Wintergatan's Marble Elevator

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Wintergatan : Thank you for blessing the Marble Machine X, Body and Soul!

The Fabrication Series : I'm dieing laughing at this one!

Robert G : Excellent video Tony, it's marbleous! Your use of other YouTubers in your video is hilarious...but I sure wouldn't want to make the big one mad...LOL!

machinbrico : Should I use a European cat to create metric screws or does any cat work ?

Film Empire : This has to be my favorite episode yet. The comedic timing was perfect.

Stefan Gotteswinter : Hey. Who filmed me in my shop?! You must have lost your marbles.

Ben D : I was not prepared for the Shawshank Redemption ending.

heardashot : This guy's a star. Wow!...what a very brilliant & clever piece of camera work. The cat bits just cracked me up. Very funny. Good sport this old tony, keep up the great work. Greetings from across that big span of water from Ireland.

Mahj : I guess this would be a bad time to tell you the dimensions were in metric?

pazi : So THAT's how you start a lathe

Alex French Guy Cooking : The World now sucks a bit less.

LeiserGeist : Future 4072-Clickspring is gonna have a *ball* with this.

Michael Gartley : I can't believe it! The moment you said who has time to clock in a 4 jaw Abom appeared in my head, just to have it cut to him a second later! I laughed way more than I should have. TOT, I don't comment much on videos but I love what you do.

Covenant-R : It's so great to see all these great entertainers and craftsmen collaborate in different ways, and I have no idea how I found some of you, but suddenly this becomes very meta after you consider various combinations of Wintergatan, This Old Tony, Alec Steele and Alex French Guy cooking... all channels I started watching independently from one another... just wondering what the next surprise will be....

fanert1 : i must be getting dumber with age but i enjoy theese videos more as time passes. thanks tony for keeping me smiling and stupid

Ron Covell : Tony, that was absolutely brilliant, and I love the way you are collaborating with other YouTubers. The introduction was a wonderful tribute to the Wintergaten Marble Machine video. It reminded me of one of my first favorites of yours - 'Making Springs at Home', which riffed on the 'How it's Made' theme. The ending was a tribute to the Shawshank Redemption film, if memory serves me well. Very well done, and I can't wait to see what you dream up next!

gerald chaplin : i wish i could thumbs up more than once you put a smile on face when i needed it relay bad thank you

kmikl : As entertaining as AvE... Nice.

Angel Bunny : Can I borrow your 25th edition shop cat handbook? I'd love to know what techniques and tolerances you use to get your shop cat to produce the parts and fasteners you need.

BK : lol, I know what the reference to the Australian reverse engineering is all about! Man, I love it when all of my favorite channels have Easter eggs in them referencing each other.

JD Brewer : Love, love, love your videos! Great job Tony, thanks for introducing to other great creators. I laughed so much, can't wait to watch it again!

ROSIE & HOPI'S DREAM : How wonderful that so many other craftsmen are so willing to contribute to your dream

SV Impavidus (Ant & Cid Sailing) : It takes balls to post a video like this! Laugh? When Cindy heard my chuckles, she watched it too! You got a smile even a double smile at the ending! Your best to date thanks for the entertainment and engineering. Ant & Cid .

growmau5 : As far as YouTube masterpieces go, you set the bar pretty damn high Tony. This probably my 4th or 5th time watching this video, it’s awesome. Cheers.

Zak Karimjee : This is actually the best video on YouTube

NuBay Active : wintergatan sent me and i think it would be rude not to sub :)

LESAGEROUS : probably on the canadian side of niagara falls. hahaha

SternLX : Problem when you're already subscribed to all the people involved in this video... you get confused on who's channel you're on in the first minute or so.

3D Printed Marble : died when you said you've set the lathe to two... lol

Phoenix Ascendant : Sweet cheese and crackers, man! I didn't even make it a couple of minutes into this video before I was laughing so hard I had to go out on the back deck so I didn't wake up my family. :-) :-) :-) I love the way that you're approaching this video, I'm a huge fan of Wintergatan. And I have a feeling that I'm going to be quite a fan of yours as well, if the video pans out as I see it should. It seems that you have a fun and interesting way of approaching things, much as Martin does, and so far I have had to pause the video no fewer than five times to allow for laughter at the various gags and cutscenes, at al. It seems like you have had an immense amount of fun making this video, it seems like you really did enjoy working with Martin, and I just wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing your positive experience in international relations, and making it so amusing and enjoyable and entertaining to watch your videos. I will most definitely be following you to see the various other videos you create in the future, and wish you the very best. Have a wonderful life and thank you so very much for sharing your creativity with us! Edit: spelling correction... And also yep... I'ma fan.

Gear Down For What? : How much planning and thought went into the story line of this video? I mean the communication, and the making of a giant arrow, it seems like a lot for a little part of the story line. I'm really impressed by how far you'll go just to pack one more piece of awesome, and for that I subscribe.

macsmith2013 : No safety glasses on the cat? For shame!

artfx9 : Intro was gold. Also, thats a good pair of shafts fir Martin's balls.

Wendy James : You've got me good, I didn't realise "Brooks was here" reference untill the very end.

Jake : For a metric project there sure was a lot of mention of pounds feet and inches. Curse you Ronald Reagan!

Bobby Duke Arts : Dude, you are fast becoming one of my favorite channels. So good

tunespt : Am I the only one who presses like in the first 2 seconds of the tot videos and whishes to press like again?

Mike Stromecki : I think this was some of your best work yet Tony! Great vidjia.

AzureSkys : Tony, you are brilliant! Between the planning, machining, filming, style, humor, editing, etc it's just superb! This is something I wish was found on the educational and dyi style TV channels. Also love the camaraderie between you and my other favorite YT producers. Thank you so much!

Robert Stephenson : I was wondering why you had a keyway in the bearing until i found out your sweater had elbow patches. Now it all makes sense.

x9x9x9x9x9 : Masterfully done! Also I couldn't help but laugh at the horrible jokes. I mean come on the drum roll one was too good.

Regulator Machine : this is one of those video's where you wish you could click the like button a dozen times while watching, so awesome!, thanks Tony!

Jeff Streak : The first time I met Andy.....uh this old tony........ *pans to shot on beach*

Mark Arnott : 20:20 Time 4 Kitten Play 👍🤪 😽

Scott Jones : The cat😂

ROBRENZ : You just keep getting better and better Tony! ATB, Robin

jukees : You are one of two channels with the bell activated. Congratulations.

Machine Addicted : is Wintergatan related to Gotteswinter🤔

James Mayell : It truly was a Shawshank Redemption...

Poykeh Official : Nice tribute to "Shawshank Redemption" at the end ;-)