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MrKydaman : When the guy that weighs 580 hears your weight and says "dayum"...

Amby Cakes : I feel hella bad for laughing when he said dayum

Superpasi7 : *They see us rollin’ they hatin’*

MyTwell : Wow this is crazy.... exercise needs to be a daily part of life for everyone.

Dreams of Kaia : “I’m afraid the only option he is gonna have for me is to tell me to lose weight.” ....Uh yeah! Tf?!

Andrew H : “803. Damn” 😂

tamia11 falanna : Really Mr 582 has the nerve to say damn.,. that's the pot calling them kettle black

Sapphire : Oh my, what happened? How did you allow this to happen to yourself to get this big I mean I can see someone weighing over 200-230 but I don't understand how in the world did you allow this to happen to yourself😢

King Nemesis : They are possessed by a demon that makes them eat, eat, and eat

Dreams of Kaia : “Dayuuum” I died!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Venetia Edmondson : May God Be With All Throughout Ya'll Journey. All Things R Possible-Simply BELIEVE.

Rariisu : leaked footage of me and my mates during lunch period

Singer : This is so sad. We should all pray for these ppl to get better.

Смоки В. : Impressive how they still manage to walk

Tammy Franklin : Throwing shade when ur all big...omg, I'm glad they're getting help.

panggwin : damn she thicc

DonDotty : When a dude who weighs 580 and still says "dayum" looking at someones weight, you know you're in trouble.

Payam yazdi : 803 is also my is my area code

warriorprince579 : They look like the cast of nutty professor lol

QueenMilli ondabeat : Shouldn't be laughing at 1:45 but that was funny 😂😂

Dangerous Dragon : "Dayum" Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

Eccentricka1 : They must have been through some childhood trauma or some emotional problems while growing up because why are ALL of the siblings like this? I can understand one, but all 3?..there's some underlying issues.

idwtbam : Is anyone else honestly impressed at the ability to walk at 800lbs?

SteelBlueBody : Wow! I'm happy you guys turned your life around and you guys accomplished a lot. Keep up the good work family and we'll always be there to support you.

brianna scottland : I never understood why overweight ppl are so sensitive when hearing their weight infront of others. Its kinda obvious regardless of knowing the numbers that you are overweight, doesnt make sense to me.

I Am Ratman18 : “803” “Dayum” *DEAD* 😂😂💀💀

Cess Hound : "803. Dayum!" LoL

Lolly_93 : I’m actually amazed she’s still able to walk...

Sofie u : “Damn” No he didn’t

John F. Kennedy : Damn. I feel anxious whenever I'm getting my weight taken, but I can't imagine how they felt.

1 Honcho : That man said “DAMN”😭

Dangerous Dragon : Imagine if all 3 of them got on the scale at once.

eric maurer : She’s scared the doctor is going to tell her to lose weight? What the hell else could he say? 🤦‍♂️

Lexford Forbes : too much pizza N' Soda...

Takeera Davis : I really wonder how do you get this big.. seriously.

WHFan1990 : At least she’s able to walk compared to the rest of the people on this show!

anti brony master race : Yep, time to lose my double chin.

Candie P : Yoooo! These comments are hilarious. Do not read the comments if you’re out in public because you are going to burst out in laughter 😆😆😆

Ben M. : Now you know you're fat when another fat person hears your weight and go " DAMN" said Bruce Bruce On BET comic view, and now officially confirmed by this brother. Lol


Ki Otsutsuki : That “dayum” KILLED me😂😂😂

Goofyyy Queen : im sorry but i died when he was like "dayum"

Lexa's gymnastics and vlogs : He said some "dayum" 😂

Nicolas Villamil : "I don't see how my weight could be that high." I can think of a few reasons..

The Random Show : She is South Carolina area code. 803 damn 😂😂

Oprahs FatAss : "It would be nice if I was in the five hundreds"

Tanika James : I mean at 803 and she's walking??? God is good

producer4real : My man 580 is funny as hell.

Ike Madukwe : My man said “Dayum” 😂

Gilberto Tabares : Dayum! that was an appropriate response.