Binging with Babish: Rachel's Trifle from Friends

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Binging with Babish : Sorry for the audio glitches in this one folks! Edited the episode on a flight from LAX > JFK > ROC last night, barely squeaked out the voice-over this morning! Happy turkey stuff!

Brown Gumshoe : When he added the custard on the beef I audibly gagged

brownguy903 : “Fond” is your equivalent of “rattling, trap flavored high hats”

mariel ivana : Aww I remember this episode the sheets where stuck together

Hlbb4 : I NEED a cooking show with Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and Babish. Omg that would be amazing!

OxyElite : i think this looks very yummy! Hmmmmm (smiles while rubbing tummy)

Ruben Avila : *P I V O T*

RickSanchez69 24/7 : You should introduce a roommate character that will eat everything you make even the real gross ones. I mean all of it. He can come and go from episode to episode

rayell H : This is the only type of cooking video that you can watch at night and not get hungry

no name : Can you make the cheesecake from friends?

Thomas Bellingham : You should try to make the peanut onion sundae from Spongebob

Sauce Stache : I'm a little upset that the recipe didn't meet Ross's feet description!

Min Yoongi : Season with a bit of salt and season with a bit of salt

lolpot : Bit of a random UK tidbit! The show is completely wrong, this is not a shephards pie. In the North we have both a shephards and a cottage pie. A cottage pie is what Rachel and Babish made as it’s made with beef and beef stock whereas a shephards pie is lamb and lamb stock and obviously different herbs to compliment each meat. To serve you have the meat with mash potato on top, kinda like a two storey lasagna and to signify which is which you run your fork across the mash to create lines if it is cottage, to symbolise the thatched roof and leave it fluffy or fluff further if it’s shephards pie for the little sheepies! Totally useless bitta info for you foodies but thought I’d share ☺️

McKenzie W : Saucepn

Julian Williams : Make Barney’s hangover fixer elixir

984047 : Reese’s turkey from “malcolm in the middle” season 5 episode 4 where the turkey is stuffed into a giant fish.

Clare O'Brien : you could say that your version was a *trifle* better than the original

Massive Slave : Make Minny's Chocolate Pie from The Help.

patch bof : Please do marshals mums salad from how i met your mother

Abbreviated Reviews : 5:20 So many bits of salt....

Don’t Look at my account : Can you make something from food wars

Tyneice Taylor : Please do the eggscellent challenge from regular show

Mikicas : Do the Skyrim Sweet roll and foods pls!

Alex : Tastes like feet!!!!

Brown Gumshoe : Dude I got to say thank you, For my first date we made All the food from ASIP and it was amazing and for our second date were gonna make the Nazi Strudel and burgers from BB

Blake U : One of my friends put me onto your channel about 2 weeks ago and I gotta say, I'm already enjoying this more than any other cooking show I've seen before (I love cooking shows) and I've been learning my far share of stuff along the way too!

Libby Murphy : do icarly spaghetti tacosss

GC West : Do the main feast from the movie “coralline”

Cellidor : Question is, what would a remake in the other direction taste like? One where you're trying to "substitute" more sweet alternatives to the Shepard's pie portions to make a Frankenstein desert?

Johnny Yang : Can you make some of the foods in the anime food wars

Cristina Casiano : I love that you didn't just say "fried plantains" like everyone does. Being Hispanic I really appreciate u saying tostones❣️

Jordan Biordi : What's not to like? Jam? Good! Custard? Good! Meat? Good!

Gustavo Santos : Kinda wish you had made those tostones with that sauce you talked about

UnPhayzable : When in doubt *Add Nutella*

Sabrina Moreira : Anything from the show Supernatural would be amazing......pls

Meet Patel : “Season with a bit of salt and season with a bit of salt”

Kevin Alpha : Make a dish from anime Food Wars(shokugeki no soma)...!

Filip Paul Johnson : That's not Shepard Pie that's cottage pie Shepard pie is lamb not beef

Andreas Donaldinho : do grilled duck from ducktales

Elijah Katranski : Hey, you should do an episode of foods from "The Sims".

Sara Ginorio : Please make Ms. Lovett`s pies from Sweeney Todd please!. It would be quite a challenge to make the worst pies in london that were made with human meat actually good!

Tiny Rick : Make a willy wonka chocolate bar

chaoaretasty : If you're ever going to try this again my two suggestions are: Suet dumplings instead of the cornbread. These are a classic herby English accompaniment to stews. Mincemeat instead of the raspberry sauce. Mincemeat is actually a fruity mixture for mince pies but if you go back a century or two did actually used to be made with both fruit and meat. If you can find an old-school recipe, take the meat part out it should work with the meat layer on top.

Rugile Geceviciute : i love that he didn't edit out the spill of the milk, it gives more realistic feeling of cooking, that mistakes can be made, that not everything turns out perfect but it still can taste great

xiLoveYouix : Shepherds pie has minced LAMB, if it's beef it's a cottage pie!

Erilyn Mae NorthWest : DO FOOD WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tacos Paul : Make the big belly burger from cw the flash

Joel Lloyd : I should be doing my work in class, but.... This is considered top priority. Sorry professor!

Serendipity Speaks : Do the seven layer parfait flambé From Bob’s burgers