Bushes of Love (Metal Cover)

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CJ In Thailand : great. its 2am. im drunk. i wake up for work in 3 hours and all i can think is... i have to listen to the metal version of 'bushes of love'.

Jorge Terol : I thought "Bushes of Love" could't be better, but it can :D

cerulean ivy : the "I know you really want someone to hold you" part was the most epic part for me!!

Daniel Gordon : Are you going to do a metal cover of "Seagulls, STOP IT NOW!"?

PSKCH : YES! man that was awesome

Dewey B : Great performance, great mix. This sounds HUGE!!!!

EmperorBubba : this is absolutely awesome, fantastic percussion. The song seems to work well with the whole "build up to massive guitar/drums" trope of metal. Rockin.

keepmeposted25 : Epic!

Lupeto888 : The original song is a massive ear-worm for me... So glad I've a metal version that ups the awesome to the max. Well done, sir.

Phreekful : Very well done! I'd love to hear a version with more heavier vocals/screams (which you did some). Great work!

OneEyedSleep : 1:25 xD voice break great cover though! Amazing work.


Chad Kroeger : 2:42 the most metal part of the song

Lord Calvanian : as a fan of the original and a metal head. i love this!!!!

Homemade Movies : I need this on iTunes

Charley Wymore : Obi-Wan is secretly a successful rock star.

K Ancrum : this was fantastic omg. the build up was perfect!

Ennis Sarac : Freaking amazing! Incredible drumming.

Altair Gaming : hi hope you become a professional bro nice work and beat

Брэди Блять : This is (sic)

Jek Hamin : 8.7 K and only 385 likes how??????

Uhfgood : All the versions of this song I've heard are great :-P

Andrew Duncanson : Did the uploader make this? hard to believe because so few views and great cover.

Sjusovaren : Wow, I've listened to this 10 times today and can't get enough of it. What's Drews channel?

Concombrobus : This is great ! Impressive quality, and what a singer ! Congratulations.

Jack Sofalot : It's videos like this that make life worth living.

George Coggins : too emo to be metal. wheres the rage?

Jek Hamin : Fav Song Ever

Ike Noonie : Vocals are reminiscent of Anberlin.

Marcos Castaneda : Dude!!!! You need to put this on iTunes!!!! I would so pay for this!!!!!

Azren : It's 3:37 am, I'll edit when I'm going to stop the video. leaving now, it's 4:17.

FooDude2011 : This is so good. Dare I say it's better than the original. Idk, but it's good!!

Smashguy96 : Can u put this on Spotify?

Austin Schmuck : 2019 anyone?

Collin Shea : this is absolutely amazing

Tavin : this is the best song ever thank you whoever made it because I didn't read the name sorry I will when I'm done the song but thank you don't you agree guys

Jaminski : This is brilliant 😂😂😂

John David Flynn : Great version dude!

shiprek2011 : Great except the vocals aren't too metal, you sound a bit like weird al, but I applaud you nonetheless. 👍

NukeExtremeGames : awesome

Meduka : THIS is amazing!

Brandon Bruhn : This is epic! I hope there are more coming

Anti-HyperLink : What makes something metal and not punk if there's no screaming?

Md. Mubdiur Rahman : Anyone else listening in 2017? :D

Nyvvyn Rejman : Sounds great! Do you have a download link? I need this as my ringtone :)

kimeh22 : This is AMAZING!!!

eL f : This is awesome, can you change a better lyric.

Nathan Jay : I'm yet to hear a cover of this song that sucks. It works in every genre!

Meneer Waterkoker : The same but another good job

pablopenguin26 : This was amazing! I think it'd be better if R2 went into like a death metal for his part though