Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth

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Great Big Story : ¡Viva Colombia! Visit this island and other top-rated destinations with a little guidance from TripAdvisor (If you purchase this product, Great Big Story receives revenue. Everybody wins!) : I am glad that they are happy in there. How does *the dating game* work on that island ?

XZzRainzZx : Imagine getting a bunch of friends and playing hide n seek around the whole island.

Mark Power : U won't be waiting long for a pizza delivery...

Captain Jack Sparrow : Seems like a chill place all in all. If I was a millionaire id buy those people another generator though.

Zuzu : The island look like it's about to sink even though it's not lol

unbelievableflyingdrunkenpotatowithnolife : _One fire = a lot of burned houses_

Blc ME : No matter where you live, if you are living happily, that's all it matters.

Ironsights : No need for Uber when your out drinking; because your already home.

YouTube5000 : A little bit of incest has gotta be going on around the island Im sure 🤔

Mykul22 : The fact that this island is smaller than a mall is crazy.

OhI Did : Imagine multiple exs

Gamble : They're pretty much swimming in their own shit right?

really? : well, i can't skip class as usual then :(

Gurosama Bltch : how about big waves?

shots fired : Imagine living your entire life on that island

Vespine : Im Colombian I didn't even know it existed

George Tow : My room is more crowded than this island. Believe me

Rocco Ravioli : I love how the video doesn't talk about the innumerable problems with this setup. Human waste? Garbage? What happens when there is a crime? Issues with inbreeding? Disease outbreaks/control? Severe injury care? Etc etc etc...

Jane Doe : I hate saying this but I would hate living there what if one day mother nature dumps on them with a Tsunami wave😨and wipes them out!! scary

Masha Mitchell : They look happy. Hope westerns leave them alone.

Dark PePe : They should call China to help make their island bigger

ergio : Looks like it could be a call of duty map

Justin Die : This is smaller than Fortnite map lol

Ryan O : if this was Minecraft, I would build straight up.

arona fall : This is a nice place to stay during WW3!🤠 *let me know if you find another one^.^ we'll immigrate there or colonize it before we get some Nukes* ~_~

LifeasMerna : my high school graduating class would not fit on that island

Siodenesse L. : One fart and the whole island would know.

Lateef : Makes space for me I'm coming lol..jk

S s : may b dey r d happiest ppl on 🌎

Lbolting005 : I would be scared to fart 💨 knowing that there’s people literally next to me smelling the stankness if my butthole

burteriksson : It's must smell like if you were inside someone's ass in there.

Jonathan Ryan : I can help but compare the size of this island to King Kai's planet in Dragon Ball Z... I kept looking for the one car that just had to be on the island for absolutely no purpose at all.

RAPID : u gotta have a death wish to live there

wolvie041007 : Please don't bother them, please.

mike fuston : looks like the set of waterworld

mm smith : This island will become a story like Atlantis soon the sinking island/city

Kaptin Fancy : "2 hour boatride" ...shows an island like 2 miles from this one

PixelatedBrayden : 1:02 look at the kid 😂

Villager of SmashVille : Lmao reminds me of the island from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

hugh jorgan : How would the sewage treatment facility work on only 5 hours of power a day?

Pankaj Bhatt : Aww that's cute. Come to India sometime.

Harsh Verma : ColombiAaaa

kee sun : This is like town Megaton in fallout 3 👍

Mr.Mcfancy : Reminds me of cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Frank I : There is nothing dense here...look up Migingo Island Kenya

Cody Frank : Probably a 75 year waiting list... but I wish I could live there!

Nolan Olson : I like that this is a minute and a half

Donovan Campbell : This gives a whole new meaning to community. I like it though, no police and everyone knows each other.

Gregory Wheeler : What's really cool is when a hurricane hits the Island and kills all them