Lil Wayne gives one of the most hilarious depositions ever (must see!)

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DIZzy Dom : She was crazzyyy stupiiidd thick😂 #TUNCHI

Hafsa Hussein : 2018, this shit is still funny 💀

Justin m8 : Who’s here from Tha Carter 5 on the track Hittas? 😂🧐

Not Noremac : How tf does he keep a straight face id be laughing the whole time lmao

nahshon white : Wayne replied just like how these jerk off politicians respond to us

MITCHELL WIGGS : 3:15 - " *He can't save you...* " "And what does that mean??" " *...I was talking to myself* "

Josh ATX : "How would you describe your image in the media" *"I wouldn't describe it."* "How would you if you had to?" *"I don't have to."* Weezy!

Les Toil : “Do you recall being mistaken as a gremlin?” “I don’t recall that”.

Allen Berry : For y’all who aren’t critical thinkers, the interviewer was insulting Wayne’s intelligence with stupid questions that’s why Wayne responded the way he did

Cor : Seriously people, learn from this. " I don't recall" is an answer. "I don't remember" is an answer. Don't make their jobs easier, don't incriminate yourselves!

not applicable : Do you recall not recalling? I don't recall.

Jay Santana : the sad thing is lil wayne probably really doesnt recall this shit lmaooo

Mazvar : Me answering questions in an essay

Cycryptic : He was a straight A student, he just doesn't give any shits about most things

AGoodQudsi : I don’t recall that

primusfan6661 : This is how to treat questions in any deposition. He's been through this before obviously.

imzaymusic : lmfao "i was talkin to myself"

QUEENDOM : Clearly little Wayne answers to no one

Bridget Broomfield : On behalf of respectable, school teaching white ladies everywhere I want to say I love this man and I wish I could answer questions like this in my real life. Stick. it. to. the. man lil wayne. mwah.

Elijah Leleo : "do you breathe air?" "I don't recall that"

Luke Challies : *I D O N T R E C A L L T H A T*

DJ fade : *i plead the FiF* 🤣🤣😂

ArnoldFTW97 : "Do you recall birdman sucking your wee wee?" "I don't want to answer the question."

MAURIICE KIING : Sorry, that’s my psychic.. sorry.

Solo Central Beats : Definitely more savage than 21

KMD : What was wayne being pressed for?

Aida M. : 😭😭😂 Classic!!!!

Jessica Cammarata : I find it hysterical that Wayne who dropped out of school to pursue music has so much more intelligence than the attorney who went to school for yrs and yrs. The attorney is a complete idiot and some of his questions were just ridiculous. Love the "he can't save you in the real world" lol and how he just gave up answering bcuz the question were completely idiotic. "Do you recall spending time in jail"? " I don't recall" "Do you recall selling 1.5 million copies of the Carter 3 in the first week"? "I don't recall". Haha! This deposition is everything!

Harmeet Dhillon : I got hittas woadie

Paradox xodarap : This video made me realize that Wayne is waaaay smarter than people give him credit for

Marlo C : Why does so many people repeat him in comments

Lauren Morris : This is a perfect example of how to handle any kind of questioning

samiam goat : Is this a joke Dewayne Michael Carter!!!!


ibesweetp2 : To anyone who actually knows what a deposition is, Lil Wayne's answers are actually kind of genius. He's avoiding answering questions that could later on hurt him in court. Except when he essentially threatens the lawyer doing the deposition, that was just dumb.

fiziks is fun : Growing up is when you go from thinking lil Wayne was a savage for this to realizing he's acting like a child

souf mouf : 5:15 idk before the question 😂😂😂

Arianni For ever : i can believe this a real deposition. lol

ky le : these two are planning a tour together later this year

Top10Music : "How would you describe your image in the media?" "I wouldn't describe it." "Well, how would you describe it if you have to?" "I don't have to."

Ben Lee : Lil wayne vessel is occupied by a demon.

AstroBoy Sid : 0:15 was already dying lmaoooooo

Thunderous Specalist : He sampled this

Josieur Dorvelus : I don't have to wait to anything... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The Royal Ace : "She was crazy stupid thick"

Trevor borja : He's like a little bratty goblin

RealLucidity : She was crazy stupid thick

Bret Harley : I love Wayne but he acts like an 8 year old in detention here.

Cashfagold junky : C 5 🐐🐐💯

MrSwag41 : 3:15 Wayne: He can't save you. "And what does that mean?" Wayne: I was talking to my self XD