Lil Wayne gives one of the most hilarious depositions ever (must see!)

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AGoodQudsi : I don’t recall that

DIZzy Dom : She was crazzyyy stupiiidd thick😂 #TUNCHI


Hafsa Hussein : 2018, this shit is still funny 💀

FranklinThePlug : Interviewer: *Breathes* Lil Wayne: I dont recall that

tehgreatist : "How would you describe your image in the media?" "How would I describe my image in the media?" "Yes" "I wouldn't describe it" "Well how would you describe it if you had to?" "I don't have to" LOL

Chris Shannon : Wayne is such an intelligent, well-spoken individual lol that or he has a good lawyer and has taken a hint of legal advice...

Chrissy Arlena : The psychological mind games he playing with them is hilarious.

Lil 21 Uzi Slump Tentacion Boat Minaj : Wayne:He can’t save you Lawyer:What does that mean Wayne:I was talking to myself

MITCHELL WIGGS : 3:15 - " *He can't save you...* " "And what does that mean??" " *...I was talking to myself* "

FlexBoye : When Wayne starts off with "What's your name again?".. You know your heading for troubling times as an interviewer

Stan Mitchell : We all know the interviewer crying in the car on the way home.

Nyjel Todd : yall gotta remember lil wayne was a straight A student

Edwyn Billingham : This is actually if you think about it it is a great interview

SportsFan JW : Lmao wtf 😂

Tyler Labute : Bottom line he's smart as all hell for replying the way he did . Executed perfectly in my opinion

Kai : "How would you describe your image in the media?" "I wouldn't describe it."

Dustin Guevara : Sorry psychic powers... I don't know..😂😂😂

Jasmine OnYoutube : Do you recall..."i dont know" winning rapper "i dont know" of the year "i dont know" award "i dont know" MrCarter you need to wait until he question is finished to answer "sorry that's my Psychic"

Hate Socializing : This video is so entertaining that I forget the video is 5 whole minutes. It feels like 2 minutes

Its Alyx : "...But how would you describe it if you had to." "I don't have to."

Jason Carr : He can't save you..... I don't recall.... well done brother

Jewz Flexible : who are you..? im Dwayne Michael carter Jr..

Solo Central Beats : Definitely more savage than 21

Mazvar : Me answering questions in an essay

Time Killer : 1:42 have i ever hired photographers to photograph an event? Sorry sir, NO, IM A SUPERSTAR! People hire them theirselves to photograph me....we dont hire them...... -Young Money!!!!!!

Gabriel Cundari : He can't save you 😂

Kahliya Warren : I love him

MrSwag41 : 3:15 Wayne: He can't save you. "And what does that mean?" Wayne: I was talking to my self XD

Josh ATX : "How would you describe your image in the media" *"I wouldn't describe it."* "How would you if you had to?" *"I don't have to."* Weezy!

zennah williams : 🤣 I love Wayne 💙 heyyy ⚖️

OgamiItto502 : Lil Wayne: The Deposition GOAT

Negrolo Daniel Siri Kalderon : "He can't save you!" "What is that mean?" "I was talking to myself" 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Palmina D'Alessandro : Whoa, I thought this was a media interview but it's COURT?? lol

Luke Challies : *I D O N T R E C A L L T H A T*

Boogie Basi : I wouldn’t describe it What if I had to I don’t have to

crazyaboutboxing ! : Yeah Some thing outta your A$$ .. 😂😂😂😂

Quincy Hyde : he can't save you....I was talking to myself !!

Spiritual Sky : "I'm sorry, That's my Psychic" :)

Chris Murphy : This guy is smart

Juaquin Sarmiento : Is this a fn joke😂

Ieshia TheMindOfMe : 😂😂 I don’t have to elaborate.

Alejandra Saldana : This is why I love lil Wayne

300 300 : Lil waynes on point

Renae Lynn : omg...😃😄...yeah it's something outta your azz.

Gallows toye : He can't save you... lol

D C : Some people should never have money. This guy's an idiot.

Shàntae Clarke : "He can't save you , I was talking to my self" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

Dallas Williams : Too much Drugs man !!

Cosmo Energy : The interview is not funny. Lil Wayne is being rude for no reason.