The Homerun Contest Collab
The Homerun Contest Collab

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With the release of Smash Bros Ultimate, over 150 animators from the Dojo gathered together to make this collaboration! Enjoy! New Dojo Gear! Use code HOMERUN to get 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER! ► Dojo Streams! ► - MUSIC CREDITS - Break the Targets Remix - M477 Big Blue Remix - DandaManProductions S-Tier - Flexstyle, OA HIS WORLD Instrumental - SSBB Team Polygons Are Inaccurate - Mikeaudio Project M Theme - Pete "Phonetic Hero" Lepley Kicks' Twilite Funk (2am) - Furries in a Blender Bad Mario - Pete Mute City Remix - Thunderclash SNES Mario Circuit Remix - Video Game Remixes The Smash Brothers: 68 Mega Man II - Johan Agebjorn Enter Ganondorf Thunderstruck - Big Giant Circles, Jeff Ball Waluigi Pinball Remix - Video Game Remixes SSB Melee - Menu 1 - NyxTheShield ~Support Our Community!~ Patreon ------------ Paypal ------------- ~Join Our Community!~ Hyun's Dojo ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Amino ► ~Inquiries!~


Natanderツ : 33:04 the best xdd and the waluigi part xd

Josh Tim Marcos : 27:12 Is The Russian Uppercut.

Anh Quang Vu Tuyen : 26:16 is by far the best :)

NotRen : Damn waluigi is Super duper badass 10k Meters

Kevin N : 27:16 it wasn't his punch. It was THEIR punch

Kerianne Tennis : 32:14 Personal Favorite

RoRo Plays : 26:15 wave dash right, wave dash left, moonwalk, Captain Falcon's Dair, Fox's Shine, Fox's Dair, Falco's Shine, Jump Cancel, Falco's Shine, Jump Cancel, Falco's Dair, Captain Falcon's Up air, Captain Falcon's Fair (sweet spot), Jigglypuff's pound, Fox's Laser (x2), Donkey Kong's Grab, Up throw, Up air, Mario's Fair, Samus's Charged Shot, Captain Falcon's Punch, Fox's Up smash, Luigi's Misfire, Jigglypuff's Rest. Now that's a lot of damage. Detailed (I think) Wave Dash right, Wave Dash left, Moonwalk, Jump Captain Falcon's Down Air (Sweet Spot), Fox's Down Special, Wave Dash right, Fox's Down Air, Falco's Down Special, Jump Cancel, Falco's Down Special, Jump Cancel, Falco's Down Air (Sweet Spot), Captain Falcon's Up Air (Sweet Spot?), Wave Dash left, Jump, Captain Falcon's Forward Air (Sweet Spot), Jigglypuff's jump, Jigglypuff's Side Special, Fox's Neutral Special (x2), Grab Item, Wave Dash right, Throw Item Up, Wave Dash right, Donkey Kong's Grab, Donkey Kong's Up Throw, Donkey Kong's Up Air, Mario's Forward Air (Sweet Spot), Grab Item, Throw Item Down, Samus's Neutral Special Max Charged Shot, Grab Item, Throw Item Up, Captain Falcon's Neutral Special, Grab Item, Throw Item Up, Fox's Up Smash, Luigi's Side Special (Misfire), Wave Dash right, Jump, Jigglypuff's Down Special (Sweet Spot). NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! Just remembered that T-Bot 32:35 has a similar combo...

iKidK8 : My favorite Parts: Terkoiz's part at 17:29 Hyun's part at 26:15 Jomm's part at 31:13!

EzioisPirate : 26:46 *BAD* *TOUCH*


Ukyoprime : 23:38 is my personal favorite.

Lucas M : 32:47 is my favorite

Zaffre : 25:35 as a GFL fan this one was easily my favorite.

Sanae Kochiya : 25:34 Bring an Abrams to a home run contest Also GFL M4A1 is cute <3

Oxoph : I think the disliker is the poor bag X(

Buttercup Neon : 1:39 *LAW & ORDER*

Pyroball : 7:35 Is that Lethal League? Do not remember the game name! Knockout! 21:04 Lethal League AGAIN!

WillRennar : Expecting somebody's OC to win? *_TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!_*

NotRen : Damn Isabelle is Strong 1990.0m

Wuzzup129 : 27:15 The most Russian punch I've ever seen.

Dominique : Who else got super hyped at 12:53?

•VertiX_x• : 20:27 *Holy moly is that a JOJO reference?* *Za Warudo!*


CoolEnderman1000 : 13:41 *C L A S S I C .*

Dave C : yeee lets goooo!!

TheJewelMan : I now realise that this whole video is just an OC flex

DAV charley : 8:14 Cuti3N3rDx was awesome 😎😎😎

Daedric Prince of Smash : 9:55 "Black Division was here!"

Grimslade Leviathan : 1:26 This animation artstyle remind me of RWBY, I really really like it

Drawnimo : 12:08 This is so amazing...

Gabafonso : 7:38 and 21:05 Lethal League!

man of the hunt : My favorite was derahope when the dude just when iron man and blasted it. I Also like the animation style.

Jotaro Kujo : Winners: Saitama and Waluigi

Emilio Da Paz : I remember these combo videos being my childhood. Seeing this in my reccomended again puts a smile on my face.

DevilArtemis : lmfao when he said "Ya mum gey"

José1140/AzureBoy : 16:52 JzBoy!!!

Dhika08 : 17:57 MaH hAiR D:

ShadowStar1997 : 1:40 Did he seriously just pelvic thrust the sandbag?

DS3K 2234 : My favorite 1:22 3D YEAH

Harmondez : 33:05 You know what will happen when you see Saitama...

Berleezys Chair : 13:33 Dad:why are you crying so damn loud!?

Crimson Shadow Wielder : my fav part due to this being my fav game 13:31

Someone Usedtobeknown : Gildedguy never fails to send people down his spine. Wait, I mean chills I swear NO I DIDN'T MEA

Mason B Cartoons : No punching bags were harmed in the making of this video

Jomm : Gj everyone, happy smashin'

Soul Chapman : Clearly the one of the best characters in the game 16:18 FALCO FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

sickening_love : 13:32 is my most favorite. I mean, in my childhood, who wouldnt love gildedguy's slush invaders?!

XxLuK3SaVaG3xX 1 : If y'all looking for daveC it at 14:56

Gerard Cardona : My favorite parts: Glidedguy (i cant remember) Hyun at: 23:55 (idk if this is right) Sareth at: 33:06