The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History

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phanTomtilt Lira : Well I'll be damned I'm thanking YT for recommending this video for me.

When the Cat Away , The Hat gonna play : I don't play in I know all the rules and shit but don't know shit about strategy. But this was great! And Wtf was this doing in my recommendations? Lol All the best!

ian Van desteene : I have no idea why this was in my recommended 😂 but i agree

Chrioni Sta Ana : Nhezy of course :)

Samuel : no idea why this was in my suggestions but really fascinating.

Colin Davies : That queen sac took a lot of guts.

Fred Bloggs : *Excellent game - concise commentary - keep up the good work Agadmator :)*

Lukas Cohen : I thought he's Stockfish :D

Kasia Wesołek : I thought that if he won't win, then the queen would be killed 😂

Supernova : On move 29 at 6:33 you finally realize how deep was the analysis of Qxf6 on move 12! Unreal!

Stookas : Brilliant chess, sad he did not obtain GM status. His work is immortal.

Don Scott : that's pretty classy of you to recommend your viewers to check out another few channels on youtube would actually do that

Ervi Shalsi : rashid is the only one who beat tal 3 games a row.Rashid game was so insane even tal cant understand what he had in his mind

James Logan : Young Harrison Ford plays surprisingly well 😂

Yohanes Ben : On my recommended eventhough this is my first time watching chess game on youtube.. No regret at all

Marc Hurkmans : Thank you so much, I never knew the guy and i just saw the whole documentary. A true chess artist!

Jorge C. : Rashid is nuts, I like him

Prinersan Munsamy : Great game! Rashid has no reverse gear. His wins are some of the most beautiful in chess history.

Dale Greer : Favorite line: "He's protecting this bishop like it's made of gold."

dry5555 : Nez is my favorite player and this game is my favorite of all-time.

yedidsion : All of Rashid's games are beauties; Even the games that Rashid has lost are a joy to watch.

bareodin : If the queen does not lead, how can she expect her subordinates to follow.

Wh00oo : This is madness!! "The early" Queen sacrifice move.. Amazing!!

Gzim Avduli : He need it to take the knight in h7 if the white tryes to check with hes rock in h3 he most save that check with moving bishop in h5 check it good thanks

Daniel D. : Nowadays, top players would prove that this sacrifice was a blunder.

Candi Soda : 0:48 I didn't even know you can do that in chess lol..

Merdan Babahanow : Actually, Tal played like him

Ockert Wessels : So glad youtube recommended this! Thanks agadmator.

Video 2 : I've never watched a chess related video in my life, but I'm glad I checked this out when it popped up in the recommended tab

Theo Papa : What bobby fisher had played? Could you please link me the video?

Jan van Erven : Rashid was the best!

sleepy55 : This is an unbelievable beautiful game. Rashid gives his queen without getting a direct mating attack and later he gives his rook and refuses to take the black rook and his position is getting better and better. I love that.

NoSystem : What a beast; love his games. He even looks scary. If I saw him sitting across a board from me, I'd say, "Thank you, but no," and leave.

ANON123 : Why is this so interesting I'm gonna sub to ya your work is great

David Badillo : It must be almost traumatic to be in the middle of your stroll 'with the draw in the bag' only to have your thoughts interrupted by the news "excuse me sir, your opponent just sacked his Queen"... a big bucket of cold water on your head!

David Alvarez : why did he sacrifice his knight for no reason? he didnt have to check his king and have the knight immediately captured after, if someone could explain this i will be so happy!!!

IBRE GH : Very smart player !!

DumbUp : I think I like chess now... Thank you for this great video. <3

James Lanziao : I thought it's MatoJelic.

alborada777 : Utterly brilliant, just like his game against Polugaevsky in 1958...

boom1111111111111111 : Absolutely superb game and commentary.

Walt F. : I just watched the biography of Rashid, pretty interesting and informative. I like his style!

Ram sirsat : lol .. everytime I play game I put my name Rashid there just to feel good .. anyway I loved this game watched 3 years before ..quiet fascinated me then n still now

John W. Bechtel II : I had never seen this game. I agree with you, one of the all time greatest

Berke Dalar : Gruenfeld vs Alekhine 1923 pls

Adnen Brahim : I have seen this game before it's just brilliant and amazing

Shanolette : 5:30 why doesn't he just take the knight?

Ivan Petrovic : Odlican yt kanal, sve pohvale! pozdrav iz Srbije!

Lidya Wayne : Two minutes ago I was watching a Ted-ed video about squids’ defense systems and somehow I ended up here and I haven’t played chess for like ages...Very interesting video though.

Mhamed KHALFA : nejmedinov was Tal trainer