen sacrifice in history. The greatest queen sacrifice in history occurred in year 2007 in the match between me and my neighbour when I gave him the queen for free because I urgently had to go to the toilette.

Arne Karskstad : If the queen does not lead, how can she expect her subordinates to follow.

Monkey D. Ruffy : I have no idea why this was in my recommended ๐Ÿ˜‚ but i agree

iHAVEAQWERTY : 6:10 "he's protecting this bishop as if it's made of gold..." ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

just some ninja shit : i have 0 idea what is happening but it looks kinda intresting

Yohanes Ben : On my recommended eventhough this is my first time watching chess game on youtube.. No regret at all

SenorQuichotte : Greatest queen sac was Marie Antoinette

phanTomtilt Lira : Well I'll be damned I'm thanking YT for recommending this video for me.

Lidya Wayne : Two minutes ago I was watching a Ted-ed video about squidsโ€™ defense systems and somehow I ended up here and I havenโ€™t played chess for like ages...Very interesting video though.

bashbrannigan : Never heard of Nezhmetdinov before. Thanks making me aware of this great player.

DumbUp : I think I like chess now... Thank you for this great video. <3

The Authentic : what a freaking great game i enjoy it.... in the queen move he maybe go on f4 but that sacrifice was very smart you know 40 minutes haha

Samuel : no idea why this was in my suggestions but really fascinating.

ChrispyDesign : Watching this video made me realise how deep Chess is, and how many steps into the future professional Chess players have to think. Very enjoyable and informative video!

Video 2 : I've never watched a chess related video in my life, but I'm glad I checked this out when it popped up in the recommended tab

Tchong Lee : Regular russian players play chess like computers. but rashid played chess like a human. Amazing man playing from his heart and that makes me emotional :) If you think about it that is the reason why his wins were so devastating and impressive because when you have 2 computers facing each other its always a close and boring match right but if you happen to find a human being who can break those incredibly sophisticated algorythms that the russian players were coming with and were trained to acquire from the youngest age, then the result is pure greatness and you suddenly find yourself submerged with great emotions watching those outstandings counter attacks performed by Najmudinov :)

akshay patil : Wow amazing such a Queen sacrifice out of my mind..he didn't wasted on it ..everything went on his way..agreed one of most beautiful game! Make such a video on Vishwanathan Anand former Grand Master! Greetings from India!!

Lugo428 : Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. Thanks YT for recommending this.

Robert Barber : I've always liked chess didn't really understand everything going on but that move was indeed genius everyone puts an emphasis on protecting the queen and capturing it. The psychology of that move was simply astounding.

Fritz Vold : Queen sacs between masters are the stuff of legend. In his chess autobiography, "My Fifty Years of Chess", Frank J. Marshall relates how his spectacular Queen move in front of the opponent's King's three pawn phalanx, resulting in announcing checkmate in three moves was applauded by the tournament spectators by showering the final board position with gold coins!

Brandon Lee : The play leading up to the King/queen fork is insane. Flawless even.

Aniruddh Barve : I think now-a-days players are not risking their score to create a beautiful game. They just choose to go for draw and keep that ยฝ point.

Tobi Madara : That knight did more work in one game than I did in my entire life.

sebastian murillo : Finally youtube recommend me something worrh to watch.

Maurice Trimble Jr : That was beautiful... Thanks ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

Cleavicus Maximus : The feeling when youtube recommends actual good content instead of those generic "top 10" lists is amazing. I'm not even into chess but this was a joy to watch. I liked the play by play part so I could follow it. Have a like.

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Duchi : *I remember the day this was uploaded* It only had a couple thousand views and you had less than a 100k subs Truly a time worth remembering same with the game.

Alexey Souvorkin : Everyone loves brilliancies, especially those from Rashid.

Jason Mitchell : This game is incredible. One of the most fantastic games I've ever had the privilege to see. FIDE has to grant Rashid Nezhmetdinov the title of grandmaster.

ู…ุฑุชุถู‰ ุงู„ุฏุฑุงุฌูŠ : Who else watch in 2019

Jarthen Greenmeadow : That knight to h7 and then baiting the 3 way fork by sacrificing a bishop and rook. Brilliant.

Colin Davies : That queen sac took a lot of guts.

Ryan : Beautiful admission of defeat from the opponent. Total respect shown towards the play/player.

Long Nguyen-Vu : great recommendation from YouTube Queen sacrifice is pure gold!

Brian T : Very smart strategic move: GETTING ME TO CLICK

vedant kadam : Yes it is the greatest queen sacrifice...I love this game ...And nezhmatidinov

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