Adam Savage's One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster!

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Coop772 : The blaster looks fantastic! I love the offset sight mount!

1ofsolitude : Can you imagine being the kid who shows up to a nerf battle with that thing!? Or better yet, imagine watching another kid show up with that thing!

Mary Grace Alba : Its just 999 u forgot the 1 in the ground so its basically clickbait

Cabeza De Bolo : like si hablas español :v

lachlan brown : 33:32 we got him

Dread, the Mad Smith : What ya should do is make a 200 ball hopper but make a backpack feeder that carries 5,000.

x_Sempai : Like sí hablas español.

Mexicanigorditos prro : No tengo ni puta idea de cómo llege asta aquí

Shadow Libra : Why his laugh sound like the thriller laugh 😂 😂😂😂😂19:50

thegroundbelowme : Having seen this, if I were to make my own attempt, I'd possibly make the interior of the magazine with a series of cascading "shelves" (kinda like a kugelbahn - not sure what the english name of that toy is) so that the weight of all the balls on top didn't slow down the balls being fed to the firing mechanism.

Boltaan'jistman : How long in the future will adam still be finding nerf balls in his workshop? The world may never know :(

Katelyn Parker : Props too the people who watched the whole 35 min vid without skipping like if your one of those people. Dislike if your not and you skipped right too the big shabang!

いかすみ : 何言っているか分からないけどすごいことっていうことは、分かった!!!

salvador madrid : Adam is like a ten year old boy mixed with Diresta.

Amy Hansen : I miss you on myth busters the new guys just aren't the same

Geremie Agudo : So that's how dinosaurs got extinct.

xhaixee thxrxn : What a happy man

GrabBomb : What would you do if i you have one of those Me:ahoot it at my friends

тнεηιяø : 21:26 idk why but that had me dying 😂😂

justine james tejoc : Make nerf robot

TipTut : I love the fact there's no obnoxious background music in these episodes. It's just a lovely, calming video where you watch someone do something they love.

Jesse Ayala : Imagine how many people would develop and build new and innovative inventions, if they got paid by staying at home alot of the time like this guy

Ethan Wykes : Now you need an extended battery mod

Owen Hutchinson : You are AMAZING!😰

Robo Dooders : Imagine Brining That Into A Nerf Gun Battle Birthday Party.....

HORRIOR : Now figure out a way to pick up all the ammo that doesn't take over an hour. Edit: AND doesn't get your nerf ammo dirty by vacuuming up all the dust and other crap off the floor, like a vacuum cleaner.

DragonFire 88882 : Damn, thats dope

this guy : *when your little brother tells you to stop but you keep shooting him*

just do it : I love to watch this guy from when I was a kid back in my country it was in English (mythbuster) Adam and Jamie but now I understand English before no 😂😂

bluedenmark : That’s fricking lit dude!

Jacob Carlson : I love that you let the thinking shot at 7:04 go on as long as you did :-)

Aj Shada : Can you collabe with Collin furze and the hacksmith plz all of you can work together to make awesomeness happen and you can make a lot of cool things together. 😀

Ssj4 EliteFighter1206 : Nemesis + Steroids = Prometheus Prometheus + Steroids = 1000 shot Nemitheusis

MrSoldier : myth busters beats coops tri prometheus mod lmao


ky sputnik : Do a backpack feed system next with 10000 balls.

Dragon King : I have seen your mithbusters

Riley Dugan : Your quick at this stuff

Nipsly : I am new here guys so I am wondering. Did they start this channel after mythbusters ended?

Dragon King : TV show!

Taikamuna : I wonder how many nerf balls are still in that room to this day


AX STORY :) : Bols😊🍌

John Kenneth Alcause : General Principle of Engineering: If things go well on the first attempt, maybe you did something wrong and will find the errors

MeeBear : the guy that is gonna pick up all those balls is getting depressed.

billiondollardan : I'm so glad Adam has maintained an online presence since Mythbusters ended. I love his happy, frenetic energy

crafty bear : That's a lot of balls

noval ardana noval : Keren😎🙂

Common Guns : He should’ve used flex tape

Wanmukta Ali : สุดยอดลูกพี่