EmptyHero vs Resident Evil 1-6

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Bamboo Acrobat : "I would shoot so much cream inside, that it would turn Claire into an eclair." #dead

GhenryPerez : Mehsident Evil 7 when?

Nathan : Superb stuff as always, any chance of a Silent Hill 1-4 retrospective?

Ultimate Hunter : This was hilarious

Graveyard Sale : Legos and spaghettios

Trevon Holder : thanks my dude, love the content! The homoerotic dark souls boss lore is one of my favorite videos of all time !!! Not much has had ole randy laughing like that.

brunocar : one small complaint i have with the RE4 mercs part, hunk is bad against bosses? he is the best one, his melee is instakill, so you can shoot any boss in the head once and melee them for an instant kill

Jeremy Sanchez : This is the best random click I've ever had on YouTube.

Blue Mage : yes i'm loving this voice over. YOU GOT MY SUB!

Automatic13 : This was so on point. You are a master of alliteration.

Oliver Smith : "I would wrap those gigantic lobes around my chode and blow a load inside her globe, thereby giving her a permanent set of hearing AIDS" God, you're beautiful man, you'd kill on the spoken-word circuit.

Crocmaster McGeezax : Holy shit, I guess I have to cancel my evening plans

doki doki ahegao : Salazar is also a character made to represent Dominic.

Wat : I'm so happy I watched this video. Possibly the greatest Resident Evil Retrospective vid of all time.

vango tagger : He sounds like The Nutty Professor haha 😂😂

RiderWithTheScarf : Excellently made, finely put together and all that jazz. Great work. So, what are your favourite REs Mike Tyson?

OperationFatGuy : No Code Veronica or Zero?

K-Z : WHAT ?!?!

doki doki ahegao : Your review of RE2 is priceless

Knightdaddy GATTSU : You have no clue how much I love your comedy style, I've laughed until I've bled because of you

Brandon Jolly : This is genius

Alex Barber : 4:11 Gives me life

Joey JoJo : Resident Evil 4 and the REmake are the best ones . Sweet home was pretty good too

Lee Fairfield : You are the most based black guy i’ve ever seen

Stephen Lynx : Does your emulator has the parkinsons?

Chicago Joe : Do more videos in a Christopher Walken voice.

OJA : I really enjoyed this. Still love you EH <3

Ryan Habeeb : This is the most hilarious thing that I have ever heard.

DrDeath184 : Any thoughts about the Clock Tower series ?

Tora : I would love to hear what you have to say about 7.

Mango Steel : Oooooo shittttt! A slip of Jesus juice and you had to sleep on your stomach for a month!

KoboltBlu : glad to see these back. Hope RE7 is in the works if you get the time for it.

lexvj Vjxelj : LOL!!

DeFactoLeader : Now that the retrospective is fully put together, I'm looking forward to your Re7 review. I can imagine by the point it's done though, YouTube will be so intrusive and obsessed with removing entertaining videos that we'll only get to see it on Vidme.

cristian monico : I like his Bob sap profile pic

Master Bait : Will your Halloween costume be a white man?