Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth

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Around The Good World : Great content as always! You're such a great inspiration for my channel. Keep it up :)

Nadia Nadia : Omg! Noooo! I’d be scared to live in there

TheRayRayGGG : I know where I'm going when the zombie apocalypse come

YouTube5000 : A little bit of incest has gotta be going on around the island Im sure 🤔 : I am glad that they are happy in there. How does *the dating game* work on that island ?

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness : Sanitation? Something tells me the fecal e-coli bacteria count in the surrounding water is pretty high....

Mizako 96 : Kinda hard to rob someone lmao. “My shit is missing” “Bet it was fuckin Dale on the other side of the island”

Khajiit Is Innocent : Seems like a chill place all in all. If I was a millionaire id buy those people another generator though.

You Tube : Sure is crowded.

VinBones : Incest?

hehe hehe : An island with the size of 2 soccer fields, with the population of 1,200 people who know each other. I WANNA LIVE THERE

arona fall : This is a nice place to stay during WW3!🤠 *let me know if you find another one^.^ we'll immigrate there or colonize it before we get some Nukes* ~_~

Discover The World : Unbelievable!

Siodenesse L. : One fart and the whole island would know.

Borderlands808 : No fapping privacy.

Jermaine Andrada : They probably all know eachother

Jade C : It’s the Isle of the Lost from Descendants

George Washington : Fuck CNN

The Greasy Strangler : it will be gone soon, the sea is rising faster every year

WarriorZaya : 1:01 that kid behind the boat is naked lol

Simon Cassel : Wow, thats just kinda my dream place for a summer house

ryaj valdez : They badly need to construct high rise buildings on that island.

Donovan Campbell : This gives a whole new meaning to community. I like it though, no police and everyone knows each other.

iTellIthOwItIs : Can we say "Ghetto" 😂

Laxt : Watch i bet you in a couple of years one of the best sports players are going to originate from there.

Shotgun Gabe : This would be a really cool map to be on a video game.

Johnny Tsunami : I would invade this island and enslave all of them

Zuzu Cunt : The island look like it's about to sink even though it's not lol

Rich : u gotta have a death wish to live there

OriginalSycan : Did no one else think of incest when they saw this?

Kyler Vlogs : Imagine getting a bunch of friends and playing hide n seek around the whole island.

krishna mangla : One day whole earth will be like that if population is not controlled . It give me chills just thinking about that..😅

PIZACLATON DDD : How about sanitation

Gunship : They need to build up, yo

Jill Cosby : So they are ultimately inbreeding.

mm smith : This island will become a story like Atlantis soon the sinking island/city

Dovahkiin : And where does their poop go? same area of where they swim and catch fish?

Pseudonym Smith : Cool, it's like an island version of the Kowloon walled city.

shots fired : Imagine living your entire life on that island

Shrek Head : How could they reach a density greater than Manhattan without skyscrapers?

TittyWinks : Its similar to a piece of dog poop covered with flies.

VespinePrune : Im Colombian I didn't even know it existed

ergio : Looks like it could be a call of duty map

MrFlyersfan28 : Idiots

Phil Gamer : Looks like it could be a map for Call of Duty...

Xavier Xavier : So are they all related?

Gold Dragon : well the saying says "no man is an island"

Andres E. Gomez M. : It's a mini China

Dra O : Mmmm. I bet it smells... ripe there.

terrencej18 : Looks like a nice area to live