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SteelBlueBody : Wow! I'm happy you guys turned your life around and you guys accomplished a lot. Keep up the good work family and we'll always be there to support you.

Sofie u : “Damn” No he didn’t

Candie P : Yoooo! These comments are hilarious. Do not read the comments if you’re out in public because you are going to burst out in laughter 😆😆😆

Xx_edgyRex : I need a relationship as strong as those chairs

Ashley ASMR : I'm sorry but dude made me laugh so hard

LIPSTICK & SOFRITO : We watched this!...Can't wait to see updates!...we are addicted to this Show...👍👍

Tyana Alexandra : how is she able to move and walk? some people on this show weigh literally 200lbs less and are supposedly bedridden

Meka Walker : I know he did not say “DAMN” like he ain’t over 500lbs....I’m not going to lie I chuckled a little... then I realized... dude your big too. Like that was rude as hell

twin city : I saw this part 1 and part 2 they should do an update on them

ColleenF30 : She walks really well for 800lbs!

Julio Lopez : 'Murica...

Carol Ricucci : I watched the entire two episodes. Watching the three of them during weigh-ins, waddling one after the other down the hallway is pathetic. And to hear one of them during the first episode say (and I'm paraphrasing) "getting (or eating) food is the most exciting part of my day". Dr. Now is a Saint. I certainly don't have the tolerance for such ignorance as I saw in the two and 1/2+ hours of these two episodes. Call me callous, unsympathetic, or whatever. I cannot believe that at 803, 620, and 582 pounds collectively that they're just now realizing what they've done to themselves, and claim they hate what their lives are like! But keep on gorging on food in spite of it! I've watched all six seasons of "My 600-lb. Life" and the four or so seasons of "Where Are They Now". This sixth season had more failures (and quitters) than the previous five. And one death occur during the filming of that particular episode. Someone who didn't want to put in the work required to lose weight. The success rate with these 'patients' is less than five percent.

Brandon : At least they can walk. Most people on the show can't. So that was promising.

shesheshe22 : That is one strong woman to still be able to walk!

OhhMoxii : This man said “damn” 😂😂

Andrea Ledet : Wow the brother's reaction to his sister's weight I had to give him the side eye 😒

DynamicUnoTea : "803" with an immediate "Damn" on the floor. Ooh. They couldn't even ride an elevator together.

Kiyana Garrett : He said damn like he isn’t big 😭😭

ColourTong : 800 Ibs?! She alive And she can walk, thats anit nothing but the lord.

Clay Steppe : He said DAMN😂😭😭☠ i feel terrible but then she said "SURE?" Like they lyin. Whyyyyyyyy they gotta lie!!! Help save you from yourself? Hunny dont go to the doctor. Go to god baby! Ask your family to bring over some prayer warriors!

Popi Ko : they need a psychiatrist before they see a weight surgeon if they don't fix the mental problem they'll just put the weight back on

loveless ai : This year i changed my way of eating over years of over eating (i was close to almost 300) as of today i'm around 200 to 203 and im still trying to loose. But thankfully because i do a lot of qigong yoga and tai chi it makes me feel good both internally and sometimes externally.

Ali Syn : These 3 weigh a total of 2,007 pounds. I really hope they all get the help they need before they start losing their feet from diabetes.

JUST SAYING : 803. Sounds like an apartment number. Poor thing. I guess depression will do that to you. 😞😞

wicked deadchick : 2 things I've wanted to hear on this show "that scale goes pretty high" n "damn" after a weigh in

babyyvie : RigmaidenloveJesus ?

Bye Lover : She is such a pretty girl. May God give her the strength to continue to fight for her life.

The Smart Cookie Life : Is this what people in the US find entertaining?💀

SparksFlyOut1 : 800 pounds? I don't understand. I just don't. My heightest was 200 and I'm tall, but I started panicking because I was worried about dibetes. 50 pounds lost and I'n thankful I took control of my life.

Clorox Bleach : What in the holy name of god

tee smiley : Why did he have to say “ damn “ like that 😂😂😂😂

BixbyLBC : Glad they got help because this was surely going to get them all to early graves....Who survives long term at 800lbs???? NO F#!KING BODY......Hope they overcome their addictions and get on with a normal life.

Katianna : That “damn” though @1:45 😩😂😂😂. Homie acting like he ain’t the same doctor office weighing damn near 600lbs trying to get help just like her. That was so insensitive.

Deju4nt4e J4ckson : “803” “Dayum” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nazarian :

Khye Greatwalls : there was a meme about this on fb and it had me dying but now seeing this you can only pray

rroollaaff : Ima email your mom

NoNeed ForGreed : She got pretty deep there at the end! "I need someone to Save Me From Myself" :(

CoCo Chanel : Lord God please help them.

NaturalBeauty0708 : Black People we need to do better. This Western Diet and lack of self control is killing us.

Queen Paula Banks : That is awesome to be able to support each other. And to loose the weight together.

His Queen : God be with them throughout their journey.

BeaMode1990 : Mr 582 has no room (literally) to say "DAMN" to anyone else's weight.

Me Hello : All it takes is walking and eating better. That simple

Jeanette Martinez : Good thing they can still walk other obese people cant do

n Quinn : Someone might email ur mom bro

Daycee Caughill : The way he said DAYUM OMG 😂😂😂😂😂

mood : *rigmaidenlovejesus@*** LMFAOOOO

Blue LovelyGal : Wish the best for them all

Ian Clum : We must pray for this family