The Homerun Contest Collab

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Gildedguy : waluigi always numba wahn!

Tocksique : Lot of creative entries. My absolute fav collab as of right now

Stevo : so i dont pay nearly as much attention to the dojo community as I should, so i was wondering what the percent/division flag was or what it means

Violet Scarelli : 27:12 is my favorite.

Jomm : Gj everyone, happy smashin'

XxMed dabibgbroxX : 23:41 MY EEYYEESSSSSS

DuckManBand : That was interesting 16:54 I like it. Cuz ima fan.

DuckManBand : So much abuse for a bag...

ImNotHere : 0:22 lol

Emir Alemdar : I was thinking hyuns dojo was dead , no one cares about the stick animations but now I see , nothing is dead yet.

• •Punkayk• • : 21:35

Birch Pig : Anyone getting an og flipnote hatena vibe from this

Patroni : Wow So many talented people O_o

Sflytron : who's the guy that comments the list in order with specific time

NeoDark 68 : Dude Nice but broly do better

Nata 150 : im new i just subscribed, you deserve it, btw love the animation.

Nata 150 : smash x lethal league sounds lit

Emmanuel Doffoh : 33:08 I was like welp.... shieeet😐

Erick Richards : This I think this is my favorite video from this channel now. The last one was "The Great Journey" collab from 4yrs ago. I've enjoyed the other vids from here but TGJ was at the top because of how it showed all these animators coming together to build this channel. Now that I've put those feeling into words I'm not sure if I stand by "The Homerun Contest" being No.1 lol very close 2nd tho XD #NoShirtNoPower

Hatred Sans : Be thankful to waluigi or SUCC on void memes where u belong

Lyndon Luquin : 6:32 Possible Earrape.

Xelor smurg : stan lee ?? 4:29

Walverack 0909 : 2:33 *_ness wins by doing nothing_*

Nothing but Neutral : I couldn't participate in this but I don't feel bad at all. Seeing everyone gathering together to create an amazing collab is so wonderful. More reasons to love the Dojo <3

Splatts 7 : 24:05 Hahahahahaha

Yuuki161 : 5:39 Tewi Inaba!!

Ascending : 6:44 Thanos?

Wow Owo : Surprised the sandbag didn’t just explode or disintegrate when Saitama punched it. Either way he still loses though.

NightVibe : Well I don't about y'all, but I had a complete blast with this collab. Proud to be apart of it!

YusiP_ : When Nightvibe smacks him far there is a pic of stan lee for like 0,00001 sec

Rip X : if this was a game it would be sick

Dr. Raptrap : Even Hyun‘s dojo, him self still know‘s stan lee 👌🏻💧


AbomiYeti : It was a blast to participate in this collab!! Great work both on account of the animators for their parts and Hyun for his hard work compiling it all

cynical of the krebs : Okay

KirbyCreep : 50% are stick figures

Starlequin : The slush invaders part was hands down my favorite

Brandon Gregory : Oh crap the slush invaders are back

Kursura : This was a blast to watch, amazing work yet again. Every official collab has been overflowing with stunning and creative entries from so many great people. Thanks to everyone for making these collabs such a joy to see.

Gelo Rentoria : seriously none of any characters custom or not does not get to use their final smash in homerun contest mode, so I was pretty sad to look a the cool animations that were great but not its just not following the rules (pls don't be mad, all of them were good just some selectively not)

[TB] SuperROMANIA 65 : 12:14 , find the emoji

Random person #8462 : Buff waluigi is best waifu

Hydrosting : Damn these collabs bring me back to the old FA days.

Glivskindel7 : woaw there were so many good entries :'0 Thanks hyun for hosting this collab, this was so much fun to watch and I'm honored to be a part of it <3 ps. why is there so much black division

Wicked King : Can anyone tell me which is domics?


SabrikGamingYT : 2:13 what is the song name?

Mr. Blackwood : 27:12 - 27:34 7029,1m _...I'm so proud T_T_

Jaime la poire :/ : 22:53 NAMI SWANNN !!!!

NightHowler445 : 7:36 leathal league I like that game