The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History | Nezhmetdinov vs Chernikov (1962)

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phanTomtilt Lira : Well I'll be damned I'm thanking YT for recommending this video for me.

When the Cat Away , The Hat gonna play : I don't play in I know all the rules and shit but don't know shit about strategy. But this was great! And Wtf was this doing in my recommendations? Lol All the best!

Dale Greer : Favorite line: "He's protecting this bishop like it's made of gold."

Stewie Griffin : this isn't the greatest queen sacrifice in history. The greatest queen sacrifice in history occurred in year 2007 in the match between me and my neighbour when I gave him the queen for free because I urgently had to go to the toilette.

Samuel : no idea why this was in my suggestions but really fascinating.

Cleavicus Maximus : The feeling when youtube recommends actual good content instead of those generic "top 10" lists is amazing. I'm not even into chess but this was a joy to watch. I liked the play by play part so I could follow it. Have a like.

Orange Man : Very deep queen sacrifice. In most cases queen sacrifices come when they can be followed up by quick mating tactics. In this case he did it in long term context which makes it superb.

Arne Karskstad : If the queen does not lead, how can she expect her subordinates to follow.

ian Van desteene : I have no idea why this was in my recommended 😂 but i agree

Earth-Chan : I confused this Video in my recommended , 100% i dont know how to play chess but i watched it till de end

hi tech : i have 0 idea what is happening but it looks kinda intresting

swss4rmy : Dear Youtube algorithms i dont play chess, but this is interesting so ok i guess

Tchong Lee : Regular russian players play chess like computers. but rashid played chess like a human. Amazing man playing from his heart and that makes me emotional :) If you think about it that is the reason why his wins were so devastating and impressive because when you have 2 computers facing each other its always a close and boring match right but if you happen to find a human being who can break those incredibly sophisticated algorythms that the russian players were coming with and were trained to acquire from the youngest age, then the result is pure greatness and you suddenly find yourself submerged with great emotions watching those outstandings counter attacks performed by Najmudinov :)

YugoslavGamer : Finally youtube actually recommending something that I am interested in :)

Ockert Wessels : So glad youtube recommended this! Thanks agadmator.

iHAVEAQWERTY : 6:10 "he's protecting this bishop as if it's made of gold..." 😂😂😂😂

Lidya Wayne : Two minutes ago I was watching a Ted-ed video about squids’ defense systems and somehow I ended up here and I haven’t played chess for like ages...Very interesting video though.

John Vincent II Besin : that queen sacrifice is really a bad idea... if black just played a very well defense against white is could be a win win for black... i see poor defense in middle game...

Video 2 : I've never watched a chess related video in my life, but I'm glad I checked this out when it popped up in the recommended tab

David Alvarez : why did he sacrifice his knight for no reason? he didnt have to check his king and have the knight immediately captured after, if someone could explain this i will be so happy!!!

Yohanes Ben : On my recommended eventhough this is my first time watching chess game on youtube.. No regret at all

Fritz Vold : Queen sacs between masters are the stuff of legend. In his chess autobiography, "My Fifty Years of Chess", Frank J. Marshall relates how his spectacular Queen move in front of the opponent's King's three pawn phalanx, resulting in announcing checkmate in three moves was applauded by the tournament spectators by showering the final board position with gold coins!

prasad kadam : 2 M views 💝

ANON123 : Why is this so interesting I'm gonna sub to ya your work is great

Andy N : We out here playing chess, while my man is playing 7 dimensional tic tac toe

Ryan A' Gamers Lounge : You did something right because your video was in the recommended for thousands of people today. Newly subbed. Congrats on your success.

TheWickedViper : I dont even know how to play chess that well,why is this in my recommending

Lugo428 : Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. Thanks YT for recommending this.

sebastian murillo : Finally youtube recommend me something worrh to watch.

TradeBasedOnNaturalResourcesAndClimateNotSlaveLabor : That guy in the video icon looks like Rod Serling.

Blood of Kings6 : I think Rashid managing his pawns and rooks so well in the beginning really setup that endgame. He inevitably had more room to hide his king while still being offensive with the rooks and knights. It was just getting past that mid-game hiccup that was the trick. Well thought out. 40 minutes of what could happen if I sacrifice this queen. Maybe Chernikov should have stayed at the table.

Kasia Wesołek : I thought that if he won't win, then the queen would be killed 😂

DumbUp : I think I like chess now... Thank you for this great video. <3

Colin Davies : That queen sac took a lot of guts.

Bhuvan Chirag : 3:25 why did he simply waste his knight

Marcus Layug : Why is this in my recommded

SirBanana : Chess channels and my recommendations. Name a more iconic duo.

Johnny Pastrana : Rasheed is from another planet...just an amazing game Antonio!

Don Scott : that's pretty classy of you to recommend your viewers to check out another few channels on youtube would actually do that

Victor Lopez : I was looking up Rory mercury when I was brought here

tony huckip : I know vishwanathan anand only

John Nguyen : who here because of YT's recommendation :D

Mike Ratkiewicz : Really enjoyed the video man. Definitely going to check out what else you have.

Just CoKo : 6:37 Beautifull move... Holy Moly

bird718 : that was a brilliant game, its mind blowing

everything for you : Hello agadmator

Doctor Dhinchak : i tried scratchig his mole off my screen for a bit

David Badillo : It must be almost traumatic to be in the middle of your stroll 'with the draw in the bag' only to have your thoughts interrupted by the news "excuse me sir, your opponent just sacked his Queen"... a big bucket of cold water on your head!

Shaman Naik : that was a rookie move id say Jk i dont knw shit abt this game😂....y did YT recommend me lol

Candi Soda : 0:48 I didn't even know you can do that in chess lol..