Adam Savage's One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster!

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mick hanks : next week we modify a rumba to pick up our balls

Debesh Jena : Shots 1000 balls and losts half of them

Bitplex : 25.49 Creepiest Bane laugh in existence.

DZhackers 27 : 34:39 for the shoot

poe dameron !o : In cre I Ble

Sultan : What is this, footage from the next Jurassic park movie?

Edu Amazing : Because they can not create weapons like this from NERF Give me a like to be fulfilled ......

Ryan Schildhauer : Even to this day, they say he hasn't fully emptied the clip and continues running around terrorizing children's nerf wars.

Paxton TL : Who took their time to count 1000 yellow balls and put them into a basket just to have them to get shot and lost

Ismael Stelczyk : Que vídeo de satisfação 😆

Coop772 : The blaster looks fantastic! I love the offset sight mount!

The Vlogs/gaming : 2:19 media offline

Alex Martinez : All of this smart engineering along with the thought process for a nerf blaster

Tom Sinke : Say hello to my little friend!!

Grell Michaelis : If that was a paintball gun....

DeSinc : I was hoping you'd make the pellets fire faster as well. more like a typical nerf mod, overvolt that band launching motor and get some agitation going so it launches 10 balls a second. that would be awesome

rick games mod : Caramba ficou muito bom eu gostei que ria uma mais não vendem kkkk

waxvinluan1011 ROBLOX : It looked like a Tactical Shotgun from Fortnite but better

Adam Landrum : this is what happens when someone has way to much time on there hands

TyberFX : Those bullet's looks like cheese balls :P

ky sputnik : Do a backpack feed system next with 10000 balls.

WickedGoalie04 : soon nerf will have thier own line of these in nerf and it will be called the savage shot

rigdigwus : does anyone know what kind of pen he is using for painting on the acrylic? looks like you dont have to apply any pressure at all, kinda neat

Brooks N : Do you miss jamie?

Jesse Anderson : You actually missed something in your curve mathematical promblem

Tony Slayor : Fill it with 1000 cheese balls!!

100% Free : Do you ever miss the mythbusters show

Диас Сарсенбаев : Дедушка шарит;)

olly the kitten : Can i buy that

TANMAY MAHAJAN : Double magazz oh a double magazine

NOUVELLE FROONCE. : This man is such a kid ! Love it !!

Cursed Gold Mobile : Ha yea cheesy

Aaaa Bbhh : Wow 😁😁😁


Cy Griffith : That is so Savage Adam

Marty Ray Project : I wish Adam woulda been my uncle when I was growing up...maybe I still do. 🤔. How bout it Adam, wanna be my uncle?

Supervix : The evil laugh in the end lol xD

The REAPER : The ending was nice, subscribed 😍😍💯

정현수 : What a super grandpa~ happy as a kids hehe :)

ummister : Thank you, Adam Savage from "The Expanse". This was a good ASMR session.

CallMeJoeJoe : And this is why dinosaurs are extinct

Will Vlogs : 7:04 we now see adam staring at the blaster for about 8 seconds

MagicTricks4Kids : With the mask on, he sounds like Darth Vader

João Gonçalves : 25:49 Adam's replica Bane laugh

John Basher : Will this guy ever grow up?

billiondollardan : I'm so glad Adam has maintained an online presence since Mythbusters ended. I love his happy, frenetic energy

Hanibaa Yamaha : ควยกากกกกก

Judah McKoy - Lorenville PS (1508) : Are you selling

Google bat man : omg

Mehmet Efe Aslanoğlu : Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrospu çocuğu sikişik