Binging with Babish: Rachel's Trifle from Friends

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Binging with Babish : Sorry for the audio glitches in this one folks! Edited the episode on a flight from LAX > JFK > ROC last night, barely squeaked out the voice-over this morning! Happy turkey stuff!

Sauce Stache : I'm a little upset that the recipe didn't meet Ross's feet description!

Lexy Rose : i've always wondered if this actually tasted like feet

brownguy903 : “Fond” is your equivalent of “rattling, trap flavored high hats”


OxyElite : i think this looks very yummy! Hmmmmm (smiles while rubbing tummy)

Ruben Avila : *P I V O T*

mariel ivana : Aww I remember this episode the sheets where stuck together

Lexy Rose : "i wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!"

Hlbb4 : I NEED a cooking show with Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and Babish. Omg that would be amazing!

Jon Long : When making this myself, do I need to spill a bit of the cream as well?

Brown Gumshoe : Dude I got to say thank you, For my first date we made All the food from ASIP and it was amazing and for our second date were gonna make the Nazi Strudel and burgers from BB

TaiBButler : I like eating ass.

rayell H : This is the only type of cooking video that you can watch at night and not get hungry

Aj11117777 : You should introduce a roommate character that will eat everything you make even the real gross ones. I mean all of it. He can come and go from episode to episode

Jacob Johnson : I know this is a stupid idea, but you should totally open up a restaurant with nothing but tv show/ movie meals. It would be really cool

Joel Lloyd : I should be doing my work in class, but.... This is considered top priority. Sorry professor!

no name : Can you make the cheesecake from friends?

Nancy Au : I've been waiting my whole life for this episode.

Julian Williams : Make Barney’s hangover fixer elixir

Thomas Bellingham : You should try to make the peanut onion sundae from Spongebob

Tom the Fish : Love the background song you use. Never get rid of it lol

democratic socialism : id lick rachel until i got to the center of the tootsie pop

Don’t Look at my account : Can you make something from food wars

Kian Williams : Hey big man make the eggscellent omelet from regular show!!

Tyneice Taylor : Please do the eggscellent challenge from regular show

Lord Durza : Temper my eggs Babi Daddy

Omni : Tastes like feet!!!!

Joseph Nacmias : I accidentally put vegetable stock in my smoothie the other day instead of oat milk. It was probably a terribly similar experience

Jon : Make Minny's Chocolate Pie from The Help.

Gustavo Santos : Kinda wish you had made those tostones with that sauce you talked about

Endyo : 5:20 So many bits of salt....

Sabrina Moreira : Anything from the show Supernatural would be amazing......pls

Serendipity Speaks : Do the seven layer parfait flambé From Bob’s burgers

Johnny Yang : Can you make some of the foods in the anime food wars

Elayne Grullon : You should make the "Sumbitches" from HIMYM

Lexy Luna : No one told me life was gonna be this way

Erilyn Mae NorthWest : DO FOOD WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake U : One of my friends put me onto your channel about 2 weeks ago and I gotta say, I'm already enjoying this more than any other cooking show I've seen before (I love cooking shows) and I've been learning my far share of stuff along the way too!

Tacos Paul : Make the big belly burger from cw the flash

McKenzie W : Saucepn

Kevin Alpha : Make a dish from anime Food Wars(shokugeki no soma)...!

Sabrina Moreira : Can u do anything supernatural.... pls

Mr-EfTi : This is actually pretty good! I might as well make it later

Tiny Rick : Make a willy wonka chocolate bar

GC West : Do the main feast from the movie “coralline”

984047 : Reese’s turkey from “malcolm in the middle” season 5 episode 4 where the turkey is stuffed into a giant fish.

-Suday - : I personally would've gone with parsnips instead of bananas, and a layer of salsa instead of the jam, but I haven't tried it, so I wouldn't know

Alfred Clement : why

Alex Bohlin : Once I put on one of your playlists and acidentally fell asleep to it. You're voice is so deep and satisfying, do ASMR.