Adam Savage's One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster!

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Boltaan'jistman : How long in the future will adam still be finding nerf balls in his workshop? The world may never know :(

Zeeshan Shaikh : It seems he holds a serial killer room in the basement.

Neil Hamersly : you just need to add a strap to your nerf gun, to help with the weight.

Candeo : *now replace the foam balls with mini grenades*

Mandalore the flatulent : In my younger years as a projectionist at AMC there was a nerf war between management and my fellow projectionist or "booth" operates we called ourselves the booth mafia. We had access to alot of materials as protectionists that work surprisingly well for nerf gun mods . My personal favorite was the 3 level film table we adapted to hold 8 nerf guns per level we modified the table motors to be motion sensors instead of pressure. a center resivour for the ammunition on each level so it in total we had 24 auto nerf guns 8 each level feed from the center each level had its own resivour each gun could fire about 120 shots a minute for a total of 2,880 shots per min freely rotating that could fire for a little over 2 minutes. It took a good while to build it and even splitting the cost was rather expensive. But damn it was worth it xD we lead management into a theater that was being redone to "help" with the sound quality in the room. They walked in the lights flicked on then BOOM total nerf devastation it was beautiful lmao

Geremie Agudo : So that's how dinosaurs got extinct.

SailingShips : How could anyone dislike this? Everything about this video is great. Adam's personality totally makes the video.

M.Y Films : Is that the guy from mythbusters?

Christian H : Skip to 34:40 to see him shoot it

3DG4R P3LIGR0 : 33:17 Like plis :v

TipTut : I love the fact there's no obnoxious background music in these episodes. It's just a lovely, calming video where you watch someone do something they love.

Wyvernblue : That's not how Mythbusters is pronounced.... or spelled...

Hunter345 Oh no : Your awesome can I have one no I’m joking but god damm that’s a big gun you wouldn’t be bad for a super villain lol your on point nise job and I subbed and liked and turned on notifications awesome

Patricia Huntington : I’ve been a fan since myth busters 👈 pew pew pew

Chewy Chavez : You should of added a strap

Dread, the Mad Smith : What ya should do is make a 200 ball hopper but make a backpack feeder that carries 5,000.

Raymond Doolan : Wow what a 😎 idea man very great video 👍

Djanigoffvv : It’s a tactical shotgun

Double Whopper with Cheese : Lots of balls

Upendra Pai : Dare:chalenge me 1v1 your 1000x vs my 100x

Coop772 : The blaster looks fantastic! I love the offset sight mount!

Cicero1985 Silva : U are a genius

Kason McCoy : hi youtub☺

Eray Cinar : Tactical fortnite

ashipnerd offical : 17:43 'Nuf said.

HORRIOR : Now figure out a way to pick up all the ammo that doesn't take over an hour. Edit: AND doesn't get your nerf ammo dirty by vacuuming up all the dust and other crap off the floor, like a vacuum cleaner.

The_Idiot_Mang0_99 : they need to hire jamie from mythbusters

Hammad Divker : Imagine this bad boy in pubg mobile

Natalie Liew : Can you make a nerf gun that sniper + sinper

Penguin_ Gamer : Your so funny

Maxwell Belmont : Just imagine dressing up in a dinosaur costume to be shot at with a nerf gun by Adam Savage


Brayden VonKrieger : 34:15

XxKevinxX God : Imagine it is real bullet

TORRES JULIO : I counted 685

fireaza : It looks utterly ridiculous, like a gun straight out of the Borderlands series! I love it!

makersoftrouble : I probaly would have built the top of the mag to have a wide funnel so loading is so much quicker

Wolf boy : DAS a INTENCE JUN

Gabe Bowling : (*very satisfied evil villain laughing*)

U Do It : Great stuff!

bepowerification : Adam you have an amazing talent. not only building things but your charisma and the way you explain things, how likeable you are - please share more of your awesomeness with us.

Anoxof : Adam Savage Rival, wow

Kaan KORKMAZ : Mal aptal

علي جبار : 😢😢😢😢😢👍👍👍👍👍

Andydeawesum The gamer : That looks like a tac from fortnite 😂

iChinnyAce : So thats why all the dinosaurs went extinct

saw Alex : pickle rick

Micah Anderson : Your cool

leokimvideo : Is that even legal in Australia?

Макс Хаупман : страйкболисты будут против...