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Dreams of Kaia : “I’m afraid the only option he is gonna have for me is to tell me to lose weight.” ....Uh yeah! Tf?!

Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} : That scale has been through so much

Dreams of Kaia : “Dayuuum” I died!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Re San : That’s a pretty scary reality when you’re 582lbs and still considered ‘the thin one’ of the family.

T J : 803 and still walking. That's actually kind of impressive.

Tanika James : I mean at 803 and she's walking??? God is good

Lady Diana : For 803lbs at least she's still mobile and takes care of her appearance . You have people on my 600 lb life who weigh less and are bed bound

Tammy Franklin : Throwing shade when ur all big...omg, I'm glad they're getting help.

MrKydaman : When the guy that weighs 580 hears your weight and says "dayum"...

Thomas Chaplin : How does your heart even function at 800 lbs?

Mark Youneva : is anyone else amazed at the human body. 800 lbs and she can walk on her own. addiction isn't easy, i hope they get some help to take control of this situation.

e d : 803? I feel bad at 260

Dangerous Dragon : "Dayum" Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

1SparksFlyOut : 800 pounds? I don't understand. I just don't. My heightest was 200 and I'm tall, but I started panicking because I was worried about dibetes. 50 pounds lost and I'n thankful I took control of my life.

Payam yazdi : 803 is also my is my area code

Happyblackgirl : 1:40 | now i know I'm wrong for laughing but his response just sent me 😭😂

Kenny Scivally : ...maybe if they would have all said "DAYM" when they first hit 200 pounds each they could have reined this problem in long before it got THIS out of control

Richard Andretti : They obviously cannot work... so who is paying for all that food, electricity, water, sewer, trash, gas, rent, medical bills, dental bills, etc, etc, etc... I hope is not my tax money.

Lisa Morgan : You know you have troubles when the guy that weighs 500+ says "damn!" I feel horrible saying this but since I'm not the only one on here who did than I'll say it...I laughed so hard I have tears streaming down my face😂😂😂

Gilberto Tabares : Dayum! that was an appropriate response.

north shore : I can't even lmagine weighing 800lbs

Dirty Blond : Thats alot of food stamps right there.... Know damn well, not a single one of them is working.

Andrew H : “803. Damn” 😂

Michele Boateng : That guy made me mad whne he said damn hes acting like hes not in the same pradcament that they are in its like hes acting like his weight is okay.

Lillian Z : How can she even manage to walk with 800 lbs weight?

thatrandom guy : Bro how can they have that much weight in one room, some foundation.. oh and when that dude said "damn"😂😂

Miss Happy : He said Damn...truly ignorant and niece is about 230 pounds and is only 33...she is the only obese person in the family and we are helping one is mocking her or laughing at her struggle.

Amby Cakes : I feel hella bad for laughing when he said dayum

Greg rose : 1:44 803 Damn😂

Mahasin Phillips : omg I died when ya boy said damn when they saw her weight 😂😂😂😂 I'm not laughing at the woman. My heart goes out to all of them. I laughed at his reaction

andrielisilien : 'Murica. Getting obese has become too comfortable and easy.

ROBLOX Random Videos! : lmao i just like the text at the beginning from mom

Chris Chris : They seem to surprised about their weight, why?

Stephen Merck : My man didn't even mumble.DAYUM!!!😄

Dawn Coleman : it's a wonder they can all walk with all weight there carrying, hope they loose the weight and be healthy

Shakira Banks : Its not funny but his reaction😂😂

Joeybsmooth : When a 500 pound man is shocked by how big you are... that is really saying something.

Stop It. Get Some Help. : This is so sad, Alexa, play Despacito

Innuendo InYourWindow : Bro on some crazy shit, that family is STRONG as hell physically. I've seen so many M6L episodes where people were 600lbs and couldn't get out of bed! Meanwhile this dude Clarence wears 580 well and homegirl is 800lbs and WALKING on her own. It's honestly kind of impressive compared to other people in their weight range.

Bob Burgers : “ I would skip this part of I could “ I bet you would

Dangerous Dragon : Imagine if all 3 of them got on the scale at once.

aayonce4 : This bih is almost 1000 pounds! Bih I don’t even wanna break 180!!!

Rocky And Derrick Show : That's really sad.🙁 Hope she be alright.

Useralreadyused used : Guys can u tell me where i can buy that bench that can hold 1385 LBS.. thats the only one i really notice here

d___ : "I don't see how my weight could be that high." I can see it. You look about 220 fatter than the dude who's 580.

warriorprince579 : They look like the cast of nutty professor lol

Coast to Coast videos : Hopefully they will be alright. they are still people ♥️

Entity Keeper : A ton is 1,000 lbs. They weigh two tons. I wonder what kind of bed frames they have?

James Morrison : This is very sad 😥. It puts me in 😢 to see these poor people to live this embarrassing life. I weighed over 221 pounds and it's still embarrassing me.

ChrystalLily Van Breet : Man, how come the scale didn't say holy cow, get off!