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Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} : That scale has been through so much

T J : 803 and still walking. That's actually kind of impressive.

Coast to Coast videos : Hopefully they will be alright. they are still people ♥️

Lady Diana : For 803lbs at least she's still mobile and takes care of her appearance . You have people on my 600 lb life who weigh less and are bed bound

Dreams of Kaia : “I’m afraid the only option he is gonna have for me is to tell me to lose weight.” ....Uh yeah! Tf?!

topsy Udombang : I swear I thought the heaviest lady would be around 680 pounds. 803 and walking? There’s God

Nova Caldera : Bruh.....I want a relationship as strong as them chairs..

Shemarvionta Turner : 803 lbs and she’s walking ? Woah god is good ! 😌

Black turbine : Why do Americans get fat American: *Loses 1 pound* *Celebrates by making big dinner* *Gains 20 pounds*

MrKydaman : When the guy that weighs 580 hears your weight and says "dayum"...

Stephen Merck : My man didn't even mumble.DAYUM!!!😄

Lady Diana : How you almost 600 lbs but throwing shade about someone weight? 1:26 he starts laughing when she ask how much the scale go up to, and of course the _dayum_ at the 803 lbs. U weigh as much as a small elephant, how can you judge someone else's weight?

Richard Andretti : They obviously cannot work... so who is paying for all that food, electricity, water, sewer, trash, gas, rent, medical bills, dental bills, etc, etc, etc... I hope is not my tax money.

Mr Jones : "It would be nice to see if I was in the 500s" 💀💀☠☠

Dreams of Kaia : “Dayuuum” I died!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Yasin matola gaming : That’s scary when the guy who weighs 582 heats your weight and says dayum

PatriciaMcAll : You have to want to lose weight, more than you want to eat! Take one day at a time. It is a blessing the three of you can still walk! Start going outside and walk at least 30 minutes a day. Then go home and get on the floor and stretch. Then eat small portions

terminalcommand : I feel bad, but did anyone else laugh @ 1:42 when '''803lbs.....cue to her Brother....'Damn!''

Basketball Kid : I’m surprised that she can still walk at 803 lbs who else was? 😂

Gucci Gang Central : “803. Damn” 😂

Dhrawingz - : I just want to share this personal story here. A year or so ago every Wednesday my dad would pick me up from school and after he liked to go to the gym.(he was on this sports team). Anyway every Wednesday there was this man. This fits time I saw him he looked like he weighed 500-560 pounds. He would come in there and I’d see him. For the entire school year every Wednesday he would come in and work out. At the start it seemed hard for him but he continued to come in on Wednesday’s (maybe he came everyday idk). After a whole school year every time I saw him he looked better and better. And even a little happier. By the last Wednesday he looked like a new man. He still had a lot to go but he walked in with a little more confidence every week. I only witnessed part of this mans fitness journey but it was quite amazing how much drive he had to lose weight. I haven’t seen him in two years. (The following year I started taking my the bus home). You have the power to change your life so keep working towards your goals everyone!

Mahasin Phillips : omg I died when ya boy said damn when they saw her weight 😂😂😂😂 I'm not laughing at the woman. My heart goes out to all of them. I laughed at his reaction

thatrandom guy : Bro how can they have that much weight in one room, some foundation.. oh and when that dude said "damn"😂😂

This Man : lady on the right at 2:15 is trying not to laugh lol can tell by the way she moves her lips

1SparksFlyOut : 800 pounds? I don't understand. I just don't. My heightest was 200 and I'm tall, but I started panicking because I was worried about dibetes. 50 pounds lost and I'n thankful I took control of my life.

dan marr : How can one eat so much that they're only 200 lbs from being 1 ton? It's just crazy

VillzX _ : She still got the nerves to say, You sure?😂😂

Lamar Johnson : God bless that family 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Princess Meah : I feel bad for her, you can hear the hurt in her voice💔

Dirty Blond : Thats alot of food stamps right there.... Know damn well, not a single one of them is working.


Arron Williams : looking like two big m&m fighting over who hard shell and who is peanut lol

B Black : I would definitely be around ppl who offer me ways to challenge myself And drop that wt That’s a lot to carry I would make a game of it! Make it fun Compete to see who would loose the weight first Or who could loose the most first at a discloses time frame . This family could Challenge each other Motivate and critique each other without being suspicious or shady More importantly Encourage pray for and Support one another Frfr

Amby Cakes : I feel hella bad for laughing when he said dayum

Harold Bishop : The structural engineers did not take into consideration the weight of these 3 people when they designed the building. I hope the building can handle the stress

Corbyn Besson : 1 like = 1 prayer for the scale

Rosa : "803"

Vicky Taylor : Eating disorders is like any other disease and you can die, but some diseases there is no cure just maintaining and control, still you can die like a bad habit gone deadly like over drinking.. Eating drinking smoking is the most out of control disorder / diseases, because eating like smoking is so satisfying, and taste so good. At least the family seeking help.I pray they overcome and change winning back their control.

Re San : That’s a pretty scary reality when you’re 582lbs and still considered ‘the thin one’ of the family.

Jeffrythegoat : 0:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂

tcladyt584 : Who else came here to feel better about yourself and are like at least I'm not like them

Elizabeth Timothy : For these people, half the battle is won as they seek help and seems they are all very unhappy about their health. Now the other half to set a goal and do everything (healthy) to achieve it, . They all can get below 200lb, as long as the determination is there. Only lifestyle change can get them healthy result not dieting! I wish them well.

carlos calderon : Dayummmm.... Lmfao

Tammy Franklin : Throwing shade when ur all big...omg, I'm glad they're getting help.

choosey87 : I just want to know, where did they get ALL OF THE MONEY, to support their habits of buying food, and eating that much to be that BIG as a family????

Jamais Vu : He said damn as if he ain’t one skittle away from 800

cindy haugland : wow so glad they are seeking help it's not easy

Mimi B : Madonna Santa Benedetta!!non ci posso crederci???!!803 kg mammaaaaa quassi una tonnelatta di peso !!?? Questi mangiando come gli animali ,che scchiffooooo !!!😥😅😄😃🤣😂😁

Dangerous Dragon : "Dayum" Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

Beanie Spencer : Im going to hell anyways, hell yeah i laughed like a mfker when buddy said DAMNNNN