Risky Business Dance Scene
The classic scene from Risky Business

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Tom Cruise dances to Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger! Enjoy!


Alessandro Torres : Leo after he got home after winning an Oscar!!!! 😂😂😂

Billy Berry : Every guy has done something like this at least once.

Bryant Gamez : Come on guys let's admit this.. We've all done this wen out parents left the house to us for the weekend or for a week

tony fat : I thought he wore sunglasses doing this

Ben Foster : Bruce did it better

jakob kromand : Funhaus took me here. Funhaus left me here...

Tim Jones : First time Tom Cruise went nuts on a couch!

Sana Jawad : he has always had glasses but now he doesn't...#MandelaEffect

Charms : He should've done this on Fallon!! That would have been LEGENDARY!!!!

Sparta : WTF? Where are his sunglasses????????

Dontstopshaking : I want his legs

lito dan : the tonight show doesnt have enoug money to get tom to do ths on jimmy fallon

natalie paige : why does the coke can change?!?!?!?! and he had on a white shirt and ray bans....only reason I know what ray bans are...... I feel stuck in a George Orwell book.

blazin3D : Pink shirt, no sunglasses.. NOT IN MY REALITY

Im better than You : Welcome newcomer allow me to say what you're in for 95% of the comments:MANDELA EFFECT 5% of the comments:Something actually related to the scene

bmo : Nobody sent me here. I just wanted to see this cool scene again. :-)

David MacArthur : were are the sunglasses ?even Homer got it right ..geez!

Jae.minT : So why does the stereotypical costume "require" sunglasses if he never put them on in this scene?? 🤔

Amzy Da ClickBaiter : Bruce aced this. 🤣

Tracy Wright : where are his sun glasses at

Bait Hunter : Funhaus left me here and then left for cigarettes.

ufoguyspaceman : The shirt should be white and the sunglasses are missing. Mandela Effect for sure.

Wendimac : What happened to the Raybans?

skankhunt 42 : didn't he have sunglasses on and a white shirt?

Quezbot Entertainment : Where are the sunglasses? Did they remake it or something?

Revol Brasier : Didn't he wear glasses?

Dan Diesel : WTF!!! What is up with the pink shirt??? and where the glasses at???

Sickayda Mars : Mandela Effect, He used to put on sunglasses when he turned around after sliding.

JOSH SPEED : Mandela Effect Alert! In my timeline Tom had on a white shirt and wore sunglasses in this scene. WEIRDNESS..

Mario Jorge Terminel Siqueiros : White shirt and wearing ray bans’ wayfarer... crazy how I remember this scene🤔

cat : Stranger Things reminded me that this existed!!

valéria Dornas : Tom is such an amazing actor

Finn Underwood : Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise brought me here.

Juanita Martinez : what happen to the glasses ? i remember him wearing dark shades😎👍👪👭👬👫💋

Joel Quintero : Mandela Effect brought me here!. I remember very vividly The Ray-Ban Sunglasses at the beginning of this Dance Scene and definitely he wore a WHITE Shirt, WTF???m

Byrian420 : where are the sunglasses??? He had them on 100%

Evan Khan : Here from the lip-sync battle! Damn! Nostalgia is hitting hard! so, tom was the champ of lip-syncing all this time

31leoceara : The shirt was white and he wore sunglasses. MANDELA EFFECT!

Shawna Graham : I remember him NOT wearing sunglasses! Mandela effect hell. The box art has him with sunglasses on, so you associate that with this iconic scene plain and simple

Inkease77 : where the heck are his sunglasses!!

Marcus R : where are the Ray-Ban sunglasses?

TheJules000 : Didn't get any of this on Fallon so had do have a throwback moment here instead..

Steven Alexander Harlowit : dude had shades right????

pamela stefaniotis : what happened to his Raybans

Trini Trinis : Welcome to reality 0,578v No more Sunglasses \o/

Zoe Grant : God I just know I'm gonna try the slide😂oh the injuries to come

Fred Ragers VII : where'd his sunglasses go and why does he have a pink shirt? Mandela Effect

MeღwSocioP : Mandela Effect...WHERE ARE THE GLASSES?!

yelobone : No sun glasses in this new reality..or white shirt..this new reality is truly f up